The Fallen: the nine crystals

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Just getting back from my last quest to find out that there is more to be done. Saving the realms from the chaos and evil is just all in a days work for me. Wondering where you are or going next? Follow me into the nine realms of earth. What you do not know about these nine realms, each one more and more fascinating than the last. Who I am you might ask? Why I am the protector of these realms. Read on and you will find out about me and this realms that I guard with my team. Follow Ethan Rush and his team of extraordinary team save the realms from the chaos that they have been throw into. Never resting from his past journey and getting his next quest from Destiny herself sends him on a whirlwind adventure crossing through each of the nine realms that make up the cosmos. Will he find out who is creating the chaos within the realms? What awaits him in those realms?

Scifi / Thriller
Zach Brimstone
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Animal Realm

I waited a few seconds and a flash of smoke appear a few feet away from me. I walked over to where the smoke was. The smoke cleared and Sam was just lying on his back. He had a big fat grin on his face.

“What is the smile for?” I asked curiously.

“Just enjoying the view,” he said and pointed towards the sky.

I turn my head and looked up. The sky was purple and filled with different animals from this realm. I just figured out what was wrong with this realm. It seemed like a spiritual residue was covering this place and the inhabitants were getting stuck in it.

“Well I guess we know what to do, find the person doing this and get the creatures unstuck,” I told Sam and offered my hand to pull him up.

“Which way should we go?” Sam asked.

I looked back up and started think. I was silent for a few moments then decided to go after the creature that did this to them. “I think we should go after the creature that did this and stop him before he does any more damage to this realm,” I told Sam.

“Sounds good to me but still which way do we go?” he asked me.

I just shrugged my shoulders and started to think. I was thinking about all the knowledge of the other realms and trying to figure out what type of creature this might be. I took a seat and Sam was looking around at the beautiful sites. Where we landed was a clearing in the middle of the forest. Every direction you looked was tall redwood trees towering over everything.

I know that if we flew up we would get stuck just like everyone else. Then it hit me, I looked up at the creatures that were stuck. We have a couple of bears, birds, deer, rabbits and gophers.

It was strange that the ones on the ground we stuck up in the air. I did not know how they got up there. Just then I felt the ground start to shake. Sam felt it too. Then I noticed a small snake that was slithering towards us. I watched it quietly.

Sam walked over to me and noticed what I was looking at. Just as Sam reached me, a hand popped out of the ground. It hit the snake and launched it into the sky. The hand waited a few seconds to make sure that the snake got caught. Then it vanished back down into the earth.

“Well, I guess we know how they got up into the sky,” I said to Sam with a chuckle.

“So why does it not bounce us up into the sky?” Sam asked me with a puzzled look on his face.

“I guess since we do not really have a presence in this realm plus we are not touching the ground,” I paused and we both looked down. I think Sam just realized that we hovering above the ground. “It can not detect us.”

“You have a point,” he said back to me and smiled. “So which way do we go to find this thing?”

“Let’s see, it uses ground to travel through and the sky to pick things up. It sounds to me like we are dealing with a cleaner,” I said and looked over at Sam.

He had the look like he was just racking his mind to figure out what that creature is.

“A cleaner is someone that hates things dirtying up his space. He will do anything to get rid of them,” I told him.

“I take it he thinks his space is this realm all together,” Sam replied back to me.

“I not quite sure about that, it could just be this small clearing that he thinks that this is his space. Well, we will not be able to know that till we get rid of him from this realm,” I paused and started thinking what to do to get him to show himself.

I started looking around. Sam noticed and asked, “What you looking for?”

“Something that is out of place, something that seems like it should be there but is not there,” I said to him and floated over to the edge of the clearing.

“Oh, okay, that makes perfect sense,” he paused. “Not!”

I smirked at him then went back to my search. He just stood there in the middle of the field and was looking up at the sky. I was looking down at the ground when I felt something tap my shoulder. I looked back and Sam was looking at the sky.

I followed his gaze and found what we were looking for. In the middle of the sky was a single cloud. The cloud was slowly shifting from side to side but not disappearing from the clearing.

“Thank you, Sam. You found the one piece that does not fit. I know what that really is. See the cleaner only gets rid of the things he sees touching his ground. That cloud is his eye to see the clearing,” I said to him.

“So how do we get rid of it?” he asked back to me.

“Well let’s see, since we can not touch the ground and do not know where his true body is. I guess the only option is to attack the eye,” I said and quickly stood up. Just as I started to get seriously in this fight the eye noticed both of us hovering over the ground.

