The Fallen: the nine crystals

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Just getting back from my last quest to find out that there is more to be done. Saving the realms from the chaos and evil is just all in a days work for me. Wondering where you are or going next? Follow me into the nine realms of earth. What you do not know about these nine realms, each one more and more fascinating than the last. Who I am you might ask? Why I am the protector of these realms. Read on and you will find out about me and this realms that I guard with my team. Follow Ethan Rush and his team of extraordinary team save the realms from the chaos that they have been throw into. Never resting from his past journey and getting his next quest from Destiny herself sends him on a whirlwind adventure crossing through each of the nine realms that make up the cosmos. Will he find out who is creating the chaos within the realms? What awaits him in those realms?

Scifi / Thriller
Zach Brimstone
Age Rating:

Meeting Destiny

I woke up about one in the afternoon and went into the living room. I walked outside onto my balcony and was looking at the brand new day that was unfolding. My mind started to wonder what was going to happen now since everything was over.

Just then there was a knock on my door. It snapped me back to reality as I went to open it up. When I opened the door, there was nobody standing there. Just when I was about to close the door, I looked down and there was a note. I grabbed the note and went back inside. Shutting the door and I started to unfolded the note.

It read: Your destiny is just beginning. I didn’t think much of it and put it down on the kitchen table. Just then something caught my eye. I walked over to the living room table and noticed someone put the nine crystals that we collected from the fights in a row on the table. I walk around the couch and noticed that one of them was not see-through like the others. It was black and placed in the middle of the rest of them.

It was splitting the others, four to the right and four to the left. I thought that was a little odd. Slowly I reached out to grab one of the crystals then a voice from behind me and spoke, “I would not touch them.”

Quickly, I turned around and there was a female standing behind me. She had long flowing hair down to the floor and was about a couple inches taller then me. Her dress seemed to put me in a trance. It felt like I was staring into the cosmos. It was a dark blue dress that every time she would move, it would shimmer in the light.

“I would not touch those if I were you,” she repeated again and pointed towards the crystals. Her voice was soft yet firm.

I retracted my hand then looked back at her. Just before I was able to say anything, The Four Ancients appeared in the room. They all were bowing; the one bowing next to me just shoved my head down. I faced planted into the floor and grabbed my head. “Ow, ow, ow…” I started saying.

“Sorry, but do you know who this is,” the one that dragged me down to the floor asked.

“No but I would not mind finding out. It seems like you guys know her,” I said back to him. Just then I felt myself being lifted off the ground and was now face to face with her. She gave me the once over then gently placed me back down. “So who are you? How did you get into my place without me knowing?”

“Those questions will be answered in good time. Please have a sit with me,” she elegantly said and floated across the floor. She sat down as I walked over to her. I sat across from her on the other couch and the Four Ancients joined us as well. Nothing was spoken but everyone was staring at me to make the first move.

“Ok from what I gathered, you’re the one that left the note on my door step, which in turn gave you enough time sneak in from the balcony. Then you lined up the crystals so I would see them, which in turn gave you time to walked up behind the couch and notice that I was about to touch them,” I paused. “Does that sound about right?”

“You were always a smart one, even when you were a little boy. You loved to solve mysteries. That is why you are just the person we need,” she said softly.

“So since you know some much about me, can I buy a clue as to who you are?” I said and looked into her spacey eyes.

“You are right; I believe introductions should be made. You are Ethan Rush, the one that took down the Gods of old with your team of friends. Which I will need their help as well but we can talk about that later. So who am I?” she paused and looked around the room at the others. “They can tell you but I am the one that is known as Destiny.”

“You’re the one that has been helping me out with my last quests, I always felt like there was someone else watching over everyone. You’re brought us together to take care of the Gods,” I said to her but was still a little shocked that I was meeting Destiny.

“You are right once again, I was there helping you out but this time I am the one that needs your help,” she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“What can I do to help you?” I said and reached out to wipe away her tear.

Then out the blue the Four Ancients started to speak. I found a way to mark each of them so I knew who was who. I marked them with a symbol of which part of their homeland they came from. West started talking, “It’s time to tell you what these crystals are and what Destiny needs you to do.”

“We all have been told about these crystals. Each one of these contains one of the nine realms on earth. The realm we live in now is the middle realm. There are four above and four below where we are,” East explained to us.

“If I am not mistaken, that is the way they are lined about on the table in the order of the realms,” North chimed in.

“Ok, that is understandable. Yet again what does that have to do with Destiny being here with me?” I asked with a confused looked on my face.

“Well, the thing is that you’re the only one that can help her. Since the battle and the Gods disappearance some of the other realms were left unlocked and the balance of the realms were thrown into chaos. Since Jake was not there to keep the people from entering and exiting into the right realms, the gateways started opening up letting everything through,” South added to the story.

