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The Lost Princess of War.

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*quick note here this is only the first draft of this book. I am close to completion but this is in nowhere the polished version.* I am now what you call a leader. But it was never easy to get here. My whole life seemingly has had tragedy follow me, along with a troubled youth. Only recently had I learned the truth about this cruel world. But I want to change that. With the help of those around me we will work beside one another to bring out a better tomorrow. The man I for some time only knew as C helps me learn that not everything is as perfect as it comes off to be. Now alongside those who I call family we fight together to better the future of this wretched place. My name is Cyra and I am the lost princess of this war. For years war raged on through the lands, el doro destroying anything in its wake so they could get complete power of the 12 sanctions that had once ruled in harmony together. Millions lost there lives and soon the battles were lost. Thousands of families separated and began running away and hiding below ground, those who could escape at least. The world had become a solemn place. Children would sleep hearing shots ring out. A life we didn't want for our future. So a new generation of young individuals began going against the laws put in place for them, the fate of the world rested in there hands, and for once the people had something to

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: The Lost Runaway.

...run, run, keep running no matter the sting in your throat or the scratchiness of your eyes, you must keep moving, you must not let them get a hold of you. I ran and ran, over housetops and through backyards. I didn't know where I would end up I just needed to escape. The sound of footsteps echoed behind me but I kept going. Soon they would be off my trail. I look behind, their off in the distance, they mustn't catch up to me. I found a hidden door, go inside before it's too late. I hide shaking, shallow breaths emanating from my cold body. I hear them above, have they found me? No they stop and look around then continue away. Their footsteps soon come to a silent distant sound. I shook as I relaxed not knowing where I was. My vision was becoming hazy from the cold? Was this the end? No it must not be. I need to survive. There's a cloak over there I must get to it. Crawl, crawl, I reach it. My vision darkens and I fall asleep, the cloak resting around me.


I had awoken shortly after that memory. Not long ago did that happen. Sadly, it was the most freedom I had felt in a long time that night. I had been gone, running away for what seemed like days. There were so many streets throughout this place it was like a maze trying to figure it out. when I thought I knew where I was going, I'd end up in an entirely new place. It was honestly endless.

I soon decided to get up from the corner I had been resting in and realized it was still night. I look to the moon, it was closer to the west than the east meaning it must be around 2 am by now. God I wish I was able to sleep more. But ever since I left I've always been cautious.

As I stood up, pushing my brown hair away from my porcelain skin. Dainty freckles covered my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. I pushed my hair letting it rest on my back while I pulled the big hood up over my head. It helped me hide my face from knowing eyes so that I wouldn't be called in. The cloak was a crimson red color, something I really liked, it kept me warm whenever I was walking or resting the little I did. When tired I didn't pay attention as much as I should, this made things more difficult in these sanctions of the city. I was hungry and needed to find some type of sustenance for my growling tummy.

I walk to the end of my nook that rested between two worn down buildings. Looking back at the cover I had there, I turn away hesitantly and head toward the lights that flickered in the night. Stopping beneath a street lamp I begin to get my bearings again.

I look up to the sky watching snowflakes fall on the earth, it could be ash to, I was not certain. Looking around,I don't really see anyone on the streets, but again it was 2 in the morning, no sane person would be out at this time, which was exactly what I feared.

I relax and look down at my gloved hands. The leather had worn down from use but they still were my favorite. They reached up to my elbow and had buckles along the wrist and up towards my forearm. On the hands there were pieces of thicker leather and had small clasps across my hands. For me they were one of the coolest things I owned. I put my hands down and look to the moon, it was sitting northwest meaning I would be walking in the opposite direction.

A small bag was clasped around my waist and rested on the outside of my right leg. The leather belts held it on around my leg and waist so it wasn't going anywhere. It would be difficult for anyone to steal espically when the cloak covered most of it. On my left leg I held a small obsidian blade that my parents had left for me when I was older. It never left my side. I felt safe having it with me at all times.

