Wayward Child

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Happier Times

When Bowen woke again, he found himself in familiar surroundings. The smell of freshly made pancakes hit him first. When he went to put his feet over the bed, he found that his feet were smaller. He slid to the floor and carefully made his way to the bathroom. Surely not. He grabbed for the foot stool that sat next to the sink. After putting it in place he stood up on it and looked in the mirror. He was shocked to find himself looking into the face of his six year old self. This couldn't be happening. "Hey Bowen." He froze when his older brother walked into the bathroom and shut the door. He went to the toilet to relieve himself ignoring that his brother was there. "Boys," He heard his mom yell. "Breakfast is ready." Bowen stepped down from the stool, returned it to its proper place and ran out the door. "Hey!" He heard his brother yell behind him. He walked into the kitchen and ran right up to his mom hugging her. "Good morning, kiddo." She tells him. She hugged him back with one arm while she put the plate stacked with pancakes on the table with her other hand. Bowen still held onto her. Cora paused for a moment and got down on her knees to face her son. That's when she noticed the tears in his eyes. "Sweetheart. Are you alright? Did you have a bad dream last night? Bowen shook his head and wiped his eyes. "I just missed you, mommy." Cora smiled and picked her son up. Bowen put his arms around her neck and held her. Cora sat down and held him rocking him some. "I'll always be here, baby boy." She whispers. "You ready to eat?" Bowen nodded and slid out of his moms arms. His older brother patted the chair next to him and Bowen eagerly took his place. Even watching his mom cut up his pancakes threatened to make the tears start up again. He was so happy. He decided not to think about the strangeness of it. At least for a little while. He took a bite of his breakfast and closed his eyes. At least for now, everything seemed real. And compared to where he had been, this was heaven. Whatever their plans for him, he would enjoy the better moments despite them. These were simpler times. As a child, he would spend hours playing with his brother. Taking breaks to eat and sleep. When he finished his breakfast, he returned to his room and got dressed. As far as he could tell, he was simply occupying his younger self. His memories were intact. He had some impact on his surroundings apparently. Crying at the sight of his mother was proof of that. Considering who he was dealing with, he knew they had plans for him. He would need to find a way to thwart them. Not that a six year old could be much help. He couldn't let himself get lost in this obvious fabrication. As far as he was concerned, they had simply upgraded his accommodation's. What did they hope to gain from this?

The General watched his prisoner settle into his new reality. The fact that the young man responded to the sight of his mother so strongly told him this plan would work beautifully. While his prey may be strong, nothing can keep her instincts from kicking in. Millennia of evolution made sure of that. Next to love, a mother's instinct was the strongest bond to ever exist. He would make Cora come to him of her own will. The only question would be how long it would take. And how far they would need to push her son's mind to trigger a response from her. Once she was separated from the Prince, she would be easy enough to manipulate. She would do as she was told if it means the survival of her son. He chuckled. Humans were so weak. They had so many vulnerabilities to exploit. Though, Cora would be the first foe he had to face who was mated with a Pleiadean. This left some unknowns for him to contend with. He had done his research on each race separately. According to what he had found in the archives, a match between a Pleiadean and a human hadn't occurred since just before the Great Deluge thousands of years ago. The Watchers had lain with human women who then gave birth to Giants. This led to wars and forbidden knowledge being given to the human civilization. The Source saw fit to punish the guilty parties by destroying the earth and nearly all its inhabitants in order to correct their mistake.

Over time, the different races that existed in the galaxy resorted to abducting women and men in order to procreate and continue their lineage. In most cases, the hybrid children were kept by the alien races. In rare cases, the human parents of the children were abducted again in order to meet their offspring. This solved most of the problems regarding polluting the timeline the humans currently resided in.

The General put his hands behind his back and nodded to the technician before he turned to leave. He would need to make preparations for Cora's arrival. He would need to approach her in his true form lest his cover be blown. He was looking forward to seeing her reaction. She had a history of abductions and in that time had met many races. The only thing she knew of his race was the horror stories from other abductees. He would need to approach this delicately. Since the disclosure and the introduction of many races to humanity, humans had become complacent. Many of the races have convinced humans not to judge a race by the behaviors of the few that did cause harm. This would work in his favor. He would need to tread carefully considering the bond she had with her mate. The Prince would know something was amiss. There was still work to be done to ensure his success in this mission. One agonizing step at a time.

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