“So in other words, the balance of the realms is thrown out of whack and you would like me to re-balance everything,” I said with a wry smile. “Here I was thinking it was going to be all over since I took care of my problems.”

“We would not ask if we could handle it ourselves. We know you and your team is strong so we are asking you as a favor,” Destiny said to us while looking out the window. “There is more to this story that the Ancients know about.”

“Do I get that information or is that something that I must figure out on my own,” I said and was starting to get the feeling like I was getting used just like the Gods did to me.

“No, I will fill you in on that in a moment once our next guest shows up,” she said and was still looking out the window.

Just then Jake flew through the window and landed next to the couches. “Um… Ethan I think we might have a problem,” he said all coy and looking down at the ground.

“Let me guess, the realms are in complete chaos and you do not know what to do,” I said to him with a smile on my face. “Oh by the way, this is Destiny and she filled me in. Do not blame yourself; we did not know that would happen. Plus I needed you more with me during that battle then guarding the gates.”

Jake looked back up at me with a smile that lit up his face. He came over and sat down next to me. “Please continue with the task at hand,” I said to Destiny.

“Ok, now that I have the other half, I can continue. So as I was saying that the balance needs to be restored or everything might just be undone. Now to explain the crystals in front of you,” she said and waved her hand over the crystals.

“I think I know what these are,” I said and looked closely at them. “I have heard about these crystals only in hear say, that each one is an instant portal to one of the other realms. The way you laid them on the table from the darkest realm to the lightest.” I pointed from the one on the right side then my hand trailed over to the left side of the table.

“That is correct,” she said. “Do you know the name of each realm?”

“I do not know all of them but I do know a few of them. Like this black one must be the Mortal Realm and the reason that it is black is that it is locked from all the other realms so the humans on this realm do not get interfered with. That would make the one to the right, the Animal Realm and the one on the left, the Spirit Realm. The rest of them I am not quite sure about. I know the names but not how they are layered,” I said and sat back down.

“Once again you are correct. So here is how is goes, starting on your far right is the Death Realm, then next to it is the Supernatural, and then the Watchers, and then last is Animal, do you understand so far,” she paused and looked up at all of us.

We all shook our head then she continued. “The next is the middle which is the Mortal Realm and yes I locked it so nothing can come in or out of this Realm. Then Spirit Realm, next one above is Guardians, then after that is Angels and last is Life. Do you want me to explain each of the realms to you?”

“Sure,” I said to her and listened to her explain each realm. While she was talking about each realm, my mind wondered off. I was just really wishing she would not bind this task to me because I wanted to rest after all that has happened.

“Ethan, hello, are you listening?” she bellowed at me.

“Um…” was all I said back to her.

“I asked if you wanted to add anything to what I said since you do have some experience with these realms,” she looked over at me.

“Nope, it looks like you have covered everything. So let me guess you want me and my team to go into these realms and put the balance back into them,” I said still a little dazed.

“Yep and if you run across someone name Zach to let him know that we need him back as well,” she said then went quiet.

“Then I am all set and I take it you just touch the crystals to transport to the realm, correct?” I asked and waited for her answer.

“Yep, you got that right. Since I told you everything that I know, I am going to take off,” she said then vanished into thin air.

“She seems a little pushy,” Jake said to us.

“To be honest she has always been that way. This is not the first time we have seen her,” West told us.

“Then you might know my next question,” I spoke up to them.

“You’re going to ask whose Zach?” North asked to me.

“That and how do you guys know her?” I said and started thinking about what was now laid in front of me.

Jake sat in silence wondering what really was about to unfold in front of him. The silence was still looming about the apartment then South spoke.

“Ok, so we know Destiny back when we were still alive. You can say she is the one that set our paths in motion. We all did not know about the other person till she came round. We really did not know what was in store for us. She told us that we had a meeting to go to on top of the mountain range and it would be worth our wild,” he told us.

“Yeah, she told me that as well, so we all traveled from our homes and endured the challenges that awaited us on our path. Each of us was given a different path to the top so no one would meet the other on the way up. Yet, it turned out that South and I meet about half way up and decided to team up,” North added.

“The same thing happened to East and me,” West chimed in.

“After we met our respective counterparts, both teams went climbing up to the top and met in a cave. Just as we were greeting each other, Destiny showed up. She talked about our minds and the treasures that were locked inside them,” East said.

“She vanished after she told us that then we stayed up there for a couple of days. We would talk and share stories about our travels. Then we all came up about sharing our knowledge and wisdom. After we decided our next step, we all went back to our homes and you know the rest of the story from there,” North said and they shook there heads to agreed with him.

“Ok, I can see that happening but who is Zach then,” I asked to answer my curiosity.