While walking I get lost in thought and didn't realize where I'm going. as I continue the lights seemed to get scarcer and the wind had began picking up. It howled and bounced off the buildings that surrounded me, the cold night sent shivers down my spine and nipped at my fingertips.

when I finally snapped back to reality I was somewhere I'd never been before. In this area the roads were cracked with dead plants poking through. Cement stoppers littered the road, some cracked but others broken right in half. A slight shiver covers my body as I wrap my arms around my stomach hoping to hold in my warmth.

Giving it a closer look the buildings seemed to loom around me, whispering tales of a past seemingly forgotten. I didn't quite know which part this was exactly but it did not look inviting. Small barrel fires made the cold and dull street glow, like bright stars on a dark night. People shifted their gaze towards me but I hid my face and kept my head down carrying on.

Soon I couldn't shake off this feeling of being watched. This was confirmed when I began hearing soft footsteps behind me. I quicken my pace, turning my head to look behind. A figure was walking a bit further back but seemed to be following me. I wasn't paying attention causing me to hit into something hard and big. Catching myself before falling from the impact I shake it off before looking at what stood there.

Infront of me stood a tower of a man, he must have been at least 7 foot 9 and probably weighed around 300 pounds of pure muscle. He was a tower compared to my 6 foot 5 and at most 160 pound body. He began to turn around causing me to duck. A deep chuckle resonates from him, his deep voice piercing the silent night.

"Well hello there pretty lady, we haven't seen such a delicate beauty around these parts in a while. you truly are something special."

He speaks as he bends over, trying to brush his hard hand against my face. Taking my hand i push him away.

" Dont touch me I don't have time for the likeness of you." Glaring at the man trying to hold my ground.

A frown crosses his face resting his hands on his hips.

"Well Missy I can't do that ya see, these folks here have been rather bored and need some distraction if I may say. And you my dear are the perfect distraction."

looking around I see some of the men that had been lingering around close in on me. I step back a bit and witness something else glimmer behind them.

reaching down for my knife, I feel the cold handle in my hand. Narrowing my eyes I easily hold it to the throat of one who was eyeing me up. He pauses for a moment before laughing.

"Like to play rough I see ha that's okay I like it rough anyway. "

My composure was beginning to slip, my breathing heavy without help from the cold winds. Snow began to fall quicker now. As one tries to reach out and grab me I see the figure move followed by a knife entering flesh. In front of me the one gasps before falling in a heap to the ground. Through the snow I see a person come in to view.

The person wore a grey jacket. His hair flew loosely around his head and a mask covered most of his face but his eyes, they were an abnormally bright green. He wore black trousers and a red ascot. Glaring at the people around us, some back off but one decides to lunge at me.

Without thinking I bring my knife up and feel it connect with the man's chest, he gasps then falls to the ground. I stand there frozen seeing him collapse, his blood now seeped into the once white snow. I couldn't move but the man in the mask doesn't stop.

One runs at him with a bat which he grabs, breaking it in half. Taking the man's arm he ducks down before coming up and breaking his arm In two. The man who started this threatens one that mercilessly runs at me.

Instinct takes over and I duck as he jumps for me, I grab his arm and throw him to the ground. By this time the masked man has the big guy pinned against the wall, a gun to his chin. He whispers something then throws him to the ground. The man freaks before getting up and running away.

I stand there in awe, 3 bodies lay around me, one dead, one unconscious and one moaning in agony. The masked man walks to the one with the broken arm and uses his knee to push his head up. Picking the man up he throws him into an already cracking wall.

"Your coming with me," he says. His voice sounded like it had been changed so he wouldn't let his real voice be heard. He begins walking me from the way I had come. I struggle a bit to get my arm from his grip and I growl

" I am not a child you didn't need to treat me like one. I could've handled that situation." The man looks at me them shakes his head.

"Really because to me it looked like you were a deer in headlights unable to move, who knows what could've happened to you if I hadn't stepped in?" He says before returning his head to look forward. I glare at him and think "well aren't you just a cocky prick". I make a humph sound and return my head back to face in front of me. I began looking around at the man.

"Where are we this place looks like trash." I say, the man looks towards me.

"This is sanction 25, one of the harder parts of the city. How In gods name did a girl like you end up in a place like this?" I turn to look at him suddenly.

