Wayward Child

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Expect The Unexpected

Cora was startled awake by the sound of a muffled boom and the ground shaking. Noah grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. “We need to go. Now.” She blinked and a moment later, they were standing in a field of dead plants and overgrown brush. She felt Noah grip her hand so tight, she winced. When she followed his gaze, her mouth fell open. Where the house once stood, there was nothing more than charred ground. Noah stood frozen in shock. She heard the sound of helicopters coming closer and could hear men barking orders. “Noah. It’s not safe here.” No response. When she tried to release his grip, she found he couldn’t. “Relax, it will be over in a moment.” Cora heard a voice purr. Then blackness.

The Kzinti lay the couple on a bed in their own room. He reported to his superior that the rescue was successful. When the Pleiadean and his obviously human mate woke, they would need to be briefed and then would be expected to move on quickly. The Kzinti were needed in the upcoming battle and did not have the time to coddle the newcomers to the galactic neighborhood. If the Kzinti or any of his kin felt they couldn’t handle their assigned tasks, then they would simply be memory wiped and put someplace safe. His race respected the Pleiadeans, however, the one they rescued was a cub compared to the rest of his kind. He had no idea what he was doing or how he would go about accomplishing his mission. And to drag a human into the mix, especially a female. He hissed. That was suicide. From what he could smell, they had been together just before they had been rescued. The fact that the human female was still alive, was a testament to her ability to adapt. She must be one of the Starseeds that his superiors had spoken of. While they knew that Starseeds inhabited many parts of the galaxy, the ones one Terra were only now beginning to understand their part in the Ascension process. They still had a long way to go.

Cora woke up and sighed in relief when she found herself lying next to Noah. He was still unconscious. She saw a tear fall from his eye. As she gently wiped it away, she remembered what they had seen when they finally exited where ever it was they had been. Her heart ached. Noah had been in shock. He had lost everything he had ever known. What would happen now? She looked around the room they were in expecting to be in a military base, having been captured by the military. Instead they were in a room with a bed and a desk. She found her clothes hanging in a cabinet next to Noah’s and got dressed. When she tried the door, it was unlocked. They weren’t prisoners apparently. She took a breathe and opened the door. She backed up when she saw a nearly six foot tall cat standing in front of her. He was holding a tray of food. He seemed undaunted by her reaction. “Do you mind?” Cora blinked. He could speak. She found her words. “Yes, of course. I’m sorry.” She backed out of his way and he set the tray down on the desk. “My name is Feth. I’m your escort while your with us.” Cora nodded. “Okay.” Cora watched him for a moment. “May I?” Cora asked him. “May you what?” He answered curtly. Cora started to reach for his ears wanted to scratch behind them. Noah grabbed her hand gently and held it before bowing low in front of him. “I’m sorry for my companions show of disrespect, she knows nothing of your customs.” Feth rolled his eyes. “Humans.” He turned to leave. “You’ll be summoned when the Patriarch is ready to meet you.” With that he left shutting the door behind him. Cora turned to Noah with a big smile on her face. “What was that?” “You mean who? They are called the Kzinti.” Noah took the tray and motioned for Cora to sit next to him on the bed. The tray had bread, fruit and cheese. There were also two glasses of a liquid. Cora watched Noah take a sip and nod his head. “Not too bad. Its a type of juice.” He handed it to Cora to try. She took a sip. Her eyes lit up. It was like a mixture of different flavors. She had never tasted anything like it before. “Noah. Are you alright?” He put his arm around her and held her close. “I’ll be fine. Trust me.” “But what about your mom?” Cora asked. Noah took a breath. And then kissed Cora before returning his attention to their food. If he was grieving, he was doing it in his own way. “We should eat.” He told her. “We’ll need our strength.” Cora nodded and together they ate everything. There was a knock on the door a few minutes later. “Come in.” Noah called. Feth opened the door and walked over to take their tray. “The Patriarch is ready to see you. Due to your inexperience, he has agreed to an informal meeting. Please be on your best behavior. Keep the female silent, if you value your lives.” Cora glared for a moment. Noah took her hand and squeezed it gently. She relaxed and Noah bowed again. “Thank the Patriarch for his generosity and understanding on our behalf.” Feth hissed. “Follow me.” He ordered and Noah and Cora fell into step behind him. Cora was in awe and thankfully silent and they followed their guide down the corridors. They seem to go on forever. They appeared to be underground. There were no familiar landmarks. No open areas where the sky could be seen. And yet in many of the rooms, there was flora and fauna, gardens, even wildlife. It was as though they were in a whole other world. Or rather a mixture of different types of worlds had been thrown in together. When they would pass other Kzinti, the women and men had obvious differences. The women were shorter than the males and like human women they had breasts of various sizes and shapes. When Cora turned to see if they had tails, Noah gently squeezed her hand signaling her to look straight ahead. She heard other Kzinti hiss. The males most likely. Cora may be traditional, but even she found men controlling their women to be uncomfortable. She felt a tickle in her mind. “Cora, it’s their custom. One of many you and your fellows humans will have to become accustomed to as you acquaint yourselves with the other races in the galaxy. Believe me, Patriarchal ideals are more common than you realize.” Feth stopped in front of an open door and motioned them inside. Cora followed Noah as he walked into the room. The Patriarch was seven to eight feet tall. He sat on an actual throne. He was yellow with prominent white stripes all along his body. When Noah stopped and bowed, Cora imitated him. “Pleiadean, we are meeting informally if you recall. Otherwise, your mate would be on her knees in my presence.” Cora tensed again. “Don’t bare your fangs at me, human. Relax and take a seat.” The Patriarch motioned at a comfortable looking cushion. Noah nodded, “Thank you, Patriarch, for your generosity and patience.” “Save it. I only rescued you because I owed your father a favor. I was given instructions to retrieve you and send you on your way once the coast was clear. One of our allies will meet you at our destination and take you where you need to go. You know your mission, I assume?” “I believe so.” Noah replied. The Patriarch laughed. “Your confidence is overwhelming, cub.” He handed a tablet to Noah. Noah began to read it. At first he didn’t recognize the language, but then after a few seconds it seemed familiar to him.

