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Craving Your Touch Part 1

I have lived with this condition for as long as I can remember. Every so often, more so when the weather is warm and humid, my body becomes covered in a prickly red rash. The itching and burning are so terrible that no matter how many creams I try or pills I take I can’t stop from scratching. I’ve even gone so far as to duck tape oven mitts onto my hands to keep from clawing at my skin. When the rashes finally fade away my skin is left dreadfully dry and scarred. My skin is so horrible looking now that I’ve taken to wearing long sleeves and pants at all times just to avoid getting questioning stares. Even during the hottest part of the summer I stay completely covered. I haven’t owned a pair of shorts in years, and you can forget bathing suits. Heck, the last guy to see me naked was my dermatologist, and even he looked a bit squeamish.

Said dermatologist recommended I see an expert named Dr. Keeran Noir who specializes in skin and touch therapy. Then he hands me a card with the address of a spa located downtown printed on its glossy front and sends me on my way. More than a little irritated, I climb into my car and slam the door shut before whipping out my cell and doing a quick internet search for the name on the card.

A spa? I have spent years of my life and I don’t even want to think about how many dollars on creams and pills and injections, and this guy is recommending I go to a spa? This is my fifth dermatologist, who was recommended by the fourth, who had been recommended by the third, and so on, and he wanted me to see some guy peddling snake oil and charms while talking about aligning my chi? Have I been completely abandoned by the medical community?

Having no better options, and being in the desperate state that I am in, I go ahead and call the number on the back of the card.

A male voice as smooth and dark as tinted glass answers, nearly causing me to drop my cell, “Good afternoon, and thank you for calling Minuit Spa and Therapy Center. This is Dr. Keeran Noir. How may I assist you today?”

Good lord, if that is what the doctor sounds like how sexy is the rest of him?

“H-hi, um m-my name’s Sara Goodman. Dr. Johnson advised me to give you a call. He says you might be able to help me with my condition.”

“I see. If Dr. Johnson referred you it must be something serious indeed. If it is not too uncomfortable for you, would you be able to describe your condition to me?”

I tell him all about my chronic rashes and horrible itching, as well as the many medications and treatments I have tried over the years.

“Hmm, that does sound terribly trying. I am sorry to hear that you have suffered for so long, but I believe we can help you here at the Center. If you are interested, I would love to schedule a consultation with you.”

I would pay you to read the gosh darn phone book just to keep hearing that sex covered in chocolate voice.

“I would like that, thank you,” I practicality gush over the phone.

I can hear him typing through the phone as I give him my contact and insurance information. My palms are sweating to the point I have to clutch my phone so hard my knuckles are turning white just to keep from dropping it. I don’t think I have ever been this nervous or excited about a doctor’s appointment before. Without thinking an excited giggle escapes me, and I clap my free hand over my mouth and silently pray he didn’t hear me.

“Care to let me in on the joke?” his amused voice hums through the receiver, sending a pleasant tingling sensation down my spine.

“S-sorry, I just... it just seems odd that my doctor is making my appointment instead of a receptionist or someone.”

"My doctor? Hmm, I must say I like the sound of that. It gives me hope that you will have future visits with us. As for why I am the one taking calls right now, well Thursdays are fairly slow for us, so I gave my receptionist the rest of the day off. Actually, if you are free, I have an opening this afternoon at four. I would be glad to give you your consultation then.”

“Um yeah, s-sure, I can make it by four today,” gosh, can I sound any more like a lovesick school girl right now?

“Perfect, I will schedule you for four then. I look forward to meeting you, Ms. Goodman,” he purrs through the phone.

I have to wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth before I’m able to stumble over my goodbyes and disconnect the call. My good gosh, that man should really be making a career in phone sex, not therapy. I turn my a/c on full blast and fan my flushed cheeks, desperately trying to cool off before I head home to get ready for my appointment. It was only mid-morning so I had plenty of time before I had to be downtown, but there was no way I was going to meet Dr.Noir in yoga pants and an old sweatshirt.

After a light lunch and a quick shower, I start hunting through my closet for something suitable to wear. Most of what I own aside from yoga pants and baggy pullovers consist of maxi skirts and billowy blouses. Lightweight things that won’t scratch my skin and help hide my problem areas. Pulling out a few skirts, I toss them onto the bed and grab my favorite peasant top. Made of black silk, the bell sleeves are long enough to cover my splotchy arms and the v neckline is flattering and shows just a bit of cleavage.

Top decided I begin hunting through the skirts piled on my bed in search of just the right one. I honestly don’t know what has come over me. I never put this much effort into looking cute for a man, especially one I have yet to meet face to face. There was just something about that voice. Oh gosh, I feel weak in the knees just thinking about it. I’m being silly, I know I am, but I can’t help wanting to look my best for this Dr. Noir. Unbelievable, I’m losing my senses over a voice! Who in their right mind gets a crush because of someone’s voice?