“To be honest, I do not think that anyone of us knows the answer to that question, which is the one thing even on our journeys that we could not figure out. Next time you run into Destiny you should ask her who he is,” South said to us.

“Well that is the extent of our knowledge about the person that was just here and gave you your task. Do you want us to go gather everyone up or go get some information?” West asked.

“No, I will meet up with them in a few days but would like to know more about these realms. If you can go get some information about them, I would be grateful. Thanks.” I said to them and remember what we all were doing in a couple of days. My heart sank a little as my mind wondered again.

The ancients took off and left Jake and I alone. Jake was still a little lost from the whole thing and did not know exactly what was going on. I filled him in on what he missed then he still did not understand any better.

“What are we suppose to do?” he asked me.

“I have no clue. Some how we need to restore the balance to these other realms,” I told him and paused. Then a thought just accrued. If Destiny knew about this a long time ago, why did she let it happen? “I wonder how we get in touch with Destiny.”

Jake just shrugged his shoulder then stood up. “Well, I got a date with Eric so I guess I will be going now. Is it okay if I tell Eric what’s going on?” he asked.

“Sure, since he will know it soon enough,” I said and gave him a hug.

Jake took off from the window and I was left alone with my thoughts. I figured I should get some rest since it seems like I am going on another big adventure. I retired to my bedroom and fell fast asleep.

I slept through the next day since I figured my body need a complete rest. I was awoken by a knock at the front door. I quickly jumped up and walked over to the door. I opened it up and there was everyone dress in a black suit or dresses. I let them in and walked back to my bedroom to quickly change.

A few minutes later, I came back out and looked at everyone. They all looked fabulous even through the event we were going to would be completely sad. Then Ms. X came up to me and looked me in the eye and said, “You ready?”

“Yep, so let’s do this. This is what he would wanted,” I said as a tear rolled down my cheek.

“Ok, so let’s go,” Mike said and took off out the window. The rest started to fly out one by one and I walked over to the small white marble box. I picked it up and took off.

Everyone landed on the shore line of Lake Tahoe; I landed in middle of everyone and retracted my wings. You could hear the breeze, I think that was the most quiet I have heard our group of friends. They formed a half circle and I placed our friend in the middle.

“Well, I guess I will start since I knew him the longest. We will miss our friend Caron. He is now in a better place and probably not left in the dark. He was a great friend and always had a cheery disposition. We will miss you,” I said to him and stepped out of the circle.

Ms. X stepped up next to me and gave me a hug. Then Josh walked into the circle. “He was the brightest creature that I seen. He always had a smile on his face, he will be missed,” he said to the marble box.

Josh stepped back and few others came forth and said a few words. Then I walked back into the middle and was going to end this ceremony. “Thank you all for coming to send Caron off. We wish him the best of luck in his new life,” I said then Mike, Josh, Jake and I picked up the marble coffin. We walked over to the edge of the shore and took flight. We made it to the middle of the shore and drop the coffin into it.

We all flew back to the shoreline and just gave it a moment of silence for our fallen friend. The moment passed when I heard UE in the back of my mind. “Are you okay and are you going to tell them the next task?” he asked me.

“Yes, now would be the perfect time since we are all together,” I told my other half.

I came back from talking with UE and everyone was looking at me. I figured that I was the one that would be the most emotional since I knew him the longest but I already did the emotional thing when I calmed up last time.

“Are we ready?” I asked everyone.

They just shook there heads and we took off back to me place. I had some snacks and beverages ready for them since I figured we would have a small party for the deceased since most of us died once before.

The party continued when I brought everyone back together. “Hey guys, can I see you all for a moment in the living room,” I asked.

Everyone gathered in the living room and I stood in front of them. “Ok guys, first off I want to say thank you for coming to Caron’s funeral. I hope you guys are all rested and have gotten back into a comfortable life,” I paused and looked around the room. Quickly noticing everyone cheerful faces and the love that flowed between them all. I just smiled and took a breath. “I hate to ask you but it looks like another quest has come our way.”

“Ok, what is it?” Marko asked.

“Let me guess, we must save the world from the chaos of others,” Mike chimed in with a fat grin on his face. “I’m in; as long as there is someone’s butt I can kick.”

Nobody else really said a word but I looked around at their faces and it seemed like they were waiting for more details. I made my way to the closet were I put the crystals and pulled out the cloth that I wrapped them in. I unfolded the cloth and laid it onto the table.

“Those are the crystals from the heavens,” John pointed out.

“Yes they are. These crystals represent the different realms on earth. Some how the Gods that we defeated had them,” I paused to make sure everyone understood. “Ok, since I took away Jake from guarding the Hall of Realms, the creatures and entities were free to move from realm to realm. So we are in charge of going into these other realms of Earth and restore the balance. Any questions so far?”

