Star Wars Universe: Rise of the Clones

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Chapter 8

In a large, empty room, Michael sat in deep meditation as he tried to gather his thoughts from his broken mind from both the fall from high orbit and the mind meld from the Mind Crystal. Michael looked up and saw the sky is bright and clear with a large city in the background with multiple skyscrapers and futuristic structures as Michael stood in a dress uniform with Chloe by his side as they stood on a podium with a middle aged man in a suit standing before a microphone stand (as he held a medal) as he spoke to a large crowd before them, “This award goes to one of Zhargosia’s greatest citizens! Michael and Chloe Valkyrie have explored nine systems and orchestrated the colonization and the spread of Zhargosia influence on those systems and made first contact with the Altar’s and extended our friendship with them as allies! Michael and Chloe Valkyrie has also made first contact with The United Star Systems and represented Zhargosia as they signed the Alliance Accords making Zhargosia part of the United Star Systems both as citizens and allies!” The man then looked upon the smiling faces of Michael and Chloe as he smirked and presented them with the medal and continued, “On behalf of The Republic of Zhargosia and Zhargosia Space Command we present both Michael and Chloe Valkyrie The Medal of Peace!” They were claps and cheers as Michael and Chloe bowed, allowing the man to put the medals over their heads and around their necks before they looked up, smiled and waved before the crowd before Michael and Chloe looked upon each other and Michael planted a firm kiss (that took Chloe by surprised at first) that made some people in the crowd laugh. Chloe pulled back and spoke (as she smiled), “You do like to make a scene.” Michael looked shocked (sarcastically) and replied, “Who, me?” They both laughed and just when they are about to kiss again Chloe put her forefinger to his lips and Michael looked at her and her finger with confusion till she spoke, “I have something to tell you.” Chloe put down her finger as Michael still looked at her confused/worried as she blushed and tried to find words till she spoke, “I’m pregnant.” There is silence between them as Michael looked at her shocked and Chloe looked like she is on the verge of being upset and is about to speak till suddenly Michael smiled and kissed her (as he held her head) and when he pulled back he said happily, “That’s great!” Chloe laughed and they both continued to kiss as the crowd cheered in the background.

Lord Valkyrie looked on, behind Michael, till the scenery changed to a fog like mist that surrounded Lord Valkyrie and showed him moving images or scenes of Chloe and Michael together (happily) with Chloe’s stomach getting bigger and bigger and even during child birth in the hospital and showed Chloe sweating profusely as she griped Michael’s hand and cried out in pain. Lord Valkyrie then saw himself and Chloe holding two baby boys as they both smiled and the image changed to the babies in the nursery, as Michael and Chloe looked on happily behind the glass, with the name cards reading, “Nathaniel” and “Nicole” over the two babies when the nursery changed to various scenes inside a large house or outside on the open grass with the children growing up to be toddlers as Michael and Chloe either watched or played with them, all the while Lord Valkyrie looked on through beneath his cloak and snake eyes.

The fog dissipated and Lord Valkyrie is surrounded by skyscrapers as he stood just outside and below the long steps of what appears to be a Conference Building as he saw Michael and Chloe (both dressed in a red military uniform and black pants and boots) descending the steps close to him. Michael held Chloe in his arms as they both smiled, kissed and Michael asked, “How are the children?” Chloe replied, “Their fine, for now. They just can’t wait to see....” There is an ear piercing scratch noise as the large monitor on the skyscraper next to the Conference Building fizzled and Michael, Chloe and everyone close to all the large monitors throughout the city, cringed and covered their ears till the noise stopped. The monitors changed to show the face of what looked like Michael Valkyrie and took everyone by surprise and looked on in shock. The man that looks like Michael wore knight armor that is almost in a form of a purple and black suit with a black cape and held an unsheathed, black sword in front of him as he spoke in Michael’s voice, “This is Lord Michael Serenity.” Everyone is transfixed to the large view screens in the cities or their own television sets when he spoke as well as Michael and Chloe as they looked at the billboard size screen on a skyscraper (as they waited for a shuttle). Lord Serenity continued, “I have in my possession The Magnetic Destabilizer. With this device I have the power to destroy a space station, a large fleet of starships or an interstellar passenger ship by my will. You will not resist me for if you shall I will destroy a space colony, station or any type or number of starships of my own choosing to repay for what you have done. From now on your leaders in both Zhargosia and the United Star Systems will do as I say for if they won’t or try to resist me then there will be consequences. So let it be written, so let it be done.” The screens changed to show an orbital complex over a red planet with cargo ships moving to and from when suddenly a bolt of yellow energy came from beyond the monitors view and struck the orbital complex. Everyone either gasped or looked on in shock or horror as the complex exploded from the inside out and many cargo or transport ships tried to escape, only to be caught in a transparent shock wave that emitted from the complex, but they were ripped apart sending debris and bodies flying about either into space or caught in the red planet’s orbit. Many people cried out in shock while Chloe remained silent as she cringed in both anger and fear as Michael looked on in shock and held her close.