...Oh goodness, am I crushing on the doctor?

I must be losing it. There is no way! I mean, I haven’t even met the guy for goodness sake. Sure it’s been a while since there has been someone. Okay, maybe more than a while...

With those thoughts circling around in my head, I toss one of the skirts next to my top then rush to the bathroom and finish doing my hair and makeup. After far too much fussing I decided on keeping my hair down and my makeup natural with just a bit of color to brighten my eyes and cheeks. I wanted to look my best but not like I put a lot of effort into it, despite the contrary. By the time I was finished it was a quarter after three. I had taken far to long, and now if I didn’t get a move on it I would be seriously late.

Traffic was on my side today and I made it with eight minutes to spare. I park in front of a large medical suite with Minuit Spa and Therapy Center printed in sprawling silver script across the building’s large and heavily tinted front window. A human male and an alien female exit the spa as I am turning off my ignition. The woman’s blue skin is positively glowing as the two smiles and giggle at each other. They get in the car parked next to mine and drive off looking as happy as can be. Grabbing my purse, I give my hair and makeup a once over in the rear-view mirror then head inside.

The spa’s waiting room is modern and sleek, with low backed white leather sofas and glass tables with different photo-books and magazines fanned out neatly in the center. Exotic plants in various shades of blues and greens grow along a small indoor waterfall on the far wall with the spa’s name shimmering in silver tiles at the base. An alien woman with pearlescent pink skin and four eyes sits behind the receptionist desk reading, her lavender hair pulled back in a tight bun atop her oblong head. She looks up when she hears the door whoosh closed behind me and smiles, giving me a good look at the pearly white teeth in her two mouths.

“Well hello there! How can we help you today Ms...?” her violet eyes shimmer and swirl like small galaxies as this beautiful woman greets me from behind her holo-screen.

“Sara Goodman. I have an appointment with Dr.Noir,” I answer her with a smile of my own, her warm demeanor instantly putting me at ease.

“You must be Keeran’s four o’clock then. He just finished up with his last client, so it’ll just be a few minutes while he tidies up a bit. Would you fill these out for me while you wait please, and I will let him know you are here,” she hands me a holo-screen with a couple of consent forms pulled up as she says this, her double smile never leaving her face.

“Sure thing,” I take the holo-screen from her and go to sit down on one of the leather sofas.

“Wonderful. I’m Dr.Tsukishi by-the-way. If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout. I’m more than happy to lend a hand... or two, or three,” she giggles at her own joke as she waves all four of her hands at me. One of her long pink fingers then taps on her holo-screen, “Oh Dr.Noir, a Ms.Goodman is here to see you.”

There is a bit of static as some ruffling sounds come through then the slightly frazzled, but still the sexiest thing I have ever heard, voice of Dr.Noir fills the waiting room, “Is it four already? Oh my...just one moment and I’ll have everything set. Cira, would you kindly show Ms.Goodman to my office please?”

“I would be happy to. Now hurry up, you silly-willy, you don’t want to keep this lovely young woman waiting,” Dr.Tsukishi disconnects the call and turns her attention back to me, “Poor thing has no sense of time. I’m afraid the good doctor is always running a little late. I hope you can forgive him.”

“It’s fine, really. It’s only now four so it’s really no bother at all.”

“You are so sweet. Well, if you are all finished here I’ll take you to Keeran’s office,” she walks out from behind the front desk and I see that she not only has four arms but four legs as well. Dr.Tsukishi’s lower half reminds me of an orchid mantis as she scurries over to meet me.

“Right this way please,” she gently guides me past the waterfall and down a short hallway.

We enter a dimly lit room with a black granite-topped desk, sleek dark leather chairs, and a matching chaise. The floor has changed from the pristine white tiles of the waiting room to black with little flecks of mica that shimmer in the low light like stars. What really caught my eye though was the large bathtub in the corner. It’s an ancient cast-iron, claw-foot tub that I have only seen before in history books. The high sides are covered in shiny black enamel on the outside, and a glistening white on the inside. The tub stands proud on four large iron legs that look like the massive paws of a lion, it’s extended claws curled around a large metal ball. This relic from the past is so spotlessly clean it appears brand new, and deep enough that two adults could easily lounge inside with room to spare.

Dr. Tsukishi giggles behind me as she leads me towards one of the chairs, “I see you have noticed the bath. I’ll never understand him. With all the advanced technology we have now he still insists on having that old thing around.”

“It’s lovely, but why have a tub in your office?”

“One of the treatments we offer here is therapeutic baths. Dr.Noir specializes in them. He’s an expert when it comes to skin. Not me, muscles are my forte. So if you are ever in need of a good massage feel free to give me a shout,” she sits me down at one of the chairs in front of his desk and bids me farewell.

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