Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 2

Michael yelled, “WHAT?” Miranda did not cringe as he yelled and replied calmly, “Yes Mr. Valkyrie. It is true. When we found you, your legs were crushed by a large section of the ship and all the bones in your body are broken and all your senses are shot due to the fall including your ability to see, hear and taste. My sisters are able to build you new legs and install mechanical braces to allow you to move your body and cybernetic eyesight, hearing aids and taste sensors. You must also not remove that metal band around your head, or else you will be completely paralyzed. It’s even a miracle that you are even still alive after falling about 70 miles from the surface.” Michael cringed from the stiffness and the pain in his head, messaged it and said, “Miracle had nothing to do with it.” He eventually found the strength to sit up, as he cringed in pain, and he looked out and noticed, past the curtain door to the outside, a rusty looking freighter partly buried in the sand and.Miranda’s clones walked up and down the side ramp either empty handed or bringing in various parts and noticed those parts came from the crashed ship that fell with Michael. Michael asked, “How long was I unconscious?” Miranda replied, “Three months.” Michael looked depressed but dismissed it and asked again, “Why are you here?.” Miranda replied, “Our star system was in a civil war and me and my sisters and brothers were created to replace the soldiers and pilots that were lost and keep our worlds fighting each other till they ended the conflict. As part of the peace accords they stopped cloning and those that are already cloned are either killed or used as slave labor. I was able to escape with 200 of my sisters and we came here to this world that we know they will never look.” Michael cringed as he tried to stand as he said, “I don’t plan on hiding for the rest of my life.” Miranda helped him stand and slowly walked towards the curtain doorway and looked outside at a rusty ship and Michael asked, “How long have you been hiding?” Miranda replied, “24 years as of a month ago.” Michael looked at her, with a look of pain still on his face, as he asked, “Do you have any star charts?” Miranda pointed at the ship and replied, “On the bridge.” And Michael started to walk, now more of a limp, as Miranda walked on his left side towards and up the ramp and inside the ship.

The rusty doors opened slowly with a constant creaking sound and Michael and Miranda entered the rusty, damaged bridge that turned Michael’s face from pain to horror. He looked at the various stations and the main console on the bridge till he chose a station that had a monitor along the right wall. He sat behind the console and pressed various buttons but the console did not turn on or did anything. He looked at Miranda and asked, “How do turn this on?” Miranda went to the command chair and pressed a single button and the work area, that Michael is siting at, came alive with various lighted buttons and the monitor turned on. Michael thanked her and he pressed a button and a planet appeared on the monitor with a readout about the planet and Michael sighed and said, “Well not that planet.” He pressed the same button again and found another world that is not suitable and he kept going and going and Miranda stood behind him and asked, “What are you looking for?” Michael replied, “A world that is better than this place or has some type of civilization.” He looked at Miranda and noticed she did not seemed offended but said to her, “No offense.” And Miranda replied, “Non taken.” And Michael went back to looking at other planets and star systems when all of a sudden his search was interrupted by what looked like an advertisement when he saw images of a world with various tall buildings and structures from an advanced civilization and and a robbed man smiled and said, “Welcome to Inchinn! A world filled with history and possible futures!” The advertisement went on but Michael deleted it and read the readout of the planet and Michael cringed as he said, “Looks like that advertisement is out of date. I read a solid CO2 atmosphere and no signs of life. Let alone no one has ever visited Inchinn for a very long time.” Miranda looked at the readout with curiosity and asked, “Then why is that ad still running?” Michael replied, “I don’t know, but if no one has visited in a long time, then there must be something there where we could settle down.” Miranda added, “If the cities weren’t picked clean dry and that’s why no one has visited. It says there is thick cloud cover all over the planet and that’s why there hasn’t been any recent records. This trip could be a waste of time.” Michael said, “I beg to differ.” He stood up, turned to Miranda and ordered, “Ms. Cruz, fix this horrendous sight and I believe I know where we must go.” Miranda held back her expression of disappointment as she stood at attention and replied, “Yes sir! Hopefully the wrecked ship that fell with you has the rest of these parts because everything we have won’t be enough.” Michael looked at her and said, “Then I suggest you get right to it Ms. Cruz.” Miranda looked past him and said, “Sir, I believe we have a visitor.” Michael looked in Miranda’s direction and past the main viewer and multiple sand dunes beyond he noticed (what appears to be) a black patch of ground. He hobbled fast off the bridge, with Miranda following close behind him and walked towards it till he noticed it wasn’t just the ground was black, but it was a ruffle of black feathers. Michael looked perplexed and said, “What the...” Suddenly the sand around the group of feathers flew into the air and blinded both Michael and Miranda and before they knew it, Michael was suddenly knocked back and something struck Miranda’s face and they both fell to the ground. Immediately falling back something pressed against Michael’s chest and pinned him to the sand and instinctively threw up his hands and held back whoever was on top of him as he heard a loud screeching noise. He tried to look up but suddenly he recognized the sound of what he believes to be a crow as it cawed loudly making Michael cringe as his ears hurt as it screeched and cawed louder. When he finally looked up (after the sand settled and between the clawing and slashing) he tried to keep a straight face as he gazed upon a face of a woman when she suddenly stopped and starred right back at him. She had brown hair that just past her shoulders, blue eyes, dark red lips and light brown skin on her face and hands while the rest of her upper body is covered with black and dark blue feathers, her legs are pitch black and human feet. Michael said, “I have to admit. I have not meet a beautiful half bird and human before.” Miranda (after getting the sand out of her eyes) looked at the bird like woman both with curiosity and caution with her right hand open and close to her right hip as she remained seated. The bird like woman lowered her face closer to Michael’s as she sniffed and Michael looked at her with an odd expression when out of the blue she licked his left cheek and both Michael and Miranda looked disgusted as Michael turned his face to the right and said, “Eww, disgusting.” She then looked at him as if angered by what he said as Michael looked back at her and said, “If you are trying to kiss me, do it properly. Like this.” To the bird woman’s surprise and Miranda’s, Michael grabbed both sides of her head and Michael kissed her hard as she looked wide eyed. Suddenly she flew and was on her feet as she cawed again and both Michael and Miranda jumped up and Miranda drew out a battery powered six shooter and pointed directly at the bird like woman as she stood, crouched and looked like she was ready to fight. Michael put his right hand out and stood in front of her (as he looked right at her) and called out, “Ms. Cruz stand down!” She grunted and lowered her gun with grim but then looked back as she heard multiple feet approaching and saw it was her sisters that appeared and had various clubs and blunt instruments drawn and at the ready when Miranda raised her pistol in the air and called out, “Stand down!” Some of the clones looked at each other with worried expressions but lowered their various weapons nonetheless. The bird woman looked from left to right at the clones as Michael raised both his hands up as he stood and said, “It’s all right, no one is going to hurt you. My name is Michael Valkyrie, what’s yours?” The bird woman looked at him curiously and blinked her eyes (as if she is a bird) and replied, “Gala. You don’t belong here.” Michael replied, “Yes, and I’m sure you don’t belong here as well.” He lowered his hands as he continued, “It’s all right. We are planning to leave this planet. You are welcome to join us if you like.” She sniffed the air in the clones and Michael’s direction before she replied, “Yes, but, you are not like the others.” Michael replied, “No I’m not.” He moved his right open hand to the direction of his hut and asked, “May we talk in my quarters?” She cringed at him and asked, “Why your home?” He cringed as well (but with disgust) and replied, “Cause I think you need a bath.” She cocked her head at him and gave him a curious look and asked, “What’s a bath?” Dead silence as some of the clones gawked at her but Michael gave no indication of shock as he strained to keep a straight face and said, “I’ll show you.” And she walked over towards him as he lead and said to himself, “Oh boy.”