Lord Valkyrie looked on as the scenery before him changed into a large room with two rows of seats connected to two long desks on elevated platforms as older men and women in suits sat behind them as Michael (still dressed in the same red uniform) stood before them with a look of both shock and anger as he spoke aloud, “You’re telling me you are not going to hunt down this terrorist!” One of the seated men looked at him and spoke aloud, “I’m sorry but this council cannot take a chance of you destroying a space colony or a starship filled with innocent civilians!” Michael looked at him as he pointed to himself and yelled, “That’s not me!” A council member stood up before Michael (as if he is the leader of the council) and spoke, “We have received a follow-up message from Lord Serenity, before you arrived, that he is indeed you, but from the future.” Michael looked at him confused and asked, “Wait, how is that possible?” The same council member replied, “He said he had in his possession a time machine that he acquired from one of the civilizations he conquered in the future and was just able to use it just to get here.” Michael pointed at them and asked, “Did he show you this device?” One of the female council members spoke, “He transported some of the remains to our science division and they confirmed his story. This gives us more of a reason that we must do as he wishes and not trust you!” Michael looked at her as if she’s crazy and yelped, “ARE YOU NUTS! Listen you yourselves!” He pointed at all of them as he still looked shocked and continued, “From the way you are speaking you are giving in to terrorism! You can’t just let this maniac do whatever he tells you and allow him to get away with it!” The lead council member spoke aloud, “This is not open for discussion! From now on Mr. Valkyrie, you and your wife are hereby discharged from Zhargosia Space Command and you and your family will be monitored by the Zharg Advanced Security Bureau at all times till further notice!” Michael looked angry and yelled, “WHY ARE YOU TREATING US LIKE CRIMINALS? HE IS THE ENEMY, NOT US! AND I SURE AS HELL WILL NEVER BE LIKE HIM!” One of the council members jumped up and yelped, “HE IS YOU IN THE FUTURE AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU WILL BE HIM!” The lead council member raised his hand to calm him and the others down before he spoke calmly, “That is what we agreed on. As I said before, the decision has been made and will not be altered.” Michael spoke angrily, “So you decided because he is my demented future self and threatens to destroy any space station or ship you are going to let him run the republic, ruin me and my families reputation and lives?” The lead council member spoke confidently, “Yes Mr. Valkyrie, that is our decision.” Michael then screamed in anger, “THEN YOU ARE COWARDS! Any other planet or government will take the risk and do anything to stop this madman and not be a bunch of cowards like you!” The council gasped in shock and the lead council member spoke aloud, “Mr. Valkyrie, normal people do not take risks unless they are terrorists, criminals or war mongers!” He then pointed at Michael and yelled, “Based on the way you talk, you and your family are a threat to our society! If anyone speaks about you or your family in a positive light will be considered terrorists as well and must be killed on site! Including those that considered giving you aid!” Michael screamed, “LISTEN TO YOURSELVES! YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE!” The same council member yelled in both fear and anger, “GUARDS ARREST THE TERRORIST! ARREST HIM AND HIS FAMILY NOW!” Four men and women in orange body armor bursted through the two tall, large doors into the room and stepped right through Lord Valkyrie and approached Michael, only as they grabbed him they grasped thin air as the image of Michael fluxed before them. The guards and the council looked on in shock as Michael continued to look at them angrily and spoke, “Fools.” And his image disappeared. The lead council member yelled out, “FIND THEM! He, his wife and his children must be arrested at once! They cannot be far!” Lord Valkyrie continued to watch on as the guards charged past him and out of the room till the scenery changed again.