The ground started to rise creating a rock pile. The rock pile started moving towards us. Sam was chanting a protective spell and a giant circle of air surrounded us. The air swirled into the ground to block anything that might be coming towards us. The pile of dirt was still then smashed right into the air shield. It popped out of the ground and was enraged. The hand was trying to shatter the barrier. It was pounding down upon the barrier.

“You better hurry, I do not know how much longer I can hold my shield up,” Sam yelled back at me.

“Done,” I yelled back and my arm turned into a silver spear and I aimed it right at the eye. My arm shot off and went flying through the air. Just then the shield shattered and the cleaner's hand slammed down onto the ground. I looked at the cloud up in the air. My spear was stuck in mid-air but the eye was still moving.

A few seconds passed and the creature on the ground started to stir. “I think we better make a move for it, this creature is starting to wake up,” Sam said me.

“Just float up, this creature should not be able to reach us if we are in the sky,” I said and was still thinking why my spear did not hit the eye. “So I think the eye has a barrier around it to protect from flying attacks. I am going to see if I can get closer.”

“Okay, so does that mean I take care of big and ugly down there,” he asked and pointed towards the ground which was being torn up by the hand.

I just nodded my head and took off towards the eye. The eye noticed me and took off. I picked up speed and was now flying side by side with it. I looked over and it was looking back at me. We both were assessing each other. I looked back down and saw Sam was fighting the creature below. I looked back and the eye shot a lighting bolt towards me.

I was not quick enough to dodge it. It stuck me in the chest and sent me flying. I flew through a tree then smashed in to the ground. The creature noticed that I was wrecking his peaceful place. It forgot about Sam and started heading to where I landed. Sam took off after the creature.

I propped myself up and looked up to the sky. Not worrying about the creature coming towards me, I figured I should take this fight a little more serious then what I was. I forget about under estimating my opponent. Just when the ground creature was about to attack, I bounced off the ground and took off after the eye in the sky.

The cleaner creature was pissed off that it missed it’s free meal. Sam took his chance and slammed into the creature. The hand popped up into the air. Sam started whaling on it once it was in the air.

I heard the noise in the background but my focus was on the eyeball. It noticed that I was coming and it start shielding itself. It was shooting lighting bolts at me but I was too quick for it this time. I reached the shield it put up and was fighting my way through it. The eyeball knew it had very little time to set anything else up and started running for it.

Just as it was about to hi-tail it out of there, I broke through the shields and was now floating in front of it. I just wagged my finger in front of him and looked a little disappointed. Spoke one word “Wind” and blasted the eyeball. The wind blew off the cloud covering and it was a mechanical orb. The eye was a video camera and it was just floating there. I just gave it one solid punch and shattering it into a million pieces.

I floated down and knew that this battle was not yet over. The hand fell to the ground and burrowed back into the earth. The animals that were stuck fell back down to earth and ran off. Sam and I landed next to each other. “You okay?” I asked.

“Yep, nothing like an early morning battle to get the blood flowing again. Are you doing okay?” he asked back while catching his breath.

“Yeah doing okay but it looks like we were being watched. Who or whatever was watching us was the one that we need to go find to restore the balance of this realm,” I said and started thinking.

“Well how about we have the person or thing come to us,” Sam suggested.

“I think that would be great but this time I feel we are being beckon to see the person,” I said while looking up at the sky.

Sam looked up and noticed that the clouds were being manipulated and formed a giant arrow pointing off into the distance. We both flew up to see what the arrow was pointing at.

Off in the distance was a small building, it look like a shed that you would put tools in but in this realm, buildings are a lot smaller on the outside but hold more volume on the inside. We took off in that direction and it seemed a little too easy to get there.

We both landed in front of the doorway and it said to knock carefully. “I think it wants us to knock,” I said jokingly.

Sam reached out and knocked on the door. It swung open and it was ten times bigger on the inside and seemed to be some type of warehouse. Sam took a couple of steps into the building and the walls started rising up from the ground. It created a maze and luckily we did not get separated. I took the first couple of steps into the maze and off we went. The walls reached from the floor to ceiling so we could not just fly over them.

“Got any good stories to pass the time?” I asked Sam.

“Well to be honest got plenty but I think we should worry more about that,” he pointed to the shadow that was forming on the wall.

The shadow started growing and I noticed what it was. It was a Minotaur from old Greek legends. Sam was getting a little scared but I knew that they were nothing to be afraid of. Its head popped around the corner and saw both of us. It looked at us and snorted. I smiled as it started walking towards us.