The Majestic Twelve still live, but are at the same time dying. They seek the Prince. He knows their secrets. When two become one, their powers will overwhelm the darkness. His soulmate holds the key to ensuring victory.

Cora only saw scribblings on the tablet. Noah looked so serious. She sensed confusion. Noah handed the tablet back to the Patriarch. He seemed to notice Noah’s expression. “The mission will become clearer as you progress. You will meet allies such as myself who will help you along the way. A Hero’s victory to you.” With that Noah and Cora were knocked unconscious. When they woke up, they found themselves back in the field behind where Noah’s house once stood. Noah helped Cora to her feet and they made their way to Cora’s house. Cora opened her front door and found her home is shambles. Her appliances ripped apart, books, her movie collection, her electronics, all completely destroyed. She ran to her spare room and found the photos of her children that hung on the walls had been used as target practice. An obvious warning. Cora fell to her knees and began to cry. Noah knelt beside her and held her. Anger building in him. After a moment, Cora stood up. “Maybe they didn’t find all of them.” She went outside and opened up a grate in the yard. Inside was a lock box. When she opened it she found copies of the destroyed photos intact. Cora breathed a sigh of relief. She pulled out her children’s baby books. These things were irreplaceable. She put everything back and closed the grate. “Thank goodness. I’m alright now.” She got back to her feet and brushed off her pant legs. “Now what?” “I never thought you’d ask?” Noah recognized that voice. “Jennings.” He calls out. “Of course.” A man walked towards Noah and they shook hands. He wore a leather coat and on it were patches for the Marines. A veteran. Cora smiled. Jennings shook Cora’s hand as well. “Where we go one...” He tells her. “We go all.” She finished. “A fellow soldier. Glad to be of service.” He turned back to Noah. “Looks like you rattled the hornets nest. This is the biggest fight we’ve seen in a while.” Noah smiled. “We best be on our way, we’re on a timeline.” He led them to a huge 4x4 pickup. Noah took Cora’s hand and helped her into the passenger seat. Once she slid over, he sat next to her. Jennings jumped into the drivers seat. “Don’t worry little lady.” He tells her. “I only bite when the mood strikes.” Cora blushed making Jennings bust out laughing. Noah only needed to glare at him and he stopped. Suddenly he noticed ring on Cora’s finger and made the connection. “Oh, sorry about that, maam. I never thought a woman would ever tie Noah down. Will wonders never cease.” They drove out of town and began the journey. Jennings seemed to know where they were going and before long Cora had fallen asleep in Noah’s arms. The comrades caught up on each other’s lives.