Michael Valkyrie stood tense as the scenery changed to show the bridge of a large shuttle (about the size of two houses) with two pilot seats and one large console that formed a U shape with three large windows covering each side and Michael looked furious as he sat in the pilot seat while Chloe remained as the co-pilot, all the while she looked at him with an intense expression, and she asked, “Are they going to do anything?” Michael slammed his right fist on the console (creating a small dent) as he yelled, “IDIOTS!” Chloe turned away and minded her own work station and said, “Guess not.” Michael breathed heavily for a moment (as he tried to calm himself down) and asked, “Are the children safe?” Chloe turned back and caressed his clinched right hand and replied, “They are my love. I have them in our room and they are taking a nap.” She then kissed him on the cheek and his right fist relaxed and Chloe asked, “What are we going to do now?” Michael replied somberly, “First we need to leave Zhargosia space, then purchase food and water for our journey.” Chloe looked confused and asked, “Journey for what?” Michael gazed firmly at the forward viewer, showing the star filled space before them, and replied, “Lord Serenity.” Chloe looked at him confidently and asked, “And what are we going to do about him?” Michael looked at her with growing anger and replied firmly, “Track him, find him and kill him......badly.” Lord Valkyrie stood at the back entrance of the small bridge as he looked on at the conversation and made an acknowledging grunt before the bridge around him turned into a swirling mist. In the mist he saw moving images of the ship he and his family was on, traveling to a makeshift trade port station and himself moving about from store to store on the station gathering food, clothing and accessing various computer terminals before seeing his ship again flying from station and station repeating the same method but at various looking shops while also showing Chloe playing or being around with his children more often than he as Chloe looked up at Michael (as he either leaves abruptly or as if something grabs his immediate attention) either hurt or encouraging. Lord Valkyrie reached out slowly with his right gloved hand to Chloe’s sweet smiling face (as she was looking up to Michael’s direction as he left abruptly again) and is about to touch it when all of a sudden her face disappeared into the mist and the mist dissipated to show the inside of a large, dark, ballroom size room with a black throne in the middle, an overhead glass ceiling showing space above and a large circle viewing window in front showing a desert planet before it.

Just as the room appeared, Michael was thrown and slammed his back against the back of the throne before falling on his rear with blood running down his lips as both of his cheeks look red as if someone slapped him hard. Michael whipped the blood off as he looked at his hand, smirked and looked up to see Lord Serenity standing over him and said, “Looks like this is going to be harder than I thought.” Lord Serenity (untouched) looked down at him as he smirked and said, “It would be impossible Michael. I know myself very well.” He grabbed Michael by both collars and yanked him up, only for Michael to place both his feet on Serenity’s legs, vaulted himself as he flipped backwards and landed on his feet on the other side of the throne. In a blink of and eye, Serenity tripped Michael, flipped him over and locked his right arm and legs behind him as Serenity pulled trying to break Michael’s back. Michael grunted and growled as he struggled to break from his grip when suddenly, using all his body force, he flipped Serenity over and slammed his back onto the deck and then tried to lock his arm and legs as Serenity did to him when Serenity easily slipped beneath him, flipped in the air and kicked Michael’s back sending Michael sprawling onto the deck. Serenity smiled and said, “Come on, you can do better than that.” As Michael tried to get up Serenity tried to punch him in the back only that Michael immediately turned around and grabbed his fist and began to squeeze as Michael cringed in anger. Serenity smiled and continued to smile as Michael squeezed and said, “Good, very good. But, I was weak at this age in my life.” He then pulled his fist away, ripping it out of Michael’s grasp, and made a roundhouse kick only for Michael to block it with his right forearm. Just as Michael blocked it, Serenity flipped in the air (over Michael’s right forearm) and made a sideways figure eight as he tried to make a roundhouse kick with his right foot and kicked Michael across the face, knocking him onto the deck. Serenity laughed and yelled, “See! I know all of my moves!” When Michael got back up Serenity made another roundhouse kick to surprise him only for Michael to grab his foot and twist his leg. Unfortunately Serenity counteracted the move by making another figure eight but Michael knocked his foot away and charged forward and grabbed Serenity by the collar, only for Serenity to grab him in a bear hug and tried to snap his back. Michael immediately yanked his body back and slammed onto the deck forcing Serenity’s grasp to loosen and then he grabbed Serenity’s throat with both hands and squeezed only for Serenity to smirk and rasp, “This could take awhile.” Michael glared at him in anger and replied, “It will.” And he head butted Serenity in the face making him fly back as he yelped in pain and blood from his nose flying into the air.

