Wayward Child

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When Cora woke again, she found Noah gone. For a moment, she felt panic but heard Noah’s voice and felt his calmness wash over her. “I’m getting us something decent to eat and getting our clothes back from acquisitions. I’ll be back soon.” Cora sighed and lay back down. This whole telepathy thing was still so new to her. She felt an overwhelming love coming from Noah that matched her own. For a moment, it brought tears to her eyes from the intensity of it. Is this what unconditional love feels like? She groaned then as she began to feel the aches and pains. Her body was so sore. She got up and decided to take a shower. As the hot water rained down on her, she felt her body relax some and the the pain eased as well. Cora couldn’t help but blush again. Her sexual appetite had already been insatiable before she had ever met Noah. It had always frustrated her. After having been alone for so long during the time she raised her children, it felt wonderful to be with someone again. Feeling a man’s strong arms envelop her as she slept. Hearing the sound of his breathing as he slept beside her. Feeling his manhood grow along her back as he became aroused just by be naked next to her. Cora felt her heart begin to pound, a new ache forming. Cora shook her head. She couldn’t keep doing this. Surely it was as distracting to Noah as it was to her. Cora turned off the water and climbed out grabbing a towel. When she dried herself off, she found Noah waiting for her with the clothes she had arrived in. His eyes were dark with lust again. She could see his manhood standing at attention. They were never going to leave the room if this kept up. Noah only had to look at her and she knew what he wanted her to do. She bent over the side of the bed inviting him to take her again. All aches forgotten. Noah smirked and dropped to his knees. He kissed her still wet ass. He smiled at her gasp as he shoved four fingers into her and began pounding her. In no time her juices gushed onto the floor. He kept going until the flow slowed to a few drops. He teased her by burying his face in her wetness. Her juices were so sweet to him. She came again. He could hear her breathing get heavier. His cock was screaming for its own release. Cora yelped when he shoved his raging member into her ready pussy. She could feel him throb as he prepared to cum again. She bucked into him at the right moment, her pussy walls holding him fast. Noah felt her pussy walls vibrate in waves over his cock as he came. He turned her around and kissed her deep as a thank you for humoring him. Cora put her hands on his chest. “Noah, we can’t keep doing this forever. I’m sure your friends had work for you to do.” As much as her body wanted to say fuck it to the world and never stop, her mind knew they had a job to do. Noah took a deep breath. She was right of course. He was fighting his instincts on so many levels. He had an insane drive to bed Cora until he was satisfied his seed had taken. A knock on the door redirected his thoughts. “Noah. If you’re about finished, the two of you are needed in the main conference room for a situation briefing.” His friends voice called through the intercom. Noah chuckled. Cora had dressed. Noah pulled up and fastened his pants. “We’ll be right out.” He responded. They smiled at each other knowingly. Their mess would be gone by the time they came back to their room they knew. Cora couldn’t help but giggle. She felt sorry for the grunt who had to clean up their mess.

