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PACD Part 2

The next few days went surprisingly smoothly. PACD took it upon himself to make all of my meals. He kept the apartment spotless, the laundry clean and organized. I was able to enjoy the rest of my leave in complete relaxation and not have to worry about a thing. PACD was also a joy to talk to. He not only had knowledge on a wide range of topics, but he also had his own opinions about most of them as well. Imagine that, a droid with opinions! We could have a friendly debate for hours and he never seemed to tire of me. PACD was very inquisitive and had a love of learning I have not seen since my time in school. I hadn’t realized how quiet my life was before PACD. Maybe quiet is not the right word. I was lonely, I just didn’t know it at the time.

I’m sitting at my desk, going over reports for my first day back to work when it happens. PACD kisses me. It was a small thing really. He had come in to tell me that dinner was ready and gave me a chase peck on the top of my head. When I asked him why he did it he told me that he wasn’t sure.

“You just looked so lovely sitting there I couldn’t help myself. I reacted before processing. Did I do something wrong, Doctor? Did you not enjoy it?”

“It’s not that... PACD, why do you call me Doctor?”

“That is your title. It would be disrespectful not to,” he tells me, giving me that smile of his when he thinks I am being silly.

I brush my hair out of my face, trying to hide how weak that smile makes me, “It’s okay you know, to call me by my name.”

“Very well, Doctor-”

I shake my head at him and say, “No doctors. Just my name.” My face is burning up at this point, and I can only hope that the glare from my holo-screen is bright enough to hide my flushed cheeks from him.

“Alright...Claire. I will call you that from now on. Although, Goddess would perhaps describe you better for me,” he gives me that smug, crooked grin before closing the office door behind him.

I could feel the heat rising to my ears and down my chest. You would think after all this time I would be used to his flirting, but the guy seems to always find a way to make me blush.

A little while later I’m at the table eating dinner in silence while PACD cleans up in the kitchen. I can’t stop thinking about the kiss. It was nothing. Barely a graze of his lips, but my heart won’t calm down.

He puts the now clean cookware back into their cabinets before turning to me and asking, “Claire, do you feel alright? You’ve barely touched your dinner.”

Dazed, I look up from the broccoli I had been batting around with my fork, “Sorry, it’s just... never mind.”

It was a surreal experience, seeing concern on a droid’s face. He is so expressive at times that I forget he is not flesh and blood.

“Is something wrong, Claire? Your heart-rate has accelerated. Perhaps you should lie down,” he tells me while rubbing soothing circles on my back, that concerned frown never leaving his face.

“I’m fine PACD, really. I just... had a silly thought is all.”

His eyes brighten as he smiles playfully down at me, “Now you have me curious. What is this silly thought?”

I swallow, my mouth suddenly feeling like it was full of cotton, “Well... you spend so much time cooking for me. Do you ever wonder what any of it tastes like?”

I’m covering. I can’t help it. How can I tell him that I’m thinking about his kiss? How I want to kiss him back.

I can practically see the wheels turning in his head as he thinks for a moment before telling me, “Sometimes, but I do not need food to sustain myself so there is no need for me to eat. However... there is one dish I have been curious to try.”

Well, this was exciting. PACD had never expressed wanting to try something like this before. Well, except for the whole sex thing when we first met. The possibility of discovering more of what made him an individual had the little scientist in me doing the happy dance.

“Oh, then maybe we could try it soon? I kind of like the idea of having dinner with you.”

“It’s more of a...dessert. If you like we could try it after you have finished your dinner,” he strokes my cheek as he tells me all this, his fingers smooth and surprisingly warm against my shin.

“Sure. I can’t wait.”

“Perhaps... would you like a shower after diner? This dessert takes some time to prep.”

Was it just me or did he seem nervous just now? Can’t be. It’s just dessert, and PACD was a wonderful cook. Could a droid even feel nervous?

“You know, I am a little stiff from being in front of the computer all day. A hot shower sounds wonderful,” I tell him as I lean back in my chair and pop my sore neck. Hours in front of a holo-screen did nothing for one’s spine.

“Then I will get your things ready. Please enjoy your meal.”

