Wayward Child

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Mental Gymnastics

The General flung his desk chair against the wall. “That bitch.” He yelled out. He put his hands on the desk. Even under the influence of the serum, she was uncontrollable. He could feel the heat rise in is his body as he remembered her smirking at him. Then she had the audacity to pass out before giving him what he wanted. His superiors had become soft over the last decade. He had almost been demoted when an asset died during one of his sessions. He had been ordered to find another method. One that was less of an impact on the asset. He knew Cora was powerful. True he may have given her too high of a dose and that had resulted in her reaction. He would have to adjust the dose for the next session. This would require a serious balance. He had few options considering she was apparently immune to suggestion. He had read in her medical records that she was unable to undergo hypnosis. That complicated matters. That had led to his decision to use the serum in the first place. What would happen if she chose to simply not cooperate? He had no leverage to use against her save her son. And that couldn’t be used for long. Once her son was rescued, he would lose any power he had. As much as he hated the thought, he may actually need to use a more underhanded tactic to get what he wanted. Yes, they had to defeat the reptilians. But once that was done, he had no doubt he would either be forcibly retired or sent off planet to some backwards world and put in charge of a bunch of worthless grunts. The government as it existed now no longer needed his brand of leadership or his unique skillset. Sometimes worldwide peace was such a waste. He took a breath. A thought occurred to him. With a smile, he picked up the chair, neatly put it in its proper place.

Cora lay on the bed and continued to read a book she had found. It had gotten steamy quite quickly. Noah had been on duty for about six hours. Cora could feel her core ache. With a smirk, she lifted up her gown, closed her eyes, and opened her mind. She knew Noah would respond. She slid her hand down and began gently rubbing her clit. At the same time she imagined taking Noah’s cock into her mouth. She deep throated him first before slowly working her tongue around his shaft. She heard him moan in her mind. As she worked his cock in her mouth, she could feel his rod throb. She felt herself getting close herself. Cora slowed her breathing and slowly bobbed her head. She felt Noah cock stiffen. She knew he was close. She rubbed her own clit furiously building herself up to match. In her mind she allowed Noah to slowly fuck her mouth. When they both came, she held his cock tight in her throat and swallowed his juices eagerly. With a contented sigh, Cora rolled over and went to sleep. Noah would be back much sooner than he planned, no doubt.

When Cora opened her mind to him, Noah was genuinely curious. Did she need him? He closed his eyes and caught his breath as he felt her lips envelope his cock. He groaned as quietly as he could manage. Thankful he was alone at his post. As she continued, he had to brace himself on the railing of the watchtower balcony for support. She was a natural. He sighed as she began to suck his cock with a new intensity. He groaned again as she slowed her work on him. He could feel her orgasm building. He took control and began fucking her face. With a grunt and a sigh, he came. Wave after wave. He rolled his eyes. His pants were a mess. He deserved it he knew. Leaving Cora wanting more when he left her. He motioned to another guard as he walked by below. The man nodded. Noah hurried away from his post. He hoped he wasn’t stopped by anyone important on his way back to his room.

When Noah returned to his room and found the light out, he didn’t have the heart to wake Cora. She was sleeping peacefully. He chuckled to himself. After taking a shower, he climbed into bed next to her and fell asleep quickly.