Lord Serenity whipped his nose before drawing his black sword and he said, “Let’s settle this the old fashion way.” Michael reached behind his back and forced his hand underneath his black leather uniform and pulled out a hilt of a sword as it formed into a whole as he drew it before him and he replied angrily, “Gladly.” And they both yelled in anger as they crossed swords. Lord Valkyrie watched as himself and Lord Serenity had a sword fight and moved around and back and forth around the throne room both attacking and blocking each others swords but it continued on as a stalemate as they are both himself in the past and future and knew each others moves till all of a sudden Lord Serenity kicked Michael in the mid-section and threw him off his feet and landed on his back. Suddenly Lord Serenity screamed as he raised his sword and brought it down on Michael, only for Michael to just block his sword with his own and they both grunted as they struggled pushing each other’s swords at each other. Unfortunately as it started Serenity pushed harder and his black sword began cutting through Michael’s as Michael looked with wide, shocked, eyes till suddenly the sword broke in half and the black blade came down and struck Michael deep into his right shoulder, sending blood oozing out and Michael cried out in pain. Serenity grabbed Michael by the collar and pulled him till his face is right in front of him and Serenity yelled, “YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT....” Suddenly Michael stabbed Serenity’s right eye (deep) with a large knife and Serenity screamed so loud that Michael cringed as his ears hurt. As Serenity was distracted by the pain and tried to grab the knife (more close to a sword), Michael kicked Serenity in the mid-section with both of his feet that Serenity flew back till he bounced off the wall and fell forward hard onto the deck. Serenity scrambled up and sat back up against the wall and in one motion he yanked the knife out of his right eye socket and skull with both hands and blood leaked out along what’s left of his eye till Serenity immediately covered where his right eye was with both hands and blood began seeping through his fingers. Michael grunted as he stood up and brushed himself off as he looked at Serenity’s anger/painful expression and said, “Now there won’t be any confusion of who’s who.” There was a sound of a woman screaming in anger and Michael turned right and saw Chloe with a samurai sword raised over her head as she fell towards Michael and Michael stepped back just in time as it made a deep gash from his right shoulder down to his right hip and he stumbled and fell onto his back as blood flew into the air and Chloe landed on her feet. Michael pinned his left arm along the deep gash on his right side, as he felt his right arm go completely numb, and he pulled himself up into a seated position against the wall. He coughed and blood spat from his mouth when a dark shadow casted over him and when he looked up he saw his wife, Chloe, standing over him with Serenity standing beside her with his right hand over where his right eye use to be. Michael started to have a hard time breathing, both from the wound and his shock of seeing his wife doing this to him and he gasped, “Chloe……why?” Chloe gave a simple laugh as she smirked and replied, “Isn’t it obvious. You care more about others and answer their call for help instead of caring more about your family and force them to help themselves.” Michael spat blood out again and said, “Chloe, I told you. Long time ago. This is what we signed up for. I even asked you. And you said yes. As long as we have each other. It doesn’t matter.” Chloe yelled, “That was then! Now we have children! And they cannot grow up without a mother and father!” Michael replied, “But we are not normal parents. We explained it to them and they both understand.” Chloe screamed, “THEY ONLY UNDERSTAND BECAUSE THEY ARE CHILDREN! THEY SHOULD BE TREATED WITH ROYALTY WITH ROYAL PARENTS LIKE US! WE DESERVE THAT! I DESERVE THAT!” Michael remained calm (even though he is bleeding out) and said, “Chloe. You are being selfish. That is not who we are. We are better than that.” Chloe replied, “We are better. That is why we must rule over Zhargosia. We formed their way of life and helped not just them but the United Star Systems with any problems they threw at us and that payment is long past due. And that payment is to rule them.” Michael asked, “What about democracy? Freedom?” Chloe laughed and Serenity began to look at her with admiration when she replied, “Democracy and freedom are meant for terrorists and pirates! People use them to talk ill and mock the leaders they appointed, only to be replaced with leaders that they talk ill and mock again. The only way to stop them is to rule over them and if they talk ill to us, then they will be dealt with as roaches like they are.” Michael said, “I’m sure our children will beg to differ.” Chloe smirked and said, “Oh they will. Or I, WE, will make them.” And she put her right arm and hand across Lord Serenity’s hip and held him close and allowed Lord Serenity to stroke her dark, golden hair as she rested her head on his left shoulder and relaxed her grip on her sword. Michael looked gloom and said, “I see. So you have chosen my future, dictatorship self over me.” Chloe replied, as if answering a question, “Yes, and I love him more than you.” And she turned and both she and Lord Serenity (removing his right hand from where his right eye was) kissed and Michael smirked and said, “Good for you, but there is just one small problem.” Without taking her eyes over Serenity, Chloe asked, “And what is that?” Michael replied, “You be mindful of your surroundings.” Chloe looked back at Michael only to see him grab her sword by the blade, yanked it from her hand (while also slicing his grabbing hand at the same time) and in one movement, he threw the sword just past the left side of her head and struck the main viewing window in the room. The blade remained wedged in the glass (now creating spider webbed cracks) and while Chloe and Serenity were distracted (for a moment) looking at the wedged sword, Michael pulled out a bloody small device with his left hand and pressed on the blood covered button. The ship began to shake and there were dull booming noises and Chloe instantly looked back and Michael, while Serenity looked around at the shaking room, and saw the device in his hand and yelled at him in anger, “You idiot! You will kill us all!” Michael smiled to reveal blood covering his teeth and Serenity went from being surprised to laughing and both Chloe and Michael looked at him and Chloe asked, “What’s so funny?” Serenity replied, “This. I knew it will come to this, but it happened sooner than I expected!” Serenity then pulled up his right forearm to his lips and said, “We are on our way.” Chloe looked puzzled and asked, “On our way where?” Serenity answered, “To my escape shuttle of course. I had it prepared and ready since I knew my old self will lose and when I do I would commit suicide and take down my opponent with me.” Both Serenity and Chloe laughed and continued as they looked down at Michael’s gloom expression (as the ship continued to shake) and they walked out without saying anymore words to Michael as they left him bleeding on the floor and Michael turned back to the main viewing window and watched as the planet before him got bigger and bigger and Michael did not say a word as both his evil future self and his wife left him and the ship fell towards the surface of the planet (as the ship fell apart around him) till suddenly everything went black.