At some point Noah fell asleep as well. The trip seemed to take forever. Jennings watched his charges for a moment before pushing a hidden button. His truck lurched forward. Jennings closed his eyes and took a breath. He hated this part. As suddenly as the truck shot off, it stopped. He looked over and neither of them had roused. He opened his door. “General.” A young soldier saluted smartly. Jennings saluted. “Get some quarters set up for them. They’ll need to get some decent rest before they are a debriefed.” “Yes, sir.” The soldier turned and left. Jennings watched as his men moved his friend and his mate.

When Cora woke, she found herself in a clean set of clothes. She blushed. Someone had to have changed her while sleeping. Noah was sleeping beside her. Cora sighed and curled up next to him and closed her eyes again. Noah wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. Noah felt safe. He hadn’t realized that his friend had gone up in rank. He could sense the tension and excitement from the soldiers. They were gearing up. And yet Noah could sense something dark. Something was going to happen. He hated not knowing what was going to happen. He was still getting used to the gifts that were released to him. He closed his eyes and took a breath. He allowed his mind to reach out. He felt Cora take his hand and suddenly it was as though a wave crashed into him. “Noah.” He heard her voice in his mind. He could feel a flash of shock and then understanding. After a moment he felt Cora relax. She had initiated a link between them just by taking his hand. His father had been right. Their connection was even stronger than before. He felt his manhood harden with the connection as well and heard Cora gasp. He rolled to his side and looked at her. She was blushing and he could feel the heat coming off of her body. She was demanding his attention. They undressed quickly and he wasted no time shoving his manhood into her soaking wet slit. “Fuck me.” He heard her say. He began slowly teasing her. But after a few minutes, his body screamed for release as well. He grabbed her ass and proceeded to ravage her womanhood. Fucking her hard, deep and fast. He could hear her breath catch, feel her nails dig into him. Not enough yet. He closed his eyes and opened his mind further. He imagined the two of them as beasts, not caring what type. He would give her what she craved. When he heard her cry out and drag her nails along his back drawing blood, he knew he had found what he was looking for. He flipped her over and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. She braced her hands against the wall and backed herself into him. “Yes, fuck me, Noah. Please. More.” He grabbed her and fucked her even harder, if that were possible. He found surprisingly it was. He closed his eyes, there was nothing stopping him. This would be a test for her. One he knew she would pass. He plowed into her. Her screams of ecstacy feeding the frenzy. “Don’t stop, Don’t stop.” She begged him between ragged breaths. He could feel her whole body respond to him. Even her cells cried out for more. He held her tight and let go. Time seemed to stop. All that existed was the woman he loved. She was insatiable. When they both came at the same time, it was as though the universe exploded in endless light. His manhood spent, he fell beside her. She was exhausted he could tell, sweat glistening over her entire body. Her hair wet and sticking to her back. How long had they? He reached over and grabbed his watch. He blinked. Twenty four hours. And yet his mind had led him to believe it had only been moments. He watched her carefully. Her breathing was even, she was content. He got up and took a shower in the bathroom that was provided. Once he was finished, he gave Cora a thorough sponge bath. Almost too thorough as she began to moan and he found himself fingerfucking her again. She came splendidly. He buried his face in her mound of flesh sucking the juices eagerly that escaped. He beat her clit with his tongue until she came again. He continued until she let him know she had had enough. He brushed a finger over her swollen, red clit as a tease before she rolled over and denied him access. He lay next to her again and put his arm over her before falling back to sleep. Her mind had definitely grown. Her body and mind adapting and changing to accommodate him. As he became more powerful, so would she. And they would have to learn together what exactly that meant. He knew what his abilities were, but not how to use them. He guessed they would need to learn quickly if what he sensed was true. It wouldn’t be too much longer.

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