When Noah woke the next morning and went to retrieve breakfast for Cora and himself, he ran into the General. Noah froze for a moment holding the trays of food. The General was smiling. “Noah,” He called out. Before Noah could respond, the General took one of the trays and held it for him. “Let me follow you back to your room. I need to apologize for my behavior. The stress of my position tends to bring out the worst in me.” Noah managed a small smile. “I was going to wake Cora up. I figured she should eat before you have another session with her.” The General actually laughed. “About that. We’ll talk about it over a shared breakfast.” The General snapped his fingers and an officer handed him a second tray. Noah raised an eyebrow. But motioned to the General to follow him. When they got to the room. Cora had already showered and dressed. She smiled when she saw Noah, but the smile disappeared at the sight of the General. Noah put the tray down and nodded to Cora. “It’s alright.” He told her telepathically. “I’m here with you.” Cora seemed to relax. After the three of them had made themselves comfortable, the General began. “Cora. I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier. It was wrong of me to try and force you to use an ability you have only just become accustomed to. I had been warned that you had not had the benefit of training, so this whole situation would be overwhelming for you. I’ve decided that you should be the one to set the pace.” Cora smiled. “Thank you. I appreciate it.” She purred. But her mind was reeling. What was his game here? Bad cop, good cop? She could feel her stomach tighten. He was telling the truth, but there was something else. He was giving up too easy. The General took a sip of his coffee. “I noticed that when you had your episode a few days ago, Noah was an asset. I believe I am going to have him take over the reconnaissance. Perhaps the two of you will be more successful in finding the information we need if you are left to your own devices.” He looked at Noah. “I will expect regular reports on your progress of course.” Noah nodded. “Yes, sir.” Noah caught the glint in the General’s eye. He felt Cora squeeze his hand. The General got to his feet. His meal finished. “With that, take all the time you need. Of course how quickly we are able to retrieve your son safely will be up to you.” He smiled. There it was. At least in part. Noah nodded and Cora smiled. The General flinched, just barely, but returned the smile and turned to walk out of the room. Noah got up and shut the door behind him. The look on Cora’s face matched what she said next. “What the hell was that?” Noah shook his head. “I didn’t sense any deception. He might have been reprimanded by his superiors after they saw the condition you were in.” Cora sighed. It was more than that and she knew it. But even with her emerging abilities she couldn’t quite place where the apprehension was coming from. “Let’s finish eating. The food is going to get cold.” Cora sighed. They sat back down and finished their meal in silence. Once they had finished, Noah picked up the trays and started to leave. “Noah?” He turned back to face her. “Can we get out of here for a while? I need a break from this place.” Noah smiled and nodded. “I’ll talk to Jennings.” “Thank you.” Cora told him. Noah smiled as he watched her stretch. His eyes drawn to her nipples pushing through her shirt. He groaned inwardly. Cora smiled. “It’s way too easy.” Noah rolled his eyes. “I’ll be back.”

When Noah returned, he was carrying a basket and a blanket. “How about a picnic. Jennings said we’ve been given permission to leave the compound. But only for a couple of hours.” Cora jumped to her feet. “That sounds amazing.” Jennings walked in behind Noah a moment later. “No hanky panky. You’ll have an escort.” He said with a smile.

The private continued to mop the floor as he watched the targets leave. He tapped his ear piece. “Sir. The targets have left the compound.” The General smiled to himself and clasped his hands together. “Affirmative.” He stated simply. Things were going to get interesting soon.

