Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 5

A pair of white, thick doors slide open and Miranda and Michael walked inside a clean, white room with various space, radiation, chemical and other suits lining against the display walls to their right and left as the clones stood at attention and faced each other as Michael and Miranda walked in between them. They walked down the short hallway till they reached a pair of sliding, thick glass doors in front of them with a clone (with a scanning device) standing before them and two other clones are inside the room as they scanned and looked at a large, red, misshapen crystal that sat on a single display column right before them and the glass doors. The clone stated, “It is called the Mind Crystal sir, according to their records, and from what we gather all the scientists that died here were considered the best on this world and for some odd reason they kept their notes on pads of paper that are locked and can only be access both by fingerprint and voice recognition.” Michael looked around and saw multiple dried raisin like bodies in lab coats strewn about the large lab and saw four more but in security uniforms and he looked up and saw half a dozen cameras all around the room and Michael said, “Looks like whatever this crystal is must be important to have a lot of security around it.” Miranda replied, “It appears so sir. It might…” Michael squinted as he heard loud whispering sounds that overcame what Miranda was saying but Miranda kept talking and Michael looked around to find the source till he saw the Mind Crystal lite up and pulsing, as if it was a heart. The whispers stopped and one voice spoke in a whisper, “Touch us and gain the knowledge you seek. Touch us, and achieve your destiny.” And the child like voice kept repeating as Michael struggled to keep from showing his wide eyed awed expression as he ignored the clone in front of him standing at attention. The clone looked worried and asked, “Sir?” Michael quickly came to his senses saw one of the clones looking down at a hand held device and Michael stated, “Report TR-121.” TR-121 resumed her attention and said, “Sir, according to our scanning devices the crystal is pure energy.” Michael said, “But it’s much more than that.” She looked hesitant and replied, “Yes sir, much more, but we can’t tell.” Michael stated, “I can, open the doors.” Miranda approached Michael as TR-121 remained standing in his way but raised her left arm as if to block him and Miranda asked, “Sir is that wise? We don’t know if it’s...” Michael spoke loudly, “That’s an order TR-121!” Miranda stepped back and looked worried but kept from showing it as she looked at TR-121 and nodded. TR-121 stepped back and pressed a button on the glass frame and the doors opened allowing Michael to step inside. The two clones that were standing next to the crystal stood back as Michael approached and he hovered his hands over the large, red crystal as it pulsed brighter as he approached it and the whisper child voice grew louder and louder as Michael strained to keep from showing his pain. Miranda stepped up fast and reached out as if to stop Michael and she yelped with alarm, “Sir wait!” Michael spoke loudly and firmly (causing Miranda to stop and step back), “Stand fast Ms. Cruz!” The clones stepped even further back as Michael hovered his hands over the crystal as he looked on grimly till he placed his hands on the crystal. The room was suddenly engulfed in a red, blinding light that made the clones and Miranda suddenly look away and a mysterious wind blew about them and forced them to kneel as they tried to hold their ground even as they heard the sound of Michael screaming.

