Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 3

On the morning of the next day Michael was laying back in his moth and worn bed mattress with Gala lying next to him under the covers as the first rays of the sun shown through the curtain of the door and shinned on his left eye and at that moment there was knock on the metal wall plating outside and a female voice said, “Mr. Valkyrie, the ship is ready.” Michael sat up in bed and looked at Miranda’s clone with puzzlement while Gala awoken with a look of astonishment and wide eyed. Michael got up and got dressed as best he could, stopping Miranda’s clone from helping him as she tried to assist and Gala just looked on with her wide eyed stare and when he got up he moved the curtain doorway to the side and looked a little surprised as he saw the pen shaped ship completed while two rows of clones stood on each side of the ramp at attention as they looked across at one another in improvised and ragged uniforms and helmets. Gala approached Michael’s side and when she saw the completed ship she looked up at it with admiration as Miranda appeared just outside the doorway, wearing a black and red space suit and holding her helmet as she said, “The ship’s ready sir.” Michael replied now with a look of satisfaction, “Excellent. Time to leave this retched planet.” And he, Gala and Miranda walked forward and passed the cloned soldiers as they entered the ship with the clones following behind and the ramp closed, leaving the improvised huts and abandoned buildings and appliances behind.

They walked down a narrow, grey and darken passageway with random wall panels exposing circuits, cables or other wiring with sliding doors on each end till they approached one of the clones that stood next to a door labeled, 1-C. The clone pointed at the door and room, as the door side open, and said, “These rooms are what we are staying in till we reach Inchinn sir.” Michael, Miranda and Gala looked inside and saw a bare room with only four seats connected to the walls on the left and right side of the door with safety belts and (what appears to be) a built-in port a potty on the wall right in front of them. Gala said, “I guess you never heard of the word comfort zone.” The clone replied, “We only plan on staying on this ship for only a few hours, if not one day the most. So there is no point in wasting time and effort just to make the trip cozy till we arrive and leave this ship permanently.” Michael said, “True, if what I remember about the planet and how to make it habitable is true and not my imagination.” Miranda said, “We will take our chances sir.” Michael turned to the clone and asked, “Is there enough room for one more in here?” The clone replied, “Yes sir.” Michael turned to Gala and said, “Gala, would you mind staying here till we reach Inchinn? If I am correct, there are probably no extra seats for passengers on the bridge.” Gala sighed and gave a look of disgust and replied, “If the trip is only a few hours, then yes.” Gala kissed Michael on the cheek before entering the room and sat in the nearest seat as the three clones (that are already strapped in) watched while the clone that was standing by the door, showed her how to put her belts on. Michael and Miranda then turned and entered the turbo lift that is right before them as the doors closed.

The metal door slid open and Michael and Miranda saw a center command chair with two consoles built into the walls to the left and right and two consoles in front of the command chair on both the left and the right built perpendicular to the walls as they faced both a glass and force field 45 degree banked main viewer on the small bridge. The clones sitting behind the consoles stood as one of them yelled, “Attention!” As Michael and Miranda entered. Michael asked, “I believe the crew is ready to depart?” Miranda replied, “Yes sir. Helm, all systems still green?” The helm officer replied, “Yes ma’m, all systems are standing by and awaiting further orders!” Michael then sat in his command chair and let out a silent sigh of relief as Miranda stood by his right side. Michael looked down at his armrests as he scanned the various buttons with his robotic eyesight till he pressed a button and a short whistle sounded and he stated, “All crews strap yourselves in and prepare to depart.” The clones on the bridge sat in their seats and strapped on safety belts while Miranda sat in a chair on the far back right corner of the small bridge and strapped herself in as well.

The single engine of the ship ignited and the ship slowly lifted off the ground as its legs retracted inside the ship before flying off and blowing apart the clone settlement as it flew away and into the air towards space. Inside, the ship shook violently as the rest of the clones were in sealed cubicles and held on even though they strapped themselves into their seats as well as the bridge crew while Michael and Miranda held on firmly but looked relaxed till they passed through the stratosphere and the shaking stopped. The helm officer stated, “We passed through the stratosphere sir.” Michael replied, “Set course to Inchinn at maximum power.” The helm officer said, “Yes sir.” And she began pressed buttons on her console as Michael asked, “Time to reach Inchinn?” A clone on one of the right wall consoles replied, “Eight hours sir.” Michael said, “Then we have no time to lose. Helm?” The helm officer replied, “Ready sir.” Michael called out, “Proceed!” The helm officer pressed a button and they all hit the backs of their seats as the stars in front of them turn into white lines as the ship suddenly left Wol IV behind it and zipped across space towards Inchinn. When they went to warp they all relaxed as the main viewer showed various lights and colors as the ship speed across space, all the while Michael sat in his command chair and paid attention only at the main viewer while the rest of the clones maintained their stations.

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