“Do we all have to do this?” Dante asked.

“We all do not have to do this. I should be able to do most of this on my own but I figured since I got you guys, I might as well ask if any of you guys would like to join me on my next journey,” I answered his question. The room filled with some chatter then fell silent again.

Dante spoke up again, “Well, I would not mind helping out, just thought I ask if we had a choice.”

“Sounds like fun,” Patty chime then looked over at Stephen.

“Yep, count me in,” Stephen said and smiled back at Patty.

I looked over at Damien and Mike. I knew Mike was already in as long as there was some ass-kicking. Then Mike nudged Damien and he took a step forward. He spoke, “So Ethan, I was wondering what is your role in all of this?”

“Well, to be honest, I am not quite sure. Destiny came and visited the day after we came back from defeating the Gods. She handed down this quest to me then vanished. She also asked if we find someone named Zach that we give him the message that Destiny is looking for him,” I told the group.

“I guess that is good enough for me but I am still a little weary since last time you got a quest from a higher up, they wanted us to go kill others like us,” Damien said forcefully.

“I thought the same thing as well. I really just wanted to turn down the quest and try to enjoy some down time. Yet something about her told me that she was honest and truthfully. That is why I took this quest,” I replied to Damien's concern.

“Ethan,” Mrs. X said.

“Yes,” I replied and looked over at her.

“Why is the one in the middle black?” she asked me.

“That is the realm we are in. It has been locked up so that nobody can get in or out. That is why it is black so we know that we do not have to restore the balance to that realm,” I answered her as everyone took a look.

It seemed that everyone was excited to start up another quest. I was afraid that some of them might walk away but that is why I always ask if they are up for the challenge. The chatting calmed down and I was just staring out the window when Trevor came up to me.

“Hey, you are okay?” he asked me.

“Yep, I am doing okay,” I paused and looked out the window. “Just thinking about how to go about saving the rest of the realms from the chaos, is the problem within itself. I really do not have much to go off. Destiny gave me just the bare facts and nothing else.”

“Well, I guess the answer will become clear once we start, I believe in you. We all believe in you or we would not be following you into another adventure so soon if we did not,” Trevor said to me and started gazing out the window with me.

“Guess so but I just hope the answer is not leading to anyone death,” I replied to him then looked over at all my friends.

“We know your heart is in the right place and that is all that really matters,” he told me as he took a seat.

I worded Thank You to him then was ready to continue on with what I was going to tell them. “So guys, I think the best course of action is to work from the closest to our realm then work our way to the outer realms. What do you think?”

“Before we make any decide, what are those other realms,” Marko asked.

“Glad you asked, starting on the far left and working the way in are the Realm Life, Angels, Guardians, Spirit, Mortals, Animals, Watchers, Supernatural, and last on the far right is Death. So I figured that we start on the ones closest to the Mortal Realm. Since we have someone beside me to guide us in the Animal realm,” I paused and pointed to Samuel. Samuel bowed his head. “After that one, we move to the other side and take care of Spirit since two of you have already visited.”

John and Mrs. X just looked down at the ground remembering the time that they were there. Just then I decided that I would not need all of them for every realm. “Well, I guess I will not need all of you for each realm. Just a couple of you that I would figure are best to help out me in that realm,” I told the group.

“Well that is good news but who is going to each world with you?” Dante asked.

“To be honest I have not given it any thought, so I guess I will just have to get back to you guys on that one. That concludes our meeting, feel free to hang out as long as you want and enjoy the food,” I said and started wrapping the crystals back up.

I took them into my room and laid them on the bed. Not really knowing what the next step was, I laid them down next to me. I closed my eyes and my hand brushed one of the crystals. I opened my eyes and was in a complete different place.

I thought to myself, well at least I know how to get into these realms. The question is now how do I get back to where everyone was. Luckily, I knew I was still connected to the others, so I just sat down and mediated. Soon I was in contact with Sam.

“Um… I do not know how to explain this,” I said to him.

“Explain what?” he replied.

“It seems that I touched one of the crystals and now I am in that realm,” I told him while looking around.

“Ok, so what do you see,” he asked curiously.

I looked around before I answered. What I saw was amazing, instantly I knew which realm I was in. It was the animal realm. It was still beautiful. Nature was all around and very few humans, buildings, or other man made items. I was having a hard time figuring out what was wrong with this place. “I am in the animal realm,” I communicated back to Sam.

“Well at least you know where you are, would you like me to join you since I know about that realm just like you?” he replied back.

“I would not mind the company,” I said with a smile.

“Just to let you know, everyone left and I will lock up the place before I head into the realm. See you in a bit,” he said and the connection broke.

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