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Craving Your Touch Part 2

Alone, I try not to fidget in my seat as I look around the room and wait for the doctor. The room is meticulously clean and very modern. All sleek lines and sharp edges. It was strange not to see any art though. No pictures on the walls or family photos on the desk. No books or knickknacks. The walls are completely bare, and the only items on the desk are a holo-screen and a half-full bottle of mineral water.

I hear the door behind me whoosh open as someone steps inside, “I apologize for my tardiness. I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

Oh goodness me, he sounds even better in person. Oh, I’m in trouble.

“Not at all, I-Oh goodness!”

When I look over my shoulder to greet Dr.Noir I get the shock of my life. He is tall and lean, his white lab coat hanging loosely from his broad shoulders. What shocked me was that under the lab coat the doctor is dressed in one of those latex fetish suits. You know, the kind that completely covers the person so that no even their eyes are seen. The glossy white of the suit nearly glows in the dim light of the office. The suit squeaks a bit as he steps towards me, the high pitched sound causing me to flinch.

He stops a few feet in front of me and tilts his head, “Are you alright, Ms.Goodman?”

I stare at the place his eyes should be, wondering how he could see the terror on my face, “N-no I-well...I mean...I’m sorry but, w-why are you dressed like that?”

“...Dr.Johnson didn’t tell you did he. I’m so sorry, I should have mentioned this when we spoke on the phone. I forget that my containment suit can be unnerving to some.”

Like he was a spider in my shower, I watch unblinking as Dr.Noir walks around me and takes the seat behind his desk, “C-containment suit?”

“I am a slime being, Ms.Goodman. The suits make living topside a little easier for us. We are told that taking a more humanoid form makes us more...approachable to the other citizens of this city. I have been told that our natural appearance can be rather unsettling to others. Particularly humans. Your species seems the most...squeamish.”

Feeling about ten inches tall, I look down at my twisting fingers and tell him, “I understand why you would feel that way, we don’t exactly have the best track record.”

“Please don’t think I have a low opinion of humans. I actually find your species quite fascinating. Most species in fact. That’s why I went into medicine. Other life forms are puzzling to me. You are all so curiously unique, so different, and yet in many ways so similar. Riddles just waiting to be solved, and I do so enjoy a good riddle,” he chuckles quietly to himself at this, his laugh is warm and instantly puts me at ease.

Dr.Noir leans forward in his seat and I could swear he was looking me over although I couldn’t fathom how.

“I contacted Dr.Johnson and had him send me your medical history once I got off the phone with you. It seems you are quite the riddle, Ms.Goodman.”

A sigh escapes my lips as I slump down in my chair, “It seems so. None of my past doctors seem to know what to do with me. They can’t even tell me why I’m like this.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you either, at least not yet. Would you allow me to examine you, Ms.Goodman? I may form a better understanding if I see your condition first hand.”

I straighten up at this, looking over the solid vinyl that makes up his face, “I don’t mind, it’s just... how will you be examining me exactly? Not to be rude or anything, but can you see?”

Dr.Noir tosses his head back and laughs, the sound music to my ears.

“In a sense. I may not have ocular organs such as yourself, but I do possess a form of sight. My kind are able to read heat signatures and electromagnetic pulses far better than most. I can see you, Ms.Goodman, just not the same way you see me.”

My face reddens with embarrassment at my own lack of knowledge, “Oh! S-sorry, I had no idea. I’m afraid I know very little about slime beings, and what I do know is probably all bologna.”

“Perhaps we could use this as an opportunity to learn more about each other.”

His voice is so warm and sweet I practically melt in my chair, “I would like that.”

Dr.Noir gestures towards my covered arms and asks, “Would you roll up your sleeves for me?”

“Oh um, sure,” I roll the delicate silk up to my elbows, exposing the angry red rashes on both of my forearms.

He leans forward so that his long torso is hovering over his desk and inspects my skin, “Those look quite painful. Are they bothering you now?”