There was a soft beeping sound and a small blinking red light and suddenly the darkness vanished to reveal that he is back in the meditation room with Captain Cruz standing over him as she spoke, “My Lord, I am sorry to disturb you but we have a situation that requires your full attention.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Explain Captain Cruz.” Captain Cruz replied, “One of our cruisers found the ship we used to arrive here and gave to Gala to find her home world. It is empty.” Lord Valkyrie remained seated and asked calmly, “Anything on where she might be and if her contact to her people was successful?” Captain Cruz replied, “According to the ship’s logs she is able to reach her home world, but...” Lord Valkyrie continued staring at her with his snake eyes and asked, “But what captain?” Captain Cruz replied, “She has been taken into custody by her own people for allying with us and having a relationship with someone that is not part of her species.” Lord Valkyrie stood up and began walking out of the room as he asked, “Do you have the coordinates of her home world?” Captain Cruz followed closely behind and replied, “Yes sir, and I have the best troopers assigned for security detail or combat.” They exited the room and into a dark grey hallway with various astromech and protocol droids moving about as Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent captain.” Captain Cruz said, “I have the shuttle waiting outside for transport my lord.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Very good captain.” They entered one of the turbo lifts and before Lord Valkyrie could give the order, Captain Cruz pressed a button that read “Bridge” and Lord Valkyrie said, “Order the captain of the Triton to go to warp immediately.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” And she pulled out a small communications device and began relaying Lord Valkyrie’s order. The space cruiser came about and moved out of orbit before it stretched, like a rubber band, and disappeared.

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