Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 16

The star destroyers came out of warp and approached the planet Kamino, where three more star destroyers awaited in orbit. Captain Cruz stood on the bridge and looked through the large viewing windows to see the dark blue planet before her when a grey protocol droid approached behind her and stated, “Captain, we have reached Kamino and the captain of the Dominator reports that the Prime Minister of Kamino is awaiting for Lord Valkyrie on the surface.” Captain Cruz looked at the droid and replied, “I will notify Lord Valkyrie.” She turned and made her way to the communications station and pressed a couple buttons and when an indicator light turned green she spoke, “Lord Valkyrie, we have reached Kamino.” Lord Valkyrie replied through the comms, “Very well, captain.” Captain Cruz continued, “I also want to report that the Prime Minister of Kamino is on the surface and awaiting for your arrival.” Lord Valkyrie replied again, “Notify the Prime Minister of my arrival and meet me in the hanger bay for our departure.” Captain Cruz answered, “Yes my lord.” And she turned off the comms and made her way to the nearest turbo lift to intercept Lord Valkyrie in the hanger bay.

Three robotic suited beings stood ahead of a squad of stormtroopers on the spoon shaped landing pad as it led up to a series of upside down, tear shaped structures that stood over the calm, planet wide, ocean that covers the entire surface. The leading Kamino stood in front of the others as the Imperial shuttle approached the landing pad. The Imperial shuttle landed and once the ramp was lowered, Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz exited and approached the Kamino natives and Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Minister, I heard your people wish to join The Order.” The Kamino Prime Minister replied, with uttered calm, “Yes Lord Valkyrie. I am Prime Minister Kalo Garman. From what our medical scanners gathered from your clones, they are VERY interesting. For instance, they are created as adult subjects rather than as an infant and go through the normal aging process.” Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly and in a threatening tone, “The clones are not subjects. From now on, you will refer to them as people.” The minister made a single nod as he still remained calm and replied, “Of course Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “The clones are created in a built in facility and is using outdated technology to create more of the populous and have a tendency of creating defective clones from time to time.” Kalo spoke as if answering a question, “We will gladly help you with updating the facilities as well as creating more ethnicities to your clones.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Ethnicities?” Minister Kalo answered, “Yes Mr. Valkyrie. As your troops first arrived they were immediately scanned just as they entered our facilities and found out that out of your male and female genders of your clones you barely have a handful of different types of ethnicities. We can easily expand that ratio from barely a handful to more than two dozen.” Lord Valkyrie and the Minister stood there in silence for a few moments when Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Give us a tour of one of your facilities, then I will decide if what you’re telling me is true or they are your final words.” The minister moved to the side and indicated, with an open hand, to the complex before Lord Valkyrie and said, “If you would follow me please, Mr. Valkyrie.” The minister led on as the other two Kamino natives flanked him and Lord Valkyrie followed close behind as Captain Cruz and the squad of stormtroopers followed suit.

