Wayward Child

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Stranger Things

Bowen felt the cold of his surroundings again. His dreams only relieved him for a time. Sleep was his only escape. From where he had yet to figure out. He felt like he was in a waking nightmare. He and his best friends planned road trip seemed like a lifetime ago. His mind still struggled with all that had happened. Or had it? Every time he tried to think on things too hard, he would get a terrible migraine. Then he would spend hours puking before passing out and dreaming again. It was a vicious cycle. Bowen took a few deep breaths and sat up. He looked around. He sat in a room with rock walls and no doors or windows. In one corner he knew he would find a pool of clean water created by the constant trickle of water off the walls above. His toilet consisted of nothing more than a hole in the floor where he would squat and do his business. One would think they had travelled back in time and ended up in the middle ages. But the the metal bed with the straps told him that wasn’t the case. It seemed so out of place. It also scared the crap out of him. One would think that any bed would be good in his situation, but this one was different. Each time he would simply touch the bed he would begin having a panic attack. Bowen walked over to his water hole and leaned down to get a drink. The water was sweet and cold and he found himself closing his eyes in bliss. “Bowen.” He heard that voice again. The one from his dream. The only dream that helped him keep his sanity and strength. She had been there. His mom. She had rubbed his back just as she had when he was a young child and had wakened from a nightmare. “I am here.” Bowen took a deep breath. He was wired. He couldn’t sleep. So he did the only other thing he could think of. He walked around the room. If he walked enough, maybe he would become tired again and could sleep. His dream would be waiting for him then. He walked to the other side of the room and then fell over in a heap on the floor. Bowen grabbed his knees. He was gripped by a familiar and paralyzing fear. He squeezed his eyes shut and waited. They would come soon. They always did. He rocked himself and heard the familiar scraping sound of a door opening. Then the sound of hissing. He was frozen. These beings seemed to be able to control his movements. He felt himself be pulled to his feet then he watched as he was pulled toward the bed. He felt a tap on his shoulder, then blackness. When he woke again, he was strapped to the bed and watched as the tip of a needle came toward his eye. He opened his mouth to scream and found he couldn’t make a sound. The bed seemed to move to a sitting position and he saw a man in a military uniform approach him. “Help me.” He managed in a squeak. The man didn’t seem to hear him. He watched as he and another person spoke. As he tried to focus on the other being, he saw scales. “He knows nothing.” He heard the being hiss. The man nodded and actually smiled. “I already knew that. He’s the bait. His mother is not being very cooperative. We may need to tap into her mother instincts that much harder.” The being nodded his head. “We can tap into his childhood fears. This will illicit a greater response in both of them.” “Good.” The man stated. “I want her so desperate to save him that she has no choice but to leave the Prince behind.” The being nodded again. “You may push her too far. She is very powerful in her own right.” The man turned looked at the woman who stood at the door. “The Prince is our goal. Without her, he is nothing. A shell.” The man tells her simply. “And if they have had time to consummate their marriage? What then?” The woman asked. The man took a breath before daring to look directly at her. Her blonde hair was gone. Her scales covered in pockets of pus, her eyes bloodshot. Her breathing was raspy. In her weakened state, she had no business even being in the dungeon. “Madam, I will do what needs to be done. You need to rest. Your time here is short as it is. Your body weakens more every day. You’ve already lost your ability to hide your true form.” The woman chuckled. “I’m only assuring myself that you won’t fail. Leaving such an important task to someone of your caste disgusts me.” The man growled low careful not to let her get to him. “I’m going to retire.” He watched her as two more of their kind held each one of her arms and helped her walk away. How dare she accuse him of being incapable due to his caste. The bitch was rotting away before his very eyes. Only one other member was left of the twelve. He had watched each one of them rot away in their beds. Each one of them were angry that their task was incomplete. There were only twenty of the new breed left. With the help of the human military, they had managed to isolate the poison and produce a cure. This protected those that were left from their Masters trysts during their time here. This would do them no good against a powerful and possibly pissed off Pleiadean. Even one who had not realized his full potential. Either way, they had few options left to succeed in their mission. And they had to succeed. Or they to would die.

Bowen felt as though he needed to puke. When he did, there was a flurry of panic and the beings worried that he would aspirate the fluids into his lungs. The man punched him in the face and rolled him over allowing the puke to spew onto the floor. Maybe a change of scenery would help elevate the boys willingness to cooperate. It would certainly create a more realistic environment for what they had planned for him next. “Clean him up.” He barked at the other men in the room. “Prepare him for immersion.” The other beings saluted and did as ordered. He watched as the boy was drug away. He would be cleaned thoroughly and redressed. His wounds healed. He would set the main part of the trap. Even if the mother was as powerful as his Master believed her to be, he was still a more advanced species than she. No human would ever best him. He was of the Warrior Caste. His lineage being the mix of his Master and her strongest Warrior. It was he who had saved them and sent them to this godforsaken planet for a mission to save their race. What was left of it.

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