Wayward Child

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After returning to the base, Cora and Noah spoke with the General about what they had learned. He nodded his head and told them he needed to update his superiors about what they had learned. Cora found that her little excursion had a side effect: exhaustion. Noah took her back to their room so she could rest. The fact that she was tired didn't surprise him. She had shown extraordinary skill. He sat on the bed next to her, not wanting to leave. He watched her sleep, his heart aching. She was so strong. After a moment, he noticed a tear. He held her hand letting her know he was there. A knock on the door interrupted the quiet and Noah hurried to answer it. The General stood there with a smile. "We found the location." Noah nodded and followed the General outside closing the door as quietly as he could behind him.

Cora gasped as she tried to hold back tears. Her poor baby was being held by monsters. And she had know idea why. What possible reason could they have for taking her son? She had heard him crying for her. Cora allowed herself to cry. Her body shook as she sobbed silently. She hoped that Noah didn't sense it. She needed to be able to deal with some things on her own. Cora opened her eyes suddenly. She felt a familiar sensation. One that she had not felt in a long time. With the disclosure, there was no reason this should be happening. The feeling of panic rushed through her. Her heart began pounding out of control. She could sense that someone was in the room, but she didn't see anyone. "I'm not going to hurt you." She heard a voice say in her mind. Cora was confused. "You should be used to this form of communication considering your history." "Who are you?" Cora managed in barely a whisper. "A friend." The voice said simply. Cora felt the panic ease some and watched a figure come into view at the end of her bed. He looked like a human male and yet his face was oddly distorted. If she tried to focus on him, she found that she began to feel sick. She closed her eyes. "I am here to let you know that your son is safe. For now." Cora opened her eyes again. This time she saw a familiar figure. He was Reptilian. Cora started to move for the door. The Reptilian raised his scaly hand and Cora froze unable to move. She could almost see a smirk. "We have no interest in you personally." He says simply. "We are only interested in the Prince." Cora had a look of genuine confusion. The Reptilian was surprised. Did she not know? "I will give you the time and place soon. Bring him to us and your child will be returned to you." Cora could only glare at him. "Tell the Prince of our meeting and your child will suffer in ways you can never imagine." Cora said nothing. In the next second he was gone, and Cora woke to Noah opening the door his hands full as he carried in their dinner. Had she slept that long? Noah smiled at her as he set the tray down on the table. "Do you feel better?" He asked. Cora nodded. Was it simply a bad dream? Cora pulled back the covers and climbed out of bed. She suddenly felt very nervous and worse, Noah noticed. "Are you sure you're alright?" She could sense his concern and took a deep breath trying to push the nervousness aside. "I'm fine. I'm just still a little overwhelmed after what happened. Have you heard from the General?" Noah nodded as he took a bite of his meal. "He said they are going to try and triangulate the actual location. The shield is going to be bothersome." Cora sighed. She had such a strong urge to tell Noah about her strange dream. "Tell him." She heard a voice say. "No harm will be allowed to come to your son. You have no idea the power you possess." "Noah." Cora said in a whisper. Noah looked at her. Confused as first as to why she was whispering. When he looked where she was looking, he froze. A woman stood next to their bed. She looked eerily familiar. A second later another woman appeared next to her. Noah jumped to his feet, but the first woman raised a hand to calm him. "Don't be afraid." She told him simply. "It has been such a long time since I have had to assume this form. She was dressed in a long gown. Her white hair flowing freely and reaching the floor. Noah couldn't move as she moved towards him. She reached out and gently touched his cheek. "You have grown up so handsome, child. Much like your father." Noah felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the room. The woman smiled and turned to face Cora. "And you dear." Cora felt as though she needed to bow. The woman demanded respect just by her very presence. The woman leaned in and gave her a kiss on her cheek. "My son has found the other half of his soul." Cora blushed and looked at Noah. He was still in shock. The woman took her hand and Noah's and held them in hers. It hit Cora then. Prince. Noah was royalty. The woman smiled at Noah. "I will explain my presence here.