The glass door opened as they were about to enter the facility till Lord Valkyrie stopped before the entrance and Kalo and his companions stopped and looked at Lord Valkyrie as he stated, “Turn off the DNA scanner.” Kalo made a single nod and replied calmly, “Of course.” He pressed a button on the panel next to the door and the blue repeating like band that went around the entrance dissipated and Kalo spoke, “It is done.” Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the stormtroopers stepped through and followed the minister in the clean, silver and grey hallway till they ascended a flight of stairs and stood in an enclosed, glass walkway witnessing the facility all around them. The inside of the complex is wide open with various helicopter pad like platforms with various people conducting either hand to hand combat or various types of physical training while at the bottom the various types of clones either sat in rows of computer consoles and spoke through their headsets or conduct virtual reality training as the minister pointed to the bottom floor and spoke, “We conduct extensive training both for aerial and ground combat with our clones. If our client wishes to have clones only for construction or other labor that does not involve any military training, we proved them with those needs as well.” Lord Valkyrie looked on before turning to the Minister and said, “It seems they are all learning military tactics.” Kalo replied, “That’s because this complex is exclusively for military and combat clones. The other complexes you saw as you arrived each create and train clones with various other tasks.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “What happens if you encounter a clone that is different from the rest or will not comply?” Kalo replied with a look of surprise, “Oh, we take care of them.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “By taking care do you mean eliminated?” Kalo replied with a voice of confidence, “Yes.” Lord Valkyrie pointed at him and stated, “That stops now. If you encounter any defect clones they are to be transported to The Facility where they will be examined and find a job that is most suitable for their needs for The Order.” Kalo nodded and replied, “Of course Lord Valkyrie.” There is a beeping sound and one of the minister’s aids reached a railing (that ran the length of the sides of the glass walkways) to the left of Kalo, pressed a button next to a small speaker and ordered, “Seal all doors and have cleaners stand by on all entrances and exits immediately.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Is there a problem?” Kalo replied, “Our barbaric neighbors, the Kneelers, are attempting to break into the complex. I suggest you have your shuttle take off till the Kneelers leave.” Lord Valkyrie spoke in a satisfactory tone, “I beg to differ. Let us show you the power of our clones.” He turned to Captain Cruz and ordered, “Have all available troops repel the Kneelers and force them down back to the depths captain.” Captain Cruz snapped to attention and replied, “Yes sir.” Lord Valkyrie also ordered, “See to it yourself, captain.” Captain Cruz replied immediately, “Yes sir!” And she made an about face and walked back to the entrance they came from as Kalo spoke, “Your captain is most impressive for a clone.” Lord Valkyrie kept looking at Cruz’s direction and spoke (as if replying to Kalo’s comment), “She is the best.” Lord Valkyrie turned to Kalo and asked, “Do you have surveillance cameras outside?” Kalo replied, “Yes?” Lord Valkyrie stated, “Pull up the one facing my shuttle.” Kalo went to the railing to his right and pressed two buttons and part of the glass before him showed a colored video feed outside and showed it is cloudy to the extent that it might rain.

The stormtroopers flanked outside of Lord Valkyrie’s shuttle as Captain Cruz appeared when the Kneelers began to appear from over the sides of the walkway and landing platform. The Kneelers crawled from over the sides revealing their transparent tarantula spider bodies and solid black eyes as they bared four sharp fangs at the troopers and Cruz as they hissed. Captain Cruz aimed her rifle at the Kneeler crawling fast after her and she yelled, “Fire at will!” She fired her rifle, sending a bolt of red energy towards the Kneeler but when it struck it the bolt bounced off its body. The troopers fired their rifles at the nearest Kneelers and their fire bounced off the Kneelers body as well and began charging after the troopers. One of the troopers pulled out a device and when he pressed a button it revealed a short blue beam of energy and he yelled, “Hand to hand!” The other troopers tossed their rifles to the side as well and charged at the Kneelers as they crawled fast and hissed at them when the troopers approached and swung their limbs at them and the troopers swung their beam blades in an attempt to cut them off. Captain Cruz merely dropped her rifle to the side as the Kneeler stood and growled at Cruz, as she clinched her gloved hands, and the rain began to fall hard and she said, “Come and get me you filthy animal.” The Kneeler made a loud hissing noise as it bared its fangs and charged after Cruz and Captain Cruz charged after it as well and she yelled in anger. When she approached the Kneeler it swung one of its limbs as Captain Cruz feel to her knees and slid on the wet deck, towards the Kneeler’s mouth, and punched her right fist deep into the Kneeler’s mouth that her entire fore arm is inside, grabbed the veins that are connected to the Kneeler’s eyes and she yanked her arm back, ripping out the Kneeler’s eyes back into its body and out its mouth, sending clear liquid flying into the air and onto Captain Cruz’s armor. The Kneeler thrashed about as it squealed loudly in pain trying to hit Captain Cruz only for Captain Cruz to grab one of its limbs with one hand while the other she grabbed the hilt of her knife, pulled out the long, sharp blade and in one swing sliced off the limb that is in her hand. The Kneeler then charged after her, with its fanged mouth wide open, and Captain Cruz screamed in anger as she repeatedly stabbed the creature on the head (where she sees its brain) as the creature tried to close its mouth onto her body but dropped dead after the repeated stabbings that turned its brain into mush.

