Latin America State of Furia: A Red Dawn

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In the year 2074, numerous groups began acting against the recently established Latin American Federation. International tensions are on the rise as more frequent subversive attacks are carried out all over the globe, now divided as huge continental superpower blocs that fight over resources, and new science developments that will give them the technological edge. The excuses of old-fashioned politics to avoid an all-out war are all but spent. The inevitability of human error eventually brings the world to its knees, unleashing terrors that neither man or science could explain, bringing this New World to a State of Furia.

Scifi / Adventure
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Latin America State of Furia: A Red Dawn

Table of Contents

In Memoriam Historiae

Welcome to Latin America

I. Sunday of Asado and Arepas

II. Between Memories & Nostalgia

III. There’s No Place like Home

IV. In The Horizon

TV. Lost Strides

VI. With Power Anything is Possible

VII. Polarized

VIII. Walking On the Edge

IX. New World, Old Hell

X. Demons & Angels

XI. Respite

XII. The Cordón

XIII. March of the Forlorn

XIV. Post-Pretoria


Ricardo J. Hernández Crespo

Copyright © 2021 Ricardo J. Hernández Crespo

All rights reserved.

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