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The world has gone to hell. With the new Dark Plague. Lexa Wolf. Is the daughter of the New leader Victor Wolf. Sixteen year old Lexa. Is determined to avenge her Mother, and over throw her father.

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I always thought that everything that has ever happened to me I deserved. I never thought that one who deserved it. Was my Dad. It all started with the black virus. The virus was meant to stop the dark Plague. Turns out it made it worse. Then made anyone who took it became The dark minded.

Meaning anyone in there path would die. No one knows exactly who made it. Not if it was made on purpose or accident. Anyone who did know went Dark Minded.

Before the world went to hell. My dad Victor Wolf was the Vice President. Making me the second daughter. I’m Lexa Wolf. No one knows how the president died. After he did America went to hell. Then the rest of the world fell into the same pattern.

My father took over. My mother caught the plague. I don’t know how. I was eleven when it happen. Know I’m sixteen. After that my father and I never saw eye to eye.

Every one always said she died because of the plague. I knew that he poisoned her. No one believed me. The government became carful of who they let into the sanctuary. The only remaining states where, New York, Washington DC, North Carolina and Texas.

Those were the only ones I thought where left. DC controls all 3 states. That’s where I live. My father built a special school for the remaining children in DC. I memorized the number. I counted to it millions of times.

426. Ages 1-5 where went to a sanctuary in New York. Ages 6-13 where sent to a sanctuary in Texas. 13-15 sent to North Carolina. 15-18 sent to DC.

When the outbreak started I was sent to to New York. My mother was a doctor. She stayed in DC with my Dad. When I was sent to Texas. Love was replaced with Work.

There where 3 Ranks. When your brought into any of the sanctuary. You need a tattoo on your neck. When your born they test your DNA. That indicates what rank you are.

The highest rank is black. My father is one. The second highest rank is Blue. The last highest rank is yellow. When I was tested at 12 I was never ranked.

I was never ranked because they could never figure mine out. I was in a ranked of my own. Of course, my father wanted that to be a secret. He calmed to say ‘it might start riots.’

I was 12 and thought nothing of it. To make matters worse I was still mourning the loss of my mom. The memory still haunts my dreams.
It was a simple snowy evening. My mother walked in sick. It had gotten worse.

Everyday. She pulled a little more away from life. Giving into death everyday. Father said he did everything he could. In the back of my mind I new he was lying.

My mother had a gift for showing me how the world could be in spit of what it was. She told me things like “hold your head up high and your crown will never fall.” That one shaped me into the women I am today.

My father thought she was getting better. She attacked my father and I. I never blamed her for that. I blamed who ever made that stupid Plague. The worse part about that night was. He shot her in the head.

I remember her dark black eyes. And how she switched at that last moment. She looked at me. Then that Thud. Then the blood Pilled from her head. I remember the last thing she stuttered. No one was around to hear it. My father just ran and, Disposed of the gun. Leavening me alone with my mother.

My dead mother. Her hand felt like death. It was so cold. My whole world had stopped that day. The last thing was “don’t believe anything he says” then her eyes shut.

Her blood was replaced with my tears. One day I was in cloud 9 then all those clouds came crashing down. After her funeral. Our whole life style changed. My father Buried himself in work. Me, well I was left alone to grieve. No one to help me.

No one to hold me and say it’s going to be okay. That’s when my home started to feel like a prison. Dad Turing into a alcoholic. The whole state thinking. We where this perfect family. Who loved each other. When really we were broken.

I kinda just broke of from my dad. I was shipped of to North Carolina. Graduated highest in my classes. Then returned to DC. I didn’t stay with my father anymore. I couldn’t take another minute there.

He stop being a father to me. I got over it. I learned at 13 I no longer had a dad or a mother.
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