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Year 2104 Looking Back

The story of a 150-year-old man!

2154 looking back to 2020.

It was just a normal day in a peaceful place called semi-retirement. Except for this day I had a routine medical check for swollen feet due to some Predolin, I was taking for PMR. The doctor wanted to rule out any other possible causes before settling on it merely being a side effect of the steroids.

I had a full-body catscan to check my vital organs and bones for any sign of inflammation or a tumor. It came up clean, thank the lord. Next, it was an echograph of my heart to make sure that that was all ok.

I was asked to take off my top and lie down on my left side on a trolley. Within a minute the young female machine operator was scanning my chest across my left breast. Suddenly she stopped.

An older looking doctor came in and took her place. After two minutes he too stopped and stood up to leave the room saying he wanted to see me later. On we went with the rest of the test and after forty minutes of scanning I was asked to get up and get dressed. I was then told to go and see the doctor in his office. As we entered the room I could see from his face that all was not well.

“Ok,” says the Doc all matter of factly. “When exactly did you have the heart transplant?” And I’m like, “Whaaaaat? What the hell are you talking about Doc, I ain’t never had any transplant in all my born days”

“Oh yes you have Steve, and you wanna know the strangest thing? I don’t see any signs of any major surgery. No scars, no old stitches, nothing. And there’s more. Can I ask how old you are?”

“You got it there on my papers Doc.” I said tersely.”

“Ok, let me have a, you were born in.......” he said as he rifled through various papers looking for my date of birth.

“Doc, I’m sixty-six years old, what the hell is wrong with you?” I exclaimed impatiently.”

“Steve, I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me. I am looking at a sixty-six-year-old man with the heart of a twenty-year-old! What’s more, there is clear evidence that it is not the heart you were born with! In fact, I have never in fifty years of heart surgery seen anything quite like it. I am not even sure if that heart that is beating inside your chest is even of this world! Do you get me, Steve? Do you get me, for Christs sakes? And I am having whole lotta trouble comprehending it Steve. I mean, shit Steve, are you even of this world?”

“Hey Doc, I was born in Detroit sixty six years ago, ok? My pop was a line worker at the Ford car factory. My mom was a midwife at the local hospital downtown. Are you crazy Doc, are you kidding me? What in the hell are you on Doc? How old are you, cause you to know what? It’s time you had a break Doc, like a really long break for the rest of your life!”

“Ok Steve, here’s what we’ll do. I wanna run some more tests to see if I can figure this all out. There has to be a rational explanation for what I’m looking at here. Let me see when we can get you in for some further investigation. I don’t know, maybe it’s some weird diet your mom fed you when you were a kid in diapers or something, I just don’t know. What I do know, is that I have never ever in all my born days seen anything quite like it.”

“You know what Doc, I’m out of here you crazy old coot. I am just a regular guy enjoying my retirement after fifty years of hard work, roping and sheeting forty tons of cabbages or god knows what and driving it from state to state on a multi-drop nobody else in the company would touch with a barge pole. Half a century driving from state to state, man and boy, sweating and busting my guts for a few dollars an hour, and now all I wanna do is go fishing and read a good book.

Do you know what they say about fishing Doc? It legitimises doing nothing, sweet F.A. And that Doc is exactly what I am gonna do, nothing. And I ain’t gonna let no quack like you, some well past his use-by-date poop expert, stop me from spending the rest of my days doing sweet nothing except cast a line and sit back and read War and Peace to my heart’s content. I’m out of here. See ya never, loser. You’re weird man, I mean really, really strange. You wanna know what I think Doc, you are not of this world!”

And with that, I got up and left the hospital never to go back ever again. And you wanna hear something that really is strange? That was eighty-four years ago! That’s right, I am 150 years old, give or take a month or two either way. Of course, I have aged some, but I don’t look a day over seventy, or so Laura the next-door neighbour with a whippet called Dandy tells me.

I moved here to nowhere in particular soon after I stormed out of that hospital, for my own safety. See, I figured that that Doctor was not going to let things lie. I could see he wanted to go out with a bang. Get himself written up about in some such medical journal, hey maybe with a little luck get himself a Congressional Medal of Honour or Nobel Prize for medical discovery or something like that. And before you know it, I reckon there would have been all sorts of government agents on my tail wanting to haul me off to some secret compound in the desert, like Area 52, so they could poke and prod me to their heart’s content in their laboratory to discover the secrets of an alien heart...

As I write, I’m sat out on my Japanese veranda overlooking the most beautiful garden you ever saw in all your life. A step down onto a tidy little lawn, just a few steps from my very own pond where I keep some Koi carp.

My view is right up close to an amazing arrangement of small to medium-sized trees with a splendid array of colours, green, gold and salmon pink. Rising up behind is a small patch of pale blue sky with a passing fluff of cloud or two.

Standing behind me, watching over me is my lovely oriental wife. She’s twenty years younger than me and doesn’t look a day over fifty. I guess that must be the Japanese diet, that or she’s from another world far from the orbit of the earth.

I met Kyoko quite by chance when I was sixty-one years old. I say we met by chance, but these days I am not so sure. She was born on the day that I hit twenty, way, way back in seventy-four. I think about that sometimes, and with good reason. See, her birthday happened to coincide with an event I will never ever forget.

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