Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 18

Kalo and Lord Valkyrie watched the events that unfolded on the landing platform surrounding Lord Valkyrie’s shuttle and Lord Valkyrie said, “I thought you are the only inhabitants of this world.” Kalo replied, “We were till over 2,000 years ago when the Galactic Empire took over and forced us to shut down our cloning facilities. The fighting blew apart hidden caves and underground tunnels that allowed this ancient species to reappear on the ocean floor. Since the Galactic Civil War and the war between the Resistance and the First Order, we were busy having to deal with this ancient species and isolate ourselves from other businesses that wanted to deal business because of what the Empire did, till now.” Lord Valkyrie looked at him and asked, “What made you change your mind?” Kalo replied, “We scanned your shuttle and your ships in orbit and we knew that the only reason you are here is to fill in all the positions that your droids are serving. And from what we can tell from our sensors, some of those droids are not suited for those jobs.” When the fighting outside is over Kalo looked somewhat fascinated and spoke as he stroke his chin, “Hmm, interesting.” Lord Valkyrie looked at Kalo and said, “Impressive, aren’t they?” Kalo looked back at him and replied, “They are better than I expected, but for hand to hand combat, they could do with some improvements.” Kalo then looked confused then wide eyed as he began to make choking sounds and grasped his throat (all the while Lord Valkyrie watched while the other Kamino inhabitants watched in stunned/fearful silence) as he gasped, “Only to make your clones better Lord!” When Lord Valkyrie looked away Kalo stopped choking and gasped as he tried to catch his breath as Lord Valkyrie spoke, “That would be agreeable.” He turned back and pointed at Kalo as he continued, “Your clones better be as good as you say, or else the Kneelers would be the only inhabitants on this planet.” Kalo spoke with reassurance, “They will meet your approval Lord Valkyrie. Once the Kneelers begin hibernating, clone delivery will be much faster than it will be now.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “The Order will protect you from the Kneelers from now on. Just make sure you fulfill your duties, minister.” Kalo bowed and replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie then walked away, towards the landing platform, with his black cape trailing behind him and the Kaminos that are in his path quickly moved to the side as he walked through, making them cower and look on at Lord Valkyrie with fearful eyes as he passed. As they continued towards the landing pad Lord Valkyrie asked Captain Cruz, “I noticed a lot of troopers and officers joining the ranks a lot sooner than expected. I take it your sisters have answered the call?” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Tell me. How many of your sisters have joined The Order?” Cruz did not answer till they reached the door to the landing pad and Cruz answered, “440,802 and counting my lord.” Lord Valkyrie suddenly stopped, including the rest of the troopers. Lord Valkyrie looked back at Cruz and asked, “And counting?” Cruz answered, “Yes my lord. There are still ships arriving at Inchinn even as we speak.” Lord Valkyrie turned back towards the direction of the landing pad and said, “Excellent. Looks like The Order is coming alive sooner than expected.” The doors opened and Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the troopers (as their escort) exited the building and walked on the landing pad towards the waiting former Imperial shuttle.

A large, red saucer shaped ship sat in position between the Zhargosia System and the red Septs Nebula that covered three sides of the Zhargosia System with small, two pilot ships lined up in two rows as if creating a welcoming committee. An older man with grey hair adjusted his red uniform and medals while at each side of him two older men in bright blue uniforms stood at attention and the older man in the red suit spoke with anxiety, “This uniform better be perfect or else I will personally kill my servant and his family for annihilating our whole race!” There was a beeping noise and one of the blue uniformed officers, at the communications station, turned to his console and the older man in red suit snapped his head in the officers direction and yelped, “Is that him!” After a few moments of silence, as the officer looked like he was listening to his ear piece, the same red suited man yelled, “ANSWER OR I WILL KILL YOU FOR TREASON!” The officer immediately answered, “Lord Yolk, I’m receiving a transmission from a large unknown ship that sounds like Lord Serenity sir!” Yolk’s pale white face looked shocked and he yelped, “On visual immediately!” The officer pressed a couple of buttons and the whole bridge crew turned their attention on panorama main viewer and the red nebula in front of them changed to Lord Serenity, sitting on a large, black, stoned throne with an eye patch over his right eye and wore his usual dark purple suit and white cape while Chloe stood on his left in a green suit and black cape. York kneeled, as well as the two men beside him, bowed his head and exclaimed, “Lord Serenity! We are here to greet you and your wife to the Zhargosia Republic as you ordered!” Lord Serenity smirked and said, “Thank You Lord York. I and my wife are honored by your hospitality.” He raised his left hand and continued, “Please, rise.” Lord York and the two men beside him rose and York looked at each of the two men and said, “To my left is Marshall Smithson who represents Zhargosia’s defense forces and to my right is Financial Minister Trent Mason. May I ask why you called for them?” Lord Serenity answered, “I called them because there are some changes we need to make for the future of the Zhargosia Republic. First, we need to double the defense forces that you already have and create offensive forces to conquer our enemies before they could attack the republic. Second, prices on non essential goods will be tripled in order to finance the defense and offensive military forces that are being built and for food and fuel resources they WILL NOT be priced at all.” Lord York and both the Marshall and Financial Ministers laughed and York said, “You must be joking on that last part!” Lord Serenity held a firm gaze and asked, “Do I look like I am joking?” They immediately stopped laughing and looked shocked and both Trent and Smithson argued with York, but York ignored them and spoke to Lord Serenity firmly, but tried to hold back his shock, “My lord, what you are asking will upend our economy and could fall into a depression! How will the farmers and gas and oil workers be compensated?” Lord Serenity replied, “They will be compensated by keeping the people of the Zhargosia Republic alive and continuing to preserve the economy and the republics existence rather than concern themselves with something that only benefits themselves. If they do not like the arrangement then they will be dealt with and we will find farmers and workers to replace them. After all, there are still people in the republic still looking for jobs.” Lord York looked puzzled and asked, “We?” Lord Serenity answered with a statement, “I, Lord Serenity, and my wife, Queen Valkyrie, will be the rulers of the Zhargosia Republic. You, Lord York, will be my liaison to the Congress of Zhargosia and you will do your best to approve everything my wife and I say or declare.” Lord York bowed and said, “Yes my lord! The republic is under your rule and will assure you congress will do anything you wish to preserve our way of life!” Lord Serenity smirked and said, “Good.” A large, white, rounded shaped ship with two nacelles and arms attaching them to the rounded body appeared from the nebula and hovered before the two rows of small ships and Lord York’s vessel, that is three times smaller than Lord Serenity’s ship, as Lord Serenity continued, “Will you escort us to Zhargosia Lord York?” Lord York replied, “Yes your royal highness!” And Lord York turned away and he and the bridge disappeared from the panorama window of Lord Serenity’s ship, that extends in a 50 degree angle, as Lord Serenity and Queen Valkyrie looked on and Chloe asked, “My love, is it wise to keep the Congress of Zhargosia since they will banish us in the near future like you said?” Lord Serenity answered, “For now the people must be assured they safe by the people they have elected to represent and protect them. When it is time, I will declare a law that they could not help themselves but refuse and I will easily turn their own citizens against them and they will banish the congress for us and they will get exactly what they deserve.” He looked up at Chloe, smiled and caressed her cheek and said, “For now, let’s get the children and spend some time for ourselves.” Chloe smiled and kissed him as their ship is being escorted to Zhargosia, where the citizens now await their new ruler.

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