"What the hell are you implying by saying a girl like me?" I question him and turn to look at him, my arms crossed against my chest. He looks at me quickly.

"What I'm implying is this. Look at yourself. Delicate skin, practically skin and bone. How did you end up in one of the roughest sanctions, it's not a place for people like you." He says as he pushes me along. I push him away from me and glare. "I'm not as delicate as you think I am. Besides I got lost in my thoughts and somehow ended up here. I don't know how but I did."

The man shakes his head.

"Well be more careful then, you seemingly don't have the understanding of this place. You can get yourself killed easily walking in at the wrong time with the wrong crowds. Just watch yourself princess." He says. I look at him questionable.

"Alright then answer me this why were you there then if it's such a dangerous place?" The man chuckles. "Easy..I was on a business meeting." I look at him for a moment then begin to laugh.

"You? A business meeting? Really? Haha yea like I believe that one." I say looking at his brooding figure. He stops and turns to me and looks stern.

"You need to learn not to judge someone by how they look, that could get you in a lot of trouble one day." I look at him oddly and chuckle.

"Alright dad you keep telling yourself that." I laugh as we begin to walk. I hadn't noticed it we were already back to a place I knew. Lights came on and the wind had settled and we stood on a street corner.

'I am not your father nor will I ever be" I look at him dumbfounded

"Ok bro take a joke" I say looking at him. He just gazes over my head. He looks down at me.

"You should get someplace safe for the night, there's all sorts of creeps out here right now." He says as he begins moving me in the opposite direction from where I came. He had a hold on me but I squirmed free.

"Okay look I appreciate you helping me but I don't need a babysitter I'm not 9 any- he stops me and says shhhh then begins moving me again. I look at him a little annoyed but before I push again he looks at me

"Look behind, do you wanna die or survive another night." Confused I glance behind us my hood covering part of my vision. From behind I could see three guards standing about two blocks away. They hadn't noticed us yet which was good because your not supposed to be out past 10. I turn back and quicken my pace letting the man move me along. We quickly duck behind a big tree then move towards a dark path and hide for a moment. We hear the guards say something then begin running towards where we were. The man Made me duck as he leaned over me and told me to be quiet, this time I agreed. We stopped to listen as the 3 guards run up the sidewalk,

"I saw something over there let's go see what it is. They say walking up the sidewalk. We duck deeper Into the dark. My heart began to beat faster. I couldn't be caught not now. Soon the guards were practically in front of us. I covered my mouth as they stood there. The one speaks

"I I swear I saw someone over here"

The second one grumbles

"Carl get your shit together there's no use right now it's a dead end, let's just get outta here and call it a night, I can't feel my toes right now.

"But sir we have orders"

"Fuck orders I'm going home to bed its 3 in the damn morning theres no use. Good night. "

The one named Carl slumps his shoulders.

"Alright whatever you say sir" then they leave making their footsteps just become a far away sound.

I release myself and land on the floor. I was getting exhausted. The man looks at me.

"Ok your coming with me tonight. Were close anyway to a safe zone. Follow me." At this point I was too tired to argue so I followed. Soon we came to a building and he went up the stairs.

"There are people in here that will help. Get some rest and wash up if need be. I must go now. " I look at him and ask him a quick question.


"Yes?" He looks at me

I look at him.

"May I get your name please you never told me it.'

He looks at me then the door.

"Just call me C" he says.

I look at him confused but I give a slight nod.

He opens the door. I look at it and feel the warmth from inside. I look to go thank him but once I turned he was nowhere in sight. I stand in awe and have at the now empty place where he had stood just moments ago. I didn't realize until I felt someone touch my shoulder and caused me to jump. I spin around quickly to see an older woman standing in the doorway. She looks at me

"Oh well hello there darling do you want to step inside. You hair is frozen and covered in snow and I can barely see you. You must be freezing. Poor thing, here let's get you warmed up. I simply nod and let her take my hand. She was very gentle with her touch. I followed her inside as the door closed I looked back out into the bitter winter night just to try and get a glance of the masked man that saved my life.

...a shadow stands off in the distance watching the door close. His scarf blowing in the wind. He watches the girl be taken in before turning disappearing into the dark of the night....

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