“A little. It’s cool in here so they don’t itch as such as normal.”

His eyeless face scans over my arms like the hold the answer to every profound question in the universe, “I see...may I try something?”


He extends his arm out towards me, and I see a small plastic valve at his wrist that I didn’t notice before, “Would it be alright for me to touch you?”

I nod as I tell him, yes, not looking away from his wrist. To my surprise, the valve pops open on its own and a thick, shiny black liquid begins to seep out. The black goo creeps towards my hands and I flinch.

The goo stops in its tracks, just inches away from my fingers, “I promise I will not harm you, Ms.Goodman, but if you are uncomfortable we can stop.”

“N-no I’m fine it’s just...sorry, can we continue please?”

I felt like such a ninny. Here this person is trying to help me and I’m acting like he wants to bite off my hand. I need to pull myself together.

I’m a better person than this.

I’m jolted from my thoughts by a cool, tingling sensation traveling up my left arm. Looking down I see that the black slime is coating my forearm. I was afraid he would feel, well... slimy. Instead, he feels smooth, and the slight chill he gives off is pleasant against my feverish skin. The tingling stops and he retracts back into his suit. My left arm is covered in a blackish-blue stain that quickly fades into my skin. The rash there is a light pink now, and I could no longer feel it itching. There was a dramatic difference when I compare my two arms, the left one looked almost completely healed.

I look up at him in wide-eyed disbelief, “How did you do that?”

Dr.Noir sits back into his chair, his hands folded smugly against his chest, “My body contains several different healing enzymes that I have found to be beneficial to the skin of other species. I can also change my body temperature at will.”

I went nearly giddy at this. Finally, a chance at some relief!

I have to hold onto the desk in front of me to keep from bouncing in my seat, “That is amazing! Can you heal the rest of my skin?”

“You’re not healed, at least not yet. It will take time, but I think I can help you. I would like to schedule you a series of therapeutic baths. At least once a week for the next month. By then I hope for the enzymes to take full effect and your skin should be able to repair itself normally.”

I’m so glad he can’t see the grin spreading across my face, “So you’re telling me I need to come by once a week and soak in you?”

“I know it sounds strange, but I think-”

“Can we do it today?”

There is a moment of silence as the two of us just stare at each other before he tells me, “I have to say I’m surprised by your eagerness.”

Straightening my back, I try to look as confident as possible and say, “Dr. Noir, this itching has been driving me crazy for most of my life. What you just did was the first real reprieve I’ve had in a long time. If that means I have to strip naked and dive into your sexy self then so be it.”

He seems to freeze for a second, then tilts his head to the side like a confused puppy and asks, “You...think I’m sexy?”

Shoot, did I say that out loud?

“I-I mean, well... sorry. Can we just forget I said that? I never meant for it to slip out-”

Suddenly the holo-screen beeps and Dr.Tsukishi’s smiling pink face fills up the screen, “Keeran, my 4:30 is done. Is there anything you need before I head out for the day?”

I watch as Dr.Noir jumps in his seat, “N-no Cira, thank you. I will see you in the morning.”

“See you then. Bye Ms.Goodman! Hope we see you again soon,” the call disconnects and we are left alone once more.

“I didn’t realize it was so late. I hope I’m not keeping you.”

“N-not at all. It’s my fault, at any rate, I was the one late for our appointment. Are you...I mean...Would you still like to have your first treatment today?”

“Yes! S-sorry...yes, but only if you have the time. I don’t want to be a bother.”

“It’s no trouble at all. Please remove your clothes and make yourself comfortable while I prepare the bath.”

“Um, should I leave anything on?”

“Only if you want to. There is a screen in the corner if you would like some privacy, as well as a robe to change into.”

He walks over to the claw-foot bath and begins to remove his lab coat. It was strange watching his back flex as he slides the coat from his shoulders. He gave off the appearance of having human-like muscle underneath his suit even though I knew none existed there, and I half wondered if he did this for my benefit. Which would be silly, since there is no way he could see me watching him. Unless...