When they opened the door, another officer motioned for them to follow him. They made their way into a large conference room. Cora could see only a small group of men in uniform. She was surprised to see some non human officers in attendance as well. She looked at Noah. He only nodded. Jennings rushed up to Noah. “Nice to see you come up for air.” He said with a smirk. He nodded at Cora. She smiled. “We received some information that may interest you.” His smile faded as he continued to read the pad he held. Cora felt a sense of dread in her stomach. It couldn’t be. Noah looked at her for a moment, a sad look. “I thought he was staying with his friends in Alaska.” Cora’s voice was a whisper. Jennings looked confused for a moment. “Bowen is her son.” Noah informed him. Realization hit his friend. “We were only just informed that the reptilians had kidnapped a civilian. I had no idea...” Bowen had only moved out a week before Cora had met Noah. He and his best friend had bought a new home in Alaska and had planned on being roommates. It turned out, both he and his best friend had never made it to their destination. They found his best friend dead with a single gun shot to the head only miles from Cora’s home. The vehicle and body had been moved and had only been discovered when the city discovered a blockage in the sewer system. Bowen’s belongings were still inside the vehicle, but he was nowhere to be found. Cora felt her legs began to shake. Noah put his arm around her as Jennings brought a chair so she could sit down. Noah could feel the panic and anxiety. The intense feelings took his breath away. “Cora, look at me.” Cora did as he asked. “Take a deep breath.” Cora did so. “I want you to close your eyes and picture your son in your mind.” Cora did so. “Now open your mind and see where it leads you.” Cora took another breath. She could feel an electricity move through her body, from her feet, up her legs. Almost like static electricity. She shivered. When the sensation finished its journey, she could sense her son. He was angry, in pain and scared. Noah watched a tear fall from Cora’s eye. “He’s alive.” Noah smiled. He could feel the relief flood through her. Cora felt a chill suddenly. So cold. She heard a hiss and gasped breaking the connection. Noah knew she had only been able to connect to her son because of her maternal instincts. She had always possessed psychic ability. Being with him had only heightened her senses. “Someone was there with him. All I could feel was cold. And I heard a hiss.” The feelings were overwhelming. Noah could feel it. He saw her shoulders begin to shake as she cried. All he could do is hold her. Jennings only watched with a mixture of shock and sympathy. “I’ll give you guys a few minutes.” He walked away and began talking to a group of men. Noah watched. He knew his friend was telling them what he had just witnessed. He sighed. He knew what they would expect of him and now of Cora. “Cora, I need you to know. I used to work with these men. For more than 20 years. What they are going to ask of you is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. It won’t be easy and the work will be exhausting.” He hated this. The military had no problem using an asset to the fullest extent. He had had years of training to prepare for what they had done to him. They had tested him and had discerned that he had above average abilities mentally. It made more sense now why, of course. But Cora was a civilian. Surely they didn’t expect the same level of use from her. The stone cold look on the four star General that approached him made Noah take a protective stance next to Cora. Jennings looked at his friend and nodded looking genuinely distressed. Cora’s crying had ceased. She looked lost for a moment. When she saw the General, she tensed. Noah took her hand and squeezed it gently, reassuring her of his presence. Granting him some of her strength. “Maam,” The General began. “It has been brought to my attention that you have been blessed with psychic abilities.” He said it so matter of factly. Cora could sense something else. A prior knowledge. The General nodded seeming to read her mind on his own. “You’ll be provided with all the documentation as soon as the briefing is over. We’ve known about you since before you were conceieved. Due to our current situation, I’m not going to go down memory lane with you. The fact is, your abilities will lead us to our enemies. That was the whole reason you were brought here.” Cora could only nod. The shock wouldn’t allow her to do anything else in that moment. She thought back on her family history. Her mother’s redacted birth certificate. Her being born in a military hospital. Slowly the pieces began to fall into place. Noah watched Cora carefully. He could sense her gain strength and resolve. Finally she spoke, low calculating. “I may have been your lab rat, but you don’t have the right to order me around. I am happy to “loan” you my services. The General only smirked at her. “As you wish.” He motioned one the men. “Prepare her for Reconnaissance.” With that the man nodded and reached out for her. Cora glared at him and he took a step back. Cora looked at the General and gave him a smile of her own. Noah began to follow her but Jennings put his hand on his friends shoulder. He eyed his friend sternly. He knew how it worked. Noah took a deep breath. He could sense Cora’s flash of anger. That anger, he knew would only grow as she learned the truth. All he could do is be there for her. Be her sounding board, or her punching bag if it came to that. He knew deep down she had the strength to endure what was going to happen to her. Another General walked up and saluted Noah. “Sir, we have a briefing to finish, if you’ll follow me.” Noah nodded and followed the man. There was still work to be done. Battle plans that would run parallel to any information Cora provided. Jennings followed behind the men. When they sat down at the table, he sat next to his friend. He leaned over and whispered. “I’m sorry, Noah.” Noah nodded almost unperceptively. His friend had only been following orders. They had known about Cora this entire time. He thought back to when he had seen her birth. Had the General been there? He closed his eyes for a moment. Allowing the memory to play out like a movie in his head. As he watched, more details seemed to emerge. The woman in the midst of delivering her child was restrained. The baby was rolled into intensive care where the General waited. The child would not survive they had told him. The mother had gone into early labor and they had been unable to stop the contractions and ultimately the delivery. “If it dies, it dies.” He heard the General say. “We can impregnate the mother again if necessary and try again.” “Sir, She only just delivered.” A nurse exclaimed. The General only glared at her. The child’s father would be in the waiting room. When the General arrived, he could smell the liquor on the Staff Sergeant’s breath. All he did was nod. The soldier’s look turned to a sick excitement. The General led the man to his wife’s room. The man wasted no time jerking himself off as he approached the end of his wife’s hospital bed. He grabbed her legs, forcing them open and proceeded to rape her, not even caring that the General was there. The woman could only endure it. He could see the tears roll down her face. The soldier ravaged his wife like a common whore. When he had finished, he pulled up his pants, saluted to his superior and walked down the the hall, pulling out a cigarette as he went. The General would know soon enough if the next child was more suitable for their purposes.

“Noah,” He heard his name being whispered. Noah opened his eyes and found everyone looking at him. Jennings had kicked him trying to bring him out of whatever trance he had put himself into. “If you’re quite finished.” The General grunted. “We can begin.”

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