Jennings drove Noah and Cora to a state park about an hour away. They found a campground and spread out their faire on a picnic table. Cora took a deep breath. It was a beautiful day. The fresh air felt so good after being underground. She found a patch of grass and lay down. The coolness of the grass along with the warmth of the sun made Cora close her eyes. She listened to the singing of the birds, heard a woodpecker close by. She sighed. She missed her home. She missed her son. Cora closed her eyes for a moment. What if? She reached out with her mind and attempted to search for her son. She watched from above as the landscape rushed by underneath her. Winding roads, farmland, rows of trees rushed by. Suddenly she hit a wall. She could see beyond it, but she was unable to move past it. She could sense her son’s presence in the distance. Cora focused her mind and tried to force her hands through the barrier. Suddenly she heard a voice. “Cora!” She felt someone grab her ankle. Cora gasped and opened her eyes. Noah had a worried look on his face. Jennings face was pale. When Cora sat up, she felt dizzy. When she reached up to put her head in her hands. She felt something wet on her face. Noah helped her to her feet. “Cora, are you alright? You’re bleeding.” Cora walked towards Jennings truck and looked in the side mirror. She found that her nose was bleeding, as well as trails of blood running from both ears. Jennings grabbed a rag out of his truck and poured water from a canteen on it. He handed it to her. Cora cleaned herself up. “I tried to search for Bowen.” Noah took a breath. “What happened?” She asked. “Why did you grab me?” Noah looked at Jennings. “Your eyes were closed and I noticed you started bleeding. I panicked.” Cora sat down at the table and picked up one of the sandwiches. “I was floating in my mind and following where it led me. But I hit a barrier.” Noah raised an eyebrow, but remained silent so she could continue. “When I got to the barrier, I tried to focus my mind and put my hands through it, but I got really dizzy. Then I felt you grab me.” Jennings shook his head. “I’ve never seen anything like that.” Noah took Cora’s hand. “Cora, we need to work together. Doing this on your own can lead to this.” He pointed to the bloody rag. Cora nodded. “I’m sorry. I just really needed to know my son was okay. It was like I was being driven.” Noah understood. Cora’s abilities were beginning to grow faster than Noah had expected. “Sit down.” Cora sat on the seat of the picnic table. Noah took her hands and watched her. “Close your eyes and relax.” Cora did as he told her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Keep your mind clear.” Cora nodded. Jennings watched with genuine curiosity. Noah closed his eyes. “Think of your happiest moment with your son.” Cora took another breath. The happiest moment. Cora smiled. Her mind automatically going to the day her son was born. Holding him in her arms. “Now,” She heard Noah’s voice. “Let go. Your mind will automatically find him, but remain still. See him in your minds eye.” Cora took another breath she allowed the day of his birth to fade into the background. She felt a pull that made her gasp but felt Noah squeeze her hands tighter. Keeping her grounded. For a moment all she saw was darkness. Then, almost as if her eyes were adjusting to the light, she saw her son asleep on the floor. He was shivering. Dressed in a thin jumpsuit, his knees curled up in an attempt to keep warm. Noah saw the tears stream down Cora’s face. “Cora,” She heard his voice calm, reassuring. “Take another breath.” She did so. The intense emotions she was feeling eased some. “I need you to find the door to the room he’s in. We need to find where he is being held. Do you understand?” Cora nodded. She reached down and instinctively rubbed her son’s back before moving past him. She moved to the door and then through it. She committed the number of the cell to memory. She moved along the seemingly deserted hallways. The cool air and the moisture told her she was underground. She could hear men barking orders nearby so she slowed her movement. She turned a corner and saw a group of men in uniform. “Sir, the boy is no use to us. He does not have any useful information.” An officer stated. An older gentleman nodded in response. “The goal is not information, but acquisition.” He stated. The officer nodded. Not really understanding. The older man seemed to know that. “We are after someone of greater importance, and of an even greater value to our employer. Once we have him, this battle will be won almost immediately.” Cora watched another man walk in the room, but as she tried to focus on him, she couldn’t. He appeared to be phasing. Like a mirage. “You are being summoned, Colonel.” The older man nodded. “Cora,” She heard Noah whisper. “Focus on the task at hand.” Cora nodded. She took a breath and let go. Her body seemed to float off the ground and she found that she could fly as before. She focused her mind on the outside of the building and found herself outside. Beneath the same barrier she had attempted to enter on her own. She took mental picture of the location. She began to feel dizzy again and took another breath. “Good,” She heard Noah say. “Now, open your eyes, slowly.” When Cora did so, she felt a sensation in her stomach similar to what one would feel on a roller coaster. Her stomach turning, tickling. She couldn’t help but laugh. It was a sensation she loved. Noah watched her confused for a moment. “Are you alright?” He asked. “I’m fine. That was an awsome sensation. Like being on a carnival ride.” Noah smiled. “That’s how its supposed to feel. The sensation of falling you’re used to means lack of control. Before long, you won’t even notice it.” Cora told them everything she had seen and felt. The condition her son was in, the conversation she overheard. Jennings shook his head and checked the time. “We’d better head back.” Noah and Cora helped clean up their picnic before the three headed back to the compound.

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