Once my dinner is finished I quickly change into my robe and step into the bathroom. By that time PACD has the shower nice and warm for me and has laid out my favorite towel and bath oils. He even lit my scented candles that he complains are a safety hazard. I toss my robe next to my towel and skip into the shower, reveling in the relaxing warmth of the steaming water. I let my mind wander a bit as I enjoy the feeling of the shower cascading down my shoulders and back. Part of me wished PACD was in here giving me a good rub down. Maybe even steal a few kisses, or brushing his fingers against my-

I’m jolted from my thoughts by the sensation of lips against the nape of my neck. I turn to see PACD standing behind me with my loofah in his hand and a cheeky grin on his face.

I sputter water everywhere as I gawk at him and squeal, “PACD! W-what are you- I thought you were-”

His grin widens as he pours bath oil on my loofah, “Prepping dessert? It can wait. May I scrub your back, Claire?”

I know it’s foolish at this point, but I can’t help trying to cover myself as best I can with my arms as I stare at this presumptuous droid, “W-wont you rust if you stay in here?”

“My creators had the foresight to make my components water-proof,” he tells me as he begins to scrub my shoulders and neck.

I keep my back to him, too embarrassed to face him just yet. PACD takes his time scrubbing my arms and down my back. My breath hitches when he reaches my lower back, but he doesn’t go further. Humming to himself, he sets the loofah aside and uses his fingers to stroke my sides and up my stomach. The tips of his fingers lightly stroke across my ribs and just under my breast as he begins kissing down my neck once more. When he starts to grope my breast I am a moaning mess.

His breath tickles the side of my neck as he whispers into my ear, “That’s a lovely sound, Claire. Would you make it for me again?”

“PACD...I- AH!” I cry out when he nips my earlobe, a weak spot of mine.

“Do you want me to stop, Claire?” he asks while giving my nipples a gentle tug.

My back arches towards him, giving him better access to my chest. I can’t help myself. It’s been too long and he feels too good.

“D-don’t you dare...”

I can feel him smile against the nape of my neck just before he nips the sensitive skin there, “Of course Claire. I am here to take care of you.”

One of his hands leaves my breast to caress my stomach and hips. He gropes my ass for a moment before giving my right cheek a hard smack.

“Ow! PACD! That’s ahh...”

He kisses up my neck and jaw, just barely grazing my skin with his teeth, “Did you enjoy that, Claire?”


He smacks my right cheek again, then gently rubs out the sting. My body is trembling at this point. Both hands trailing down my torso to gently knead my hips. Then I feel his breath on my ass and I tense. He bites my hip. Not hard, just enough to sting a little. I gasp with each nip and lick. He gropes me, spreading my cheeks apart before letting go to watch them pop back in place. He does this a few more times, then places his hand on the small of my back and gently pushes me forward. I lean against the shower wall, hands braced against the cold tile, as he spreads my legs apart.

“You’re such a pretty pink, Claire. And so wet for me. Did you enjoy my prep work so much?”

I look behind my shoulder, but all I can see is the curve of his back as he is crouching behind me, “You-your prep work?”

His fingers ghost across the skin of my inner thigh, “I’ve always wanted to try this dish. I’m so happy I could share this meal with you, Claire.” He then proceeds to lick and suck at my slit.

His tongue pushes inside as he laps up my wetness, and I scream against the tiles. When he sucks my clit it’s too much and I come undone in a quivering, screaming mess. I’m only given a moment to catch my breath when something warm and slick begins to prod at my entrance. PACD moans above me as he grips hard onto my hips and thrust forward. With one swift motion he spears me to the hilt and I’m left gasping for breath as he stretches me.

“Oh f-fuck PACD... y-you certainly live up to your name. I didn’t even know you had a-OH!”

“Of course, Claire. I designed myself to fit your needs. Your web history showed that you have...specific interest,” he begins to thrust slow and deep, nearly pulling completely out before ramming himself back inside.

