Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 14

A young, shoulder length blond hair woman rode on a horse across a flat grass turf before riding up a hill and she said to herself, “Maybe I should extend the back of the cafeteria and add another living quarters for the children next to it. That way if they are thirsty late at night they can help themselves.” Once she reached the top of the hill she stopped her horse and looked down at the short extension of the forest below her and the capital city beyond. She let out a sigh before leaning down and gently stroked the horse’s neck and said, “Maybe I should make a small animal farm instead. What do you think big girl?” A mono tone voice replied, “Why not both?” She sat up as the horse shook her head and made a sound as if the horse is worried as the woman looked about her till she saw a dark, cloaked figure with snake like eyes standing at the bottom of the hill to her left. The woman sat rigid on her horse as she slowly moved her right hand out of view and asked the dark figure, “Who are you?” The dark figure replied, “If you still have that Skyler 1911 I suggest you better flip the safety on and off twice in order to disengage, Kayla.” Kayla first looked confused and then wide eyed, as she removed her hand away from her side arm, and spoke, “Michael?” Lord Valkyrie made a single nod and Kayla looked up and down at Lord Valkyrie, still astounded, and asked, “Why do you look like that?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “It’s a long story I would not mind telling you.” He indicated his open right, gloved hand towards a large two story log house in the distance and asked, “May we discuss further at your place?” Kayla looked back at her house and at Lord Valkyrie, as she turned her horse back at the house, and replied, “Yes Michael. I hope you don’t mind walking.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Not at all.” And she rode back to her log house slowly as Lord Valkyrie walked alongside.

In a private room, Kayla sat in a soft chair across from Lord Valkyrie as she looked down at the floor, grim, as Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Now you understand.” Kayla spoke somberly, “Michael, I am so sorry.” Lord Valkyrie said, “There is nothing to be sorry about. The only person that should be sorry is my wife that betrayed me.” Kayla looked up at him, with hurtful eyes, and touched his left, gloved, hand on his knee and said, “I know Michael, but it does not mean that you should become like your future self to end his tyranny.” Kayla felt Lord Valkyrie’s left hand tensed up as he stared at her and replied, “I will not BE like him, but I will give him, Chloe, and the people that betrayed or persecuted me exactly what they wished. Only I won’t hurt the innocents that are in my path.” Kayla asked, “Are you sure there is no other way?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “There is none. As I have already said, every time Lord Serenity makes a threat the Zhargosia Republic and the United Star Systems give into Lord Serenity’s terrorist demands. At least they did not wipe out an entire civilization, yet.” Kayla suddenly stood up and stated, “Then I am coming with you.” Lord Valkyrie stood as well and held both her hands when he spoke, “No Kayla. I do not want you to become tainted by this conflict as it has done to me.” Kayla replied, in a demanding tone, “I can take care of myself.” Lord Valkyrie said, “I do not doubt it, but this coming war will not have room for the soft hearted.” He softly touched her hair with his right hand as he continued, “And I do not want you to change from the kind hearted and giving person that you really are.” Kayla was about to touch Lord Valkyrie’s right cheek but he flinched away and Kayla pulled back her hand, blushed and looked at the floor apologetically and said, “I’m sorry, I forgot.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Understandable.” Lord Valkyrie then took her hand and held it as Kayla sighed, “If only I can have just one kiss.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Sorry, but not possible.” A soft beeping sound cut the silence and setting between them and Lord Valkyrie pressed a hidden button on the right side pocket of his cloak and asked, “What is it?” Captain Cruz’s voice spoke aloud, “My Lord, we have another defect clone situation that requires your full attention.” Kayla stepped back as she sighed silently and Lord Valkyrie replied, “Bring my shuttle.” Captain Cruz confirmed and Lord Valkyrie looked at Kayla, as she stood by and looked out the window and Valkyrie apologized, “I’m sorry Kayla. I have to go back.” Kayla turned and smiled at him and she said softly, “I know. Please come back soon.” Lord Valkyrie stated, “Once a supply line is established between our worlds, you can come to Inchinn and find me. The clones will be more than agreeable to help.” Kayla smirked and they stood by the window and out in the peaceful setting before them till the Imperial shuttle arrived.

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