Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 4

The ship came out of warp and approached a musty yellow planet while on the bridge the helm officer said, “We achieved standard orbit sir.” Michael pressed a button on his right armrest and stated over the intercom, “All personnel, don radiation suits now.” Michael then turned to the right and asked, “Any life signs on the surface?” The clone at the station looked at a circular green screen and in a few moments replied, “Negative sir. The scanner reads the planet is lifeless below us as the air is composed of solid Carbon Dioxide and most of the planet is covered in Smog. Hence why we cannot see the surface sir.” Another female clone at communications stated, “Sir all personnel are in their radiation suits.” Michael replied, “Good. Helm, begin landing procedures.” The helm officer replied, “Yes sir.” And began pressing various buttons. The ship then began its decent to the planet below and just as they entered the atmosphere the surrounding area before them is covered in dense fog. The helm officer concentrated on her console as she looked ahead through the infer-red till suddenly tall, pillar shaped skyscrapers appeared all around them and the ship immediately slowed and maneuvered easily pass the structures. Michael said, “Congratulations helm on navigating through the fog. The last time I have been here I almost slammed my ship headfirst into one of those buildings.” The helm officer replied, “Thank You sir. Where do you want us to land?” Michael pointed at a series of factories and smoke stacks and replied, “The nearest available clearing at those facilities.” The helm officer said, “Yes sir.” The large pen shaped ship flew past the abandoned large city and into an endless field of factories, smoke stacks and warehouses and landed one of the empty landing pads before them.

A few moments later, the side ramp opened and Miranda’s clones emerged in radiation suits carrying their piped rifles and spread out and secured the landing pad before Michael walked down the ramp in his radiation suit. Miranda’s clone stood at attention as Michael approached her (with an expressionless face) and said, “Report MR-121.” MR-121 replied, “Sir, landing pad is secured! No signs of life as of yet!” Behind Michael, Miranda and Gala (looking around curiously as she crouched and followed Miranda as they both wore radiation suits) appeared behind him with Miranda carrying a larger version of one of their piped rifles and asked, “Sir, do you want us to inspect the nearby facilities?” Michael turned his head to his right shoulder and replied, “Yes Ms. Cruz. Have all troops inspect and search the surrounding facilities after you unload the food rations and supplies.” Michael looked around and noticed all is completely silent and there is absolutely no movement in the surrounding area and facilities and Michael cautioned, “Stand ready and prepare for any surprises. Our sensors show this planet is abandoned, but they could be jammed.” Michael looked back and stated, “Ms. Gala will be needing the ship to return to her home.” The clones showed no sign of puzzlement or shock except Gala while Miranda looked at Michael with a puzzled expression and asked, “Excuse me sir?” Michael looked at Miranda with no any type of emotion on his face and Miranda stood at attention and replied, “Yes sir.” She turned and spoke to one of the clones as Michael turned to Gala, as she still looked shocked, and she asked, “Michael, why?” Michael grabbed her hands and held them with comfort as he stood close facing her and replied, “I need you to go back home. Tell whoever leads your people about us and that we require their assistance if they can provide.” Gala looked sad and said, “I don’t want to leave you.” Michael held her hands tightly as he spoke, “I will come get you when we are ready.” Miranda called out, “Sir, it’s ready.” Gala looked down as she tried to hide away her tears in her gas mask before turning away, walked up the ramp as the rest of the clones departed and slammed a large, round red button to the right of the doorway and the ramp began closing as she and Michael looked at each other, both with smiles on their faces (except Gala was crying) before the ramp cut off her view of Michael and closed.

The ship lifted off and Michael watched as it flew away till it disappeared in the foggy atmosphere and Miranda approached Michael from behind and asked, “Sir, is it wise to give her our only transportation off this planet?” Michael turned his head halfway in her direction as she continued, “In case something goes wrong?” Michael replied, “We don’t need that ship anymore. Once we investigate some of these facilities and find the power source to turn everything back on and start production, we will have a fleet of ships at our disposal.” One of Miranda’s cloned sisters approached and stood at attention and stated, “Sir, ma’m, one of our patrols have encountered something that you should see.” He then turned to Miranda’s direction with a serious expression before looking back at the clone and ordered, “Show me.” And the clone walked away with Miranda and Michael following her.

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