She did so but not so much in words as in flashes of memory and emotion. Cora fought the feelings of dizziness and nausea. She felt Noah grip her and help her sit down. "Mother." She heard him say simply. "I'm sorry, dear. I forgot that your mate is not used to our normal form of communication." Cora felt better almost instantly. Noah did not express surprise or eagerness at meeting his mother. He was solemn, quiet. Cora took his hand in hers. "It may be easier to try and explain." Noah sat down next to Cora and waited patiently. "What is your earliest memory?" She asked her son. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment. "I remember running from a woman who took care of me. I found my way into a room and saw pictures on a screen." He looked at Cora. "I saw you being born." Cora gasped. "I saw the doctors panic as they tried to help you. Then Father found me and explained what I was seeing. He called Cora a Starseed. I fell in love with her then, if that's even possible." His mother smiled. "It certainly is." Noah continued. "Father handed me back to the nanny and she took to me to a room for tutoring. Everything seemed fine until I had a sense of doom. I followed where the sense led me and my nanny had to run after me again. I found myself in a hallway and watched as someone stabbed my Father. I cried out. My next memories were waking up on a ship and being found by the Garren. After that the orphanage, and finding my new family." Cora could feel the tears well up in her eyes. Even if Noah wasn't openly expressing his feelings, she could feel his sadness, anger, and despair. "I'm sorry." He says to Cora. "It's alright, one of the downsides to being an empath." She dried her eyes. "Where were you?" Noah asked the woman. She nodded and took a breath before she answered. "Your father knew what was going to happen and sent me away. He refused to tell me why. I begged him to let me remain by his side. He told me I had a mission of my own to complete and that I would be separated from you only physically. I was allowed to watch you from afar but I could in no way intervene or make myself known to you. It was only recently that your father sent notice otherwise." Noah only nodded. She turned her attention to Cora. "I'm sorry about your son, dear. I was serious when I said you are more powerful than those we face. You have a natural ability we would call manifestation. You are able to will things into reality. The next time the Reptililian dares trespass, simply will that something happens to him." Cora looked confused. Wryn smiled patiently. "You've done it before. When you were in pain. In the midst of fear and anger. Cora thought for a moment. What she was describing seemed familiar. "I believe you used it on a very evil gentleman when you were younger." A flash of recognition. "I've only been able to use it when im in a highly emotional state." Cora tells her. "True, however, this was before you met my son." Wryn says simply. "Let's start with something easy. Think of something your craving. See it in your mind's eye. Smell it. Let your mouth water in anticipation." Cora did so. Wryn closed her eyes as well. Cora imagined a piece of chocolate, she remembered keeping a bag of chocolate in her freezer. She could see it. Soon she felt the cold as she saw herself open the freezer door, open the bag and take a piece. It was cold. Cora felt a tingling sensation, then "Open your eyes." She heard Wren say. Cora did so and in her hand was a wrapped piece of chocolate. She looked at Wryn in shock. Wryn laughed. "You are capable of so much, child. This is only the basics." Her aide tapped her shoulder and spoke for the first time. "My Lady, we must go." Wryn nodded. "My son, I'm afraid I must leave for now, but I will contact you again soon. Our struggle is almost over and you will have a decision to make that will be life changing for both of you." She hugged her son, then Cora. Then they were gone. Noah and Cora sat quietly for a while. After some time, Noah stood up and began to clean up the mess he had made due to his mother's entrance. "We'll need to get something else to eat." He says and starts to walk away. Cora grabbled his hand. "I'll go with you." Noah gave her a small smile and nodded. He was in a form of shock and she couldn't blame him. So much had happened over such a short period of time. They walked to the mess hall together and sat down with the other officers for a meal. Noah sighed. He had so many mixed emotions. He was happy to have met his mother and yet confused. He didn't know her. He was also in awe of Cora. Her abilities were beyond anything he had ever experienced. But even with those abilities he knew they had a monumental struggle ahead of them. He didn't want Cora to become overconfident in her new found abilities and end up getting hurt. Or losing what mattered most to her. Despite her trying to hide it from him, he had sensed the Reptilians presence when he appeared in her room. But by the time he had gotten to the room, he was gone.

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