A clone is sitting in one of the two command seats in front of a former AT-TE. She pressed every button in the cockpit and turned both joysticks in front of her, but nothing happened. She sat back and sighed, “Too bad there’s no way to power everything up.” She started to get up when suddenly there was a sound of a sonic boom and the machine shook and the clone fell back in her seat and suddenly the console and the controls and various systems powered up and there was a sound of gibberish for a few moments when it cleared up and spoke, “AT-TE 28992 standing by, all systems fully functional.” The clone looked wide eyed about her, silently over the various beeping and other electrical noises. At the same moment all electrical systems throughout the planet suddenly activated or powered back on taking all the clones by surprise and standing ready. All the ships that sat collecting dust or partially built in the underground hanger bays suddenly came to life, including all the protocol and astromech droids inside the ships and the construction cranes and equipment began moving/building again, as if they are resuming another day’s work. Michael continued to scream as a red energy orb (where the crystal was) hovered between Valkyrie’s hands and in a blink of an eye the red orb flashed in a brilliant red light and vanished as it intersected with Michael’s gloved fingers and was absorbed into Michael’s hands (causing his gloves to shine brightly red) and as the energy coarse up Michael’s body, he kneeled as if the pain is unbearable for him to stand and a the red glow and light in the room vanished and returned to normal lightening and Michael stopped screaming in agony. Miranda and the others stood up, dazed and confused, and Miranda started to approach Michael (as he continued to kneel where the crystal was) and asked, “Mr. Valkyrie, are....” A deep, monotone voice cut her off, “I’m fine Captain.” A clone came up behind Miranda, almost out of breath, and said, “Ms. Cruz! They’re on!” Miranda looked at her, confused, and asked, “What’s on?” The clone replied with disbelief, “Everything.” Miranda still looked confused when Michael (in his deep monotone voice from his mask) said, “I have restored the electricity on this planet Captain.” Michael stood up, went straight to a glass case on the wall that read “FIRE BLANKET” And Michael smashed it, took the large, dark grey blanket and wrapped part of it around his head and created both a covering for his face and a short cape as Miranda held back her surprise as she stood her ground when he spoke again, “I am sure your sisters will know how to operate the machines and devices on this planet, am I correct?” Miranda now looked confused and answered, “Since the language is common, yes sir. But sir, are you sure...” He looked back at Miranda and she lost her composure and revealed her surprised expression as she saw a pair of yellow, veined, snake like eyes staring back at her and after a few moments Miranda quickly composed herself and Michael stated, “From now on Captain you will call me Lord Valkyrie. Is that understood captain?” Miranda immediately stood at attention and the other four clones snapped to attention as well before Lord Valkyrie walked right by Miranda with his black cape flowing behind him as he went. Miranda walked at a brisk pace to stay with him and when she is to his right she asked, “Sir, how were you able to bring the power back on?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “The Mind Crystal awakened powers that have been within me this whole time and I now feel better and more powerful than I have ever been before.” He then stopped, turned to her as she stood at attention and pointed at her and said, “It’s a bit more complicated Captain, but rest assured, I am in perfect health.” Miranda tried to hold her puzzled expression as she replied, “Yes sir, but, I was only thinking about that.” Lord Valkyrie stated, “I can from your face that you are still cautious and worried, even if you are trying to hide it captain.” He then resumed walking as Miranda followed alongside and exited the building and Lord Valkyrie said, “You will not like what I am about to say Captain, but we need to find the facility where you and your sisters were cloned.” She kept a stern face as she held back her mixed emotions and asked, “May I ask why Lord?” Valkyrie replied, “So we can build an empire.” He looked up and down at Cruz and stated, “Before we depart, you may want to change your appearance.” Cruz stood unfazed by Lord Valkyrie’s comment even as he continued, “Follow me.” Lord Valkyrie walked ahead of Miranda and down a long staircase that went down past the surface till Lord Valkyrie opened the door that read “C2” and immediately inside Miranda and her cloned sisters saw to the left and right glass cases that held various Imperial and Rebel clothing from the Galactic Civil War that reached as far as the eye can see in the long room and next to each display case stood lockers that Lord Valkyrie went to one that had Imperial stormtrooper armor, opened the locker and pulled out a retractable hanger pole that held the armor with a number one top and Lord Valkyrie stated, “There are four lockers for each armor with various sizes to try on. All of you and your future brothers and sisters will wear these and Republic and First Order armor. When they are all claimed there are facilities that would make more and the Rebel and Resistance clothing that you see will be donated to the rebels behind enemy lines once we declare our intentions.” Miranda’s cloned sisters looked at the armor and clothing with curiosity (as they know they cannot currently try them on due to the CO2 atmosphere) and Lord Valkyrie turned to Miranda and said, “Captain Cruz. There is a special armor I believe will you find to your liking.” He turned back to the door they came through, with Miranda following him, and Lord Valkyrie opened the door across the landing that read, “C2-2” and when he opened it, it showed a smaller version of the room that they came from and it displayed armor and clothing with more various colors. Lord Valkyrie approached one that had stormtrooper armor but is painted all silver and has a black and red cape and Lord Valkyrie stated, “This armor is the prototype of the late Captain Phasma during the time of the First Order over 2,000 years ago.” Miranda looked at the displayed armor and noticed there is only solid wall where there should have been a clothing locker and Lord Valkyrie stated as she turned to him, “You are wondering why there is no locker like the others where your sisters are. That’s because they only made very few for certain individuals and this is the only one left of this type of armor.” Miranda asked, “My Lord if you will forgive me. How do you know so much about this planet since we have arrived?” Valkyrie replied, “That’s because when I touched the Mind Crystal it not only unlocked my powers but also gave me the knowledge of everything on this world and there history.” Miranda said, “That explains why you were in so much pain when you touched it.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Yes, but with a cost. As the crystal gave me knowledge it dissolved my body in exchange for that knowledge and as a result, very little of my body remains and hence why I beckoned this suit to become part of me in a hurry.” Miranda asked, “Is there anyway we can reverse the CO2 atmosphere on this planet so we can perform our jobs more expedient?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Yes, but we have to reopen The Facility first before we can proceed. Now take your uniform and let’s proceed to the nearest Star Destroyer.” Miranda wanted to ask but Lord Valkyrie turned and is already walking away, forcing Miranda to snatch her new uniform and caught up with Lord Valkyrie before he entered the previous room to collect her sisters for the journey.