Soon I’m moaning his name, over and over. It's the only word that means anything anymore. Everything else is white noise. It’s just his name and the unbelievable feeling he is giving me. His thrusting has become faster now, more erratic. There is a loud pop that fills the room when he slaps my ass again. Each time he spanks me I scream and clench around him. He seems to enjoys this because he will moan my name whenever it happens. I wonder if those moans mean he feels pleasure or if he is just going through the motions. I hope it is the former. God, I am going to be so sore tomorrow. I don’t know how I am going to survive sitting in front of a desk for eight hours with a thoroughly bruised ass. But for now, I could care less.

“You were right, Claire,” he pants into my ear.

“Huh? W-what-AH!”

He thrust harder into me, his thighs slapping against my wet backside, “Fucking is indeed great. We should do this more often.”

“Y-yes. Oh God, PACD yes!”

I could feel my bones rattle with each thrust. The sounds of our moaning and my wet skin slapping against his metal frame filled the room. I was sure that his fingers were going to leave bruises on my hips but I didn’t care. I was getting close.



“Someone is at the door. Will you please bear with me a moment?”

“W-what? PACD!”

He grabs my thighs and lifts me so that my back is against his chest. We exit the shower and PACD carries me into the living room, his hips never once stopping in their mind-shattering pace. I don’t register what is happening until PACD opens the front door.

“Good evening Dr. Wezhullz. How may Claire and I assist you?”

“P-PACD? Claire! W-what are you two-”

My body is on full display as the droid’s inhuman cock continues to wreak me. My boss stands in the doorway in stunned silence, his hulking purple frame frozen in stupefaction as he watches us. I cover my face with my hands, too shocked and ashamed to look at him. PACD doesn’t seem to mind as he works himself like a jackhammer inside me.

PACD gives the poor doctor his best host smile, “We’re having dessert, Dr. Wezhullz. Is there something we can help you with?”

Dr.Wezhullz shakes out of his daze and turns his six-eyed gaze towards the ceiling, “N-no I just... came to see how you two were getting on and...”

“Claire and I are doing wonderfully. I have been taking very good care of her.”

“I-I can see that. I’ll come b-back later. No, I’ll call first. S-see you at work tomorrow Claire,” the poor man could not run out of there fast enough.

“Goodbye, Dr. Wezhullz. Thank you for visiting. Claire, you’re so wet now. You feel so much tighter around me too.”

“P-PACD, why did you-AH! AHHH!”

He caries me further into the living room, not even bothering to shut the door, “Are you coming, Claire? Oh my beautiful Doctor, are you coming on my cock?”

I did. Hard. I came screaming his name as my toes curled and stars filled my vision. PACD follows soon after me, filling me to bursting with what I assumed was some sort of lubricant. There is a lewd slurping sound as he pulls out of me and sets me down on the sofa. I watch in dazed fascination as his cock retracts into a compartment between his legs. I felt something warm leaking from me, and I gingerly touch the puffy skin of my labia. With a wince, I pull my hand away and see a strange blue fluid stringing between my finger.

PACD smiles down at me, gently brushing my wet hair away from my face, “Forgive me, Claire. It seems I have made a mess of you. Would you like me to carry you back to the shower so that we may wash properly?”

I can only nod at him as I try to catch my breath.

He picks me up and cradles me to his chest as he makes his way toward the bathroom. The cold air from the hallway chills my damp skin, causing me to shiver against him.

“PACD, before we go, could you shut the front door?”

He chuckles down at me then places a soft kiss on my forehead, “Of course, Claire.”

I lean my head against his shoulder as my fingers trace the ridges of his chest plate, “And PACD-”

“Yes, Claire?”

“I think I may need to teach you a little thing called restraint.”

His eyes light up as he grins down at me, “If that is what you wish. You have some lovely scarves in your closet we could try. Or if you are feeling bold I could see about procuring a set of handcuffs.”

He laughs as he watches my eyes wide in shock, “That is not what I- you’re teasing, right?”

“Yes my silly, beautiful Doctor, I’m teasing you. Although... if you’re game so am I.”

I hide my burning face against his chest as I groan, “Oh my God, PACD, you are going to be the death of me.”

“I will do no such thing. I promise to only take the best care of you.”

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