The troopers, in the meantime, eventually either sliced through the Kneeler’s limbs and began stabbing the creatures in the heads or dodged the creatures limbs, grabbed onto one of them and swung over to land on top of their bodies and began stabbing at the exposed vital organs or brain. One trooper jumped on top of one of the Kneeler’s and was about to stab into its body when suddenly one of its limbs smacked him across the side and thrown him off balance as he struck the deck on his back. Just as he tried to get up the creature barred its fangs and chomped onto the mid-section of the trooper’s body and he screamed in pain as he grabbed hold of it, trying to pry it off, and the creature began rotating its head side to side trying to tear apart the trooper’s body. After killing one of the Kneeler’s, one of the trooper’s heard his comrade screaming and saw him being torn apart by another Kneeler and the trooper immediately jumped off the one he just killed, grabbed one of the rifles from the deck, pointed it at the creature’s body and yelled, “Hold still!” Barely hearing his comrade, the trooper grabbed hold of the creature’s head and pulled it down as the trooper (at the same time) tried to hold himself onto the deck as his comrade held down the trigger and fired a continuous barrage at the Kneeler’s body and the red energy blasts bounced off till all of a sudden the creature’s entire mid-section exploded into clear liquid and its exposed organs either dissipated from the blast or tried to fall out as the creature’s two halves fell limp. The trooper then immediately rushed to his comrades side, held the creature’s head down as he tried to pull his wounded comrade towards the shuttle as he screamed, “Man down! I need cover!” After slaughtering almost a dozen Kneeler’s the rest of the troopers surrounded their comrade, calling for aid, and moved back towards the shuttle as more Kneeler’s appeared.

Captain Cruz looked up and saw the hoard of Kneeler’s surrounding the troopers and in a fit of rage she charged/slid up behind one of them before stabbing the creature on its back (bulbous) body. As the Kneeler squealed in pain, Captain Cruz flipped over the creature’s body (pulling out her beam dagger in the process) and stabbed directly on top of the Kneeler’s head as she landed on top of it and the Kneeler dropped dead with its eyes rolled up to the back of its head. Captain Cruz then grabbed the Kneeler to her right’s (one of its) leg, yanked it towards her and in one swing chopped it off. The Kneeler squealed in pain and squirmed as the others took notice and at that instant Captain Cruz pulled out a small device, aimed it at her rifle (lying on the ground where she killed her first Kneeler) and fired a line that attached itself to her rifle and pulled it back. A Kneeler fell on top of Cruz with its jaws wide open, but as the creature came down Cruz caught her rifle and immediately swung back and (with precision aiming) fired a bolt of red energy that shot through the creature’s mouth and exited through the back of its head causing almost half of its head to explode and flopped hard onto the deck with clear, transparent liquid pouring out where its mouth is. Another Kneeler squealed as it tried to attack Captain Cruz from behind but again (this time without looking) Cruz whirled around (aiming) and fired another bolt of energy that struck the creature in the face before she turned again and fired at the face of another that tried to fell on her and both creatures dropped dead. Captain Cruz screamed, “THEIR WEAKER IN THE FACE! FIRE POINT BLANK RANGE!” The stormtroopers grabbed their fallen rifles as the Kneeler’s descended upon them and took quick aims as they fired on the Kneeler’s at point blank range while Captain Cruz continues to slaughter a handful more with quick, precision aiming at the Kneeler’s faces. Suddenly the Kneeler’s stopped and began scurrying back into the ocean quickly and Captain Cruz immediately raised her right hand and yelled, “Cease firing!” The troopers ceased firing and quickly ran to the edge of the landing platform and aimed their rifles down (including Captain Cruz) as they watched the remaining Kneeler’s retreat and disappear into the endless ocean below and just as they disappeared the rain finally stopped and revealed cloudy sky’s with rays of sun shine.

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