“H-how is that screen suppose to give me privacy when you can see heat signatures?”

He hangs his coat on a rack next to the tub and asks, “Worried about me peeping?”

Am I hearing things, or did he just sound flirty?

My hands fidget at my side, playing with the hem of my blouse, “I know it’s silly, considering what we are about to do. Even if you did it’s not like you would find me attractive or anything.”

“What makes you think that?” He sounded genuinely surprised by my statement like I have just told him the sky was green and cats rained from the clouds.

I stammer at him, fumbling over my tongue as I try to explain, “Because, I’m human and...I mean, we’re nowhere close to the same species and-”

“And what? You admitted earlier that you found me attractive. Why would it be so strange if the situation were reversed?”

He is watching me so intently that I can’t help but shy away, “Because...I mean... oh heck, thanks to my skin, not even my own species finds me attractive, so why would-”

My words and breath are cut off by something cool and smooth pressing against my lips. It’s tentative at first as it brushes across my skin, lapping and nibbling on my bottom lip. My vision is filled with a deep black void. Hands, oh so many hands, begin to roam my body. They stroke up my sides and back. They knead and grope my thighs and ample backside. One gives my hair a slight tug, causing me to gasp. The darkness before me doesn’t waste any time as he presses me against him and claims my mouth. Our tongues, at least I assume it’s his tongue, begins a sweet, sensual tango that leaves me breathless. A long moan escapes me as I cling to the being surrounding me. It is such a strange feeling to have something so firm and yet so malleable under your hands. Every time I stroke him his whole body would tremble like he would fall apart just from a mere touch. With each shiver he vibrates against my core, sending jolts of pleasure coursing through me. I bite at his lip and he releases an inhuman growl that instantly has me soaked.

“Oh, my lovely Sarah! And they say my kind is blind. Your species must be in a sad state indeed if they can not see how breathtakingly beautiful you are!”

His words vibrate through me, making me into a mewing, moaning mess.

The slime being’s mouth nibbles and sucks along my jaw and neck. When he reaches my ear he gently nibbles on the lobe as he huskily whispers to me, “I thought I told you to take off your clothes?”

Trying to catch my breath, I melt against him and say, “If you want me... naked so bad...you do it.”

Within seconds his army of hands has me stripped of everything. He takes a little longer removing my panties, his hands savoring the feeling of my rump as he slides them down my thighs. Strangely smooth fingers push and pull against my flesh, exploring every inch of me. My body was covered in that blackish-blue stain, the tingling sensation it leaves behind has me feeling euphoric.

I don’t notice we have moved into the tub until my back is pressed against the cold enamel. The chill on my spine caused me to jolt forward and press my chest into the gelatinous mass of Dr.Noir. Slime quickly moves to occupy the space behind me, until it looks like I am bathing in a bathtub full of hot tar.

A large mass forms behind me, rising up until the doctor’s more humanoid appearance is sitting with his broad chest against my back. Two strong arms form around me, pulling me into him.

“Comfortable?” he asks me as he starts to gently knead my breast.

“Mm hmm...having fun?”

He pulls and pinches my nipples until they are stiff with want, “Oh yes, very much so,” an impossibly long tongue escapes his mouth and he hungrily licks at my breast until I am moaning against him.

“Are...are all of your sessions...this intense? Ow...”

Two more hands knead my sides and soft belly before slowly traveling to caress my backside.

“H-hardly. I normally just lay here like gelatin...while my patient reads a magazine...T-this is a f-first for me,” he breathlessly moans against my ear as he ruts against my rear.

I stroke the hands gripping my breast, wanting some way to bring him the pleasure he was giving me, “Then why...the special treatment-Ah!”

“It was your voice...I’ve...I’ve never heard anything sound so sweet. I kept thinking about what you might look like. What you would sound like when we-ooh... What you would sound like moaning my name...screaming it...”

More hands join the two massaging my rear then circle around until one is strumming my clit while the other has two fingers knuckle deep inside me. I’m panting as I rock against him, the tension in my core building.