Two rows of soldiers stood facing each other and carrying hand-held rifle like blasters as they stood at attention on a walkway leading up to an Imperial Star Destroyer with the name ISS Triton written on the port side as Lord Valkyrie and Miranda approached in between them and they both stopped as they looked upon the large ship, as if in awe and Miranda said, “Sir there is not enough of us to pilot that ship.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Nothing to worry captain. For now the ship will either be run on automation or androids.” Miranda kept from showing her puzzlement as they entered the ship with the soldiers following them. When they entered the ship they saw human like and various other shaped androids moving about in the grey hallways as Lord Valkyrie, Miranda and the rest of the clones continued on till they reached the elevators. The doors opened and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz entered the one in the center while the troopers entered the rest and proceeded towards the bridge.

Five circular shaped elevator doors opened with Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz appearing from the one in the center while the clones exited the two elevators on each side and stood at attention along the half circle railing and viewing windows lined the walls of the half circular bridge from one end to the other while Lord Valkyrie and Cruz walked down the center walkway as various stations (ranging from wall panels to sit down controls) ringed beneath them, teaming with droids as they minded their own business, and stopped at the very end where a large two way thick viewing window stood before them with a large console that stretches from one end of the viewing windows of the bridge to the other. Lord Valkyrie turned to Cruz and said, “Captain Cruz, the coordinates please.” Cruz replied, “Sector 101, the Alpine System. The facility is built within a dead moon and it’s called, The Facility.” A few moments later a green protocol droid appeared to Lord Valkyrie’s left and said, “Lord Valkyrie, we have located The Facility. It is precisely twelve sectors away.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent, begin launching procedures and launch the Triton when ready.” The droid replied, “Yes sir.” The large overhead hanger doors opened to reveal the former Imperial Star Destroyer inside till the doors fully retracted and the docking clamps beneath and along the sides of the ship made a loud, echoing clank sound as they released the ship and the engines made a clicking sound before eventually lighting up blue. The metal hull plating of the ship groaned and made funny noises as the ship hasn’t moved in a very long time before eventually lifting off and when it cleared the hanger bay, it flew straight towards the atmosphere and into space, leaving the planet’s orbit. On the bridge the soldiers stood their ground and Captain Cruz looked unfazed as they left the planet behind them and one of the droids behind and below them spoke in a mechanical, male creaking voice asked, “Ship speed Lord Valkyrie?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Warp 6.” The droid replied, “Yes sir.” Lord Valkyrie then turned to Cruz and asked, “Captain, can you contact with the rest of your sisters in exile to come to Inchinn?” Cruz stood silent for a few moments and then replied, “I could send a message out. Whether they will respond or not or how many of my sisters are still alive, I do not know?” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Send a message anyways. Tell them I, Lord Valkyrie, leader of The Order have a home for them and they will do what they are bred for.” Cruz asked, “And what is that my lord?” Lord Valkyrie looked at the main observation window and answered, “That is for them to decide.” And a few moments later there was a growing humming sound when all of a sudden the stars before Lord Valkyrie and the others turned into white lines as the ship zipped across space towards The Facility.

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