Two cloned guards stood outside of a square, metal improvised hut with their pipe shaped rifles and ragged uniforms when the sounds of cawing and screeching echoed over the running water inside the hut as the guards cringed from the loud noises and looked at each other. Inside, Gala thrashed about in the shower screeching and cawing as Michael tried to hold/wash her as he yelled, “Hold still damnit!” Gala screamed, “I HATE WATER! CAW! CAAAAAAW!” And black and blue loose feathers flew from her body and into the air and either fell in the shower or all over bathroom as Michael yelled, “Damn you woman!” While outside Miranda walked up at a brisk pace but immediately slowed down when she heard Gala constantly cawing and saw the painful expressions of her two sisters standing guard and when they saw Miranda they immediately turned from parade rest to attention and tried (as they might) to keep a straight face as Miranda approached and stood before them. Miranda asked her sweaty faced sisters, “How long?” One of them replied, “ten minutes ma’m!” Gala then gave an ear splitting caw and the one guard that replied to Miranda closed her eyes and cringed with a look of pain while the other guard flinched and one of Miranda’s eyes twitched and she said, “I’ll change the guard early!” The same guard (that replied to Miranda earlier) replied, “Yes ma’m! Thank You ma’m!” And Miranda shook her heard as she turned around and walked away with Gala still cawing and Michael cursing various obscenities as he tried to wash her.

When they finished, Gala ran out of the bathroom and jumped on top of Michael’s bed and began thrashing about to dry herself off, even as Michael just stood outside the bathroom with a towel in hand as he looked irritated with scratch marks on his face, chest and arms. Michael said, “Again, a towel is meant to dry yourself off with!” She stopped thrashing and looked at him with an angry expression and made a single caw sound and Michael just sighed, shook his head and dropped the towel on an improvised table, knowing it was pointless at this point to give it to her. Gala then sniffed the air in Michael’s direction and asked, “What makes me so attractive to you?” Michael then looked up perplexed and asked, “Excuse me?” Gala just looked at him and replied, “I can smell your sweat and blush when you are looking at me. All of my species have heightened smelling senses to notice various emotions.” Michael looked at her with curiosity and said, “Interesting.” Gala then sniffed the air again, in Michael’s direction and had a look of caution as she said, “I also smell something else.” She sniffed again and continued, “It’s something almost metallic and a little cold.” Michael kept a straight looking face as he replied, “Yes, I am half man and half machine due to my injuries when I fell.” Gala suddenly moved back at the edge of the bed, away from Michael, as she looked shocked and made a low caw sound and said, “That explains why you smell differently.” Michael replied, “Yes.” They continued to look at each other till Gala slowly stepped off the bed and walked fast towards Michael and before Michael knew it she embraced him and kissed him hard (to his shock) before she pulled back and said, “Is that how females express their love in your home world?” Michael first looked shocked and then smiled and said, “Not quiet.” And they both embraced each other as they began kissing and moved towards the bed. Outside there was a single loud caw sound that made the guards cringe before there were more cawing sounds (but not as loud) coming from Michael’s hut and the guards turned their heads slowly and looked at each other, even as the cawing quickly died away, before they turned their heads back outwards.

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