Another finger slips inside, making a come hither motion against me, “I got so worked up thinking about you that it took forever for me to come down. That’s why I was late for our appointment.”

I thrust against the fingers penetrating me, filling like a coiled spring about to snap, “L-let me guess...It was the my doctor bit, right?”

He moans and shutters around me, his mensuration becoming more urgent. I climax with such force that my body arches forward, my head was thrown back as I scream my release. He continues to touch me. Softer now, easing me back down.

“Oh my beautiful Sarah, you have no idea what you do to me,” he tells me as he kisses down my jaw.

Laying against his chest, my body trembling from aftershocks, I find myself begging him for more.

“More? Are you sure?”

He strumming my clit again, making me mewl into his neck, “Please Keeran, I want it...”

“What does my beautiful human want?” he whispers against my ear while edging me.

Licking his neck, I bury my face against him and moan, “I...I want you inside me...I want you pounding me senseless...Oh God, Keeran...I want you to make me scream!”

With a growl, he flips me over so that I am on my knees facing the side of the tub. Dr.Noir’s body then inches its way up my legs and back until the only part of me not encased in slime is my head. I can feel his desire as his whole being vibrates around me.

“You better hold on to something.”

That is the only warning I get, then something warm and thick rams into me with such force it knocks the wind from me. With trembling hands, I grip the side of the tub and try to catch my breath. He gives me a moment to get used to him then he starts to roughly thrust inside me. My face is hanging over the side of the tub as I moan his name over and over. This seems to egg him on, as his thrust become deeper, harder until it makes my joints rattle. My rump jiggles violently with each stroke, and there is an erotic slurping sound whenever he pulls out of me, only to be followed by a wet plop when he slams back in.

Keeran is snarling now, his body violently vibrating with his excitement. Each time I beg him for more he delivers, rutting into me like his very existence depends on it. I’m so wet now I can’t tell if the slurping sounds are coming from me or him. He moans my name as I scream his, or voices combining with the sound of our sex would put any porno to shame. I didn’t care if anyone heard us. Heck, Dr.Tsukishi could be sitting at the desk across from us and I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

“You’re so wet...so warm...Oh, fuck you feel so good...”

He has been moaning dirty little nothings in my ear for some time now, sending pleasant tingles up my spine with each delicious hum of his voice. I don’t disappoint either, screaming his name with gusto each time he hits that sweet stop inside me. I can feel myself cresting. The tension in my core is so tight my toes are curling and my back is arched in an almost painful c shape. Keeran is getting close too if his frantic thrust and heavy grunts are anything to go by. A few more deep thrust and he slams into me, flooding me until I fear I may burst. His release triggers mine, and I cum screaming, my climax so intense I passed out.

When I come to I am still in the tub, cradled in a warm hammock of black goo. Dr.Noir’s countless arms cover me, holding me against him while stroking my hair. He’s so warm and comfortable I nearly fall back to sleep.

“Back with the living are we?” he chuckles into my ear as I melt into his chest.

I stretch up and kiss his jaw, “That, or heaven is a super sexy slime doctor.”

“Hmm, flatterer.”

I stroke one of the arms wrapped around me, basting in his warmth, “It’s funny how you said my voice is what attracted you, considering yours is the sexiest thing I have ever heard.”

He lets out a chuckle and asks, “Is that right?”

“Hmm, yeah. T was so wet when I got off the phone with you I had to take a shower.”

“Keep talking like that and I’ll want to go for round two,” he growls into my ear before kissing my cheek.

“Guess this means you can’t be my doctor now, huh?”

His arms tighten around me, pulling me closer, “Your doctor no, but I wouldn’t mind being yours.”

I look up at him, a sappy grin spreading across my face, “Really?”

He strokes my cheek, and I could swear he was smiling back at me, “Yeah...and I think I have a better treatment plan for you. Let’s say one of our baths every night for as long as you will have me?”


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