Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 17

At The Facility, Commander Gleam looked in the mirror (in his quarters) as he twirled his ankle long cape that is blue on the outside (matching his uniform) and red in the inside as he tested its durability while a Miranda clone stood at parade rest far behind Gleam and asked, “Does it satisfy you commander?” Gleam looked smug and replied, “More than you can imagine Lt.” The door to Gleam’s quarters opened and a stormtrooper entered and stood at attention and said, “Commander Gleam, one of the cloning tubes detected a defect clone that requires your attention.” Gleam looked at him with growing frustration and asked, “What gives you the right to enter my quarters without knocking?” The trooper replied firmly, “Since you agreed to the conditions to serve Lord Valkyrie, sir. One of them includes your quarters not having a locked door.” Commander Gleam looked grim and said, “Hmmm, understand. Just making sure you are aware of the conditions. Is the clone still in its tube?” The trooper replied, “He is sir.” Gleam turned and walked towards the trooper, with his cape flowing behind him and stated, “Take me to him trooper.” Just as they were walking out Commander Gleam grabbed his belt, with a two chambered pistol in its holster, and snapped it around his waist before he walked out.

The doors to the observation room opened and Commander Gleam stepped inside, with two stormtroopers following behind him, and saw four human shaped androids operating the consoles that surround the perimeter of the room and he asked, as he looked out the viewing window, “Status of the clone?” One of the androids replied (as it looked at Gleam), “All health readings indicate normal. No physical defects. Awaiting order to awaken the clone.” Commander Gleam saw the tube that is holding the clone, resting on top of an examination table in the room on the other side and Gleam ordered, “Begin awakening.” The android turned back to his station and pressed a couple of red buttons before pushing forward a lever and a mist formed in the room on the other side of the glass and engulfed the tube as it came apart and the pieces glided in mid-air to different points of the room that Gleam and the others couldn’t see and the naked, black body suit outline of the male clone lied on the table as two robotic arms came to life beneath him and attached pieces of black body armor onto him. Gleam looked over at the same android and asked, “The defect clone is a Dark Trooper?” The android replied (as it still operated the controls on its console), “Yes commander.” When the black body armor is fully assembled, the arms retracted and the mist dissipated to reveal a hispanic, male, clone lying motionless on the examination table in the grey, empty, paneled room with only a two window on the other side facing towards the rest of the complex. Gleam ordered, “Engage restraint straps.” Four, black, belt straps appeared from the table and wrapped across the clone’s body across his chest, mid-section, below his waist and across his ankles before two stormtroopers entered the room. Gleam glanced at the android and ordered, “Wake him.” The android pressed a button and for an instant there is a bright blue flash of light.

Commander Gleam waited patiently for a few minutes till his face began to twitch with frustration and he asked aloud, “Is he alive?” The android behind him looked at the health monitors on the wall and replied, “All readings report his vitals are normal and operating within normal biology parameters. For some reason unknown, the subject is not waking up.” Gleam grunted in frustration, pressed a button before him and spoke through the intercom in the other room, “Wake him.” One of the troopers approached the sleeping clone and jabbed him in the shoulder with the barrel of his rifle and said aloud, “Heim 487, wake up!” The clone didn’t respond and the trooper jabbed him again when the clone’s eyes opened wide as his right end slipped through the restraints and grabbed the trooper’s wrist, holding the rifle, and snapped it back making the trooper scream in pain. The other trooper immediately aimed his rifle at the clone only for the clone to push back the other clone’s arm and fired the rifle upside down, as he pulled the other trooper’s numb trigger finger, and the trooper standing by the door was struck in the chest and bounced off the wall right behind him before falling onto the floor. The clone then twisted the same hand (of the screaming trooper) and pointed the rifle at the screaming trooper’s head before pulling the trigger and causing the trooper’s helmet to chatter to pieces before collapsing onto the floor. Gleam looked wide eyed at the events that unfolded and he yelled, “Alarm! Alarm!” One of androids pressed a button and a alarm sounded causing a red light to appear, in the ceiling of the room the clone is in, and flash around the room as the recently awoke clone disconnected the restraints holding him down, got up from the table and (to Gleam’s surprise and curiosity) disconnected the restraints from the table and had one wrap around his mouth and tied it behind his head. The clone then immediately frisked the trooper before him and pulled out the small device (like Captain Cruz used to grab her rifle) when the intercom sounded, “Stay right where you are!” The clone looked up and around him till he saw Commander Gleam behind the window and saw his angered expression. There is the sound of multiple troopers approaching outside the door and the clone immediately grabbed the rifle from the deck, pointed it at the window facing the rest of The Facility and fired, causing the window to shatter. Commander Gleam immediately drew his blaster pistol and fired at the window in front of him, causing it to crack each time he fired. The clone threw the rifle away and immediately pointed the small device to one of the tall pillars (that serves as a tube for an elevator) and fired the grabbing wire and attached itself to the same pillar just as the window (Gleam was firing on) shattered and the clone pressed the small button on the device and is immediately jerked/pulled from the room.

Commander Gleam jumped over where the viewing window was and ran to where the clone was (along with a squad of stun-troopers in their clone trooper body armor with blue stripes) and looked out to see the clone pulled to the pillar and just as he reached the end of the line an elevator came up and he jumped in just as he detached the line. Commander Gleam immediately aimed and fired his pistol and began firing, only to hit the bottom of the elevator as it continued up. Gleam cursed in anger as he and the troopers ran out of the room and yelled, “Notify topside to seal all outer hatches and ground all shuttles!” The elevator continued up till it suddenly stopped, just before it reached the level just above, and the clone steadied himself as the elevator jerked to a halt. The clone growled and tied the remaining three restraining belts together into one and stood ready to fight when after a few minutes the elevator moved again and reached the level before the elevator door opened. Just as the door opened the stun trooper standing before it was snatched by a belt around his neck and he yelped as he was yanked inside the elevator (surprising the other three stun-troopers surrounding the elevator) and the clone inside tore the rifle out of the trooper’s hands and kicked him out, sending him flying back and knocking another trooper that is standing outside. The clone then pulled out the small device he used before and fired it, grabbing another trooper, and yanked him inside as well but as he yelped in surprise and was pulled to the clone he was immediately punched in the chest and struck the side of the elevator and crumpled to the floor gasping for air. The clone fired the same line again, but as it reached to the next trooper Commander Gleam snatched the end of the line and pulled it, yanking the clone out of the elevator and fell onto the floor. The clone immediately staggered up as he snarled in anger and was about to throw the other line (made up of restraining belts) till Commander Gleam fired and struck the clone directly in the chest throttling the clone back onto the deck and groaned in pain. Commander Gleam waved his pistol as the barrel changed from stun to kill and continued to aim at the clone as a stormtrooper came behind him and said, “Your aiming is getting better sir.” Commander Gleam made a single grunt and said, “First time using it on a moving target. Get him in one of the containment cells and keep a close eye on Heim 48..” The cloned groaned loudly as he was yanked up his feet, “Tightrope! Tightrope!” And Gleam lowered and holstered his gun as he watched with anger fascination as the clone was taken away and Gleam ordered to the stormtrooper next to him, “Notify Lord Valkyrie that we have a defect clone that requires his full attention.” The stormtrooper snapped to attention and replied, “Yes sir.” Before he made an about face and walked off.

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