“It is coming towards us, Ethan, shouldn’t we be running now?” he said with a quivery in his voice.

“Nope, we got nothing to fear,” I said to him and just waited for him to come closer.

The Minotaur growled at us and walked forward. I stuck my hand out for his nose to graze my hand and he took a deep breath. He smelled my hand and became friendlier in his demeanor.

Sam followed suit and the Minotaur was just happy now that it found friends and not enemies. “You we just lonely down here in this dark cave,” I said like it was dog.

It just shook its head like a dog finding its master.

“I bet you can help us get through this maze,” I paused and looked around. “If you help us, I will free you and give you a treat.”

It shook its head and turned around. It looked back like asking if we were ready to follow. We looked at each other then back at the Minotaur. It took off into the maze. We followed closely then the Minotaur did a dead stop.

We both heard it. “You guys think you’re so smart, defeating my eyeball cleaner and befriended the Minotaur. I will make sure both of you do not stop me and will be trapped in here forever,” the voice said then a silence fell over the maze.

Just as the voice stopped, the walls, no the whole building started crumbling around us. I quickly grabbed everyone before it was completely destroyed. The dead silence came back again after the entire building was nothing but rubble on the ground. You see some of the rubble moving. It was slow movement from underneath the rubble.

A few moments passed and there was some more movement underneath the rubble. I through my wings up into the air and they pushed everything off of us. We all stood up and looked around at the rubble. I looked over at the Minotaur and it was shielding its eyes.

“Let me guess, it has been a while since you been outside,” I said.

It shook its head and was standing there waiting for something. Sam noticed and nudged me.

“So your free to go and do what you please,” I told him as he took off into the near by forest.

“So, now what do we do?” Sam asked as he dusted himself off.

“That is quite simple my friend. We go after the voice,” I said and pointed towards the trail that was on the ground.

On the ground, there were wires that lead us in the opposite direction that the Minotaur ran off too. Sam picked it up and started following it. I walked beside him and wondered about whom that was. I also thought that we might be walking into another trap.

I looked up and the wire was leading us to another building. We walked around the outside of the building to find a door and found one that was painted on. I knew this was another game of the voice but figured if we wanted to restore the balance, we must do it.

“There is no sign this time to knock. How about we just break it down?” I spoke out.

“True and I want stay out of the way this time,” Sam said and backed up a couple of feet. I stepped away from the door and went behind him. Sam charged up some light around him and fired it at the door. It made a small enough hole to destroy the handle and lock. It slowly swung open.

We both walked forward and peeked inside. The insides were smaller then the other building and it had two different areas within. One area was setup as an office and the other had a couple of televisions showing different parts of the world. Each one was plugged in with a microphone and headphones.

I stepped into the half that had all the tech gear and was just looking around. I knew we hit the disturbance that Destiny was talking about. We need to get rid of it. The answer hit me like a ton of bricks. This place was throwing off the balance of the Animal Realm, getting rid of it would put it back in perfect harmony.

Since this person set up a system to watch others and the controls what the out come maybe, it threw everything for a loop. “Hey Sam, let’s get rid of this and I think the realm will be re-balanced,” I said to him and was trying to think of a way to get rid of it with one clean swoop.

“Sounds good to me but how?” he asked.

“Well I think I got the perfect way. Please stand outside,” I told him. He stepped outside and I walked into the middle of the rooms. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a small pen. I clicked it and it turned into a wooden staff and on top of the wooden staff was a small clear gem.

I leaned into the gem and spoke to it. “It is time touch the wood and wires of this building and follow them to the ending of the lines,” I said to the staff and then the staff shook a little. I let go of the staff and it floated in middle air. Then the staff went into the wood and the gem was the only thing left of it.

The gem change from clear to a fiery red, then flames burst out of the ground and set everything ablaze. Outside all the wires connected to the build were nothing more then small trails of flames and the flames reached the end and made everything connected to them turn to ash. The building was now down to nothing but frames and you could see the flames drip off the building like a candle. I reached down and picked up the gem. My touch made it change back to transparent.

Then the flames instantly went out. The build fell down around me and I was now standing in a pile of ash. I slowly walked out of the ashes to where Sam was. He was stunned by the sight of what just happened.

“So now what’s going to happen?” I said and looked up into the sky.

Just as soon as the last word left my mouth, both of us were transported back into my apartment. We landed on the floor of my bedroom with a thud.

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