Wayward Child

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Survival Course

The reprieve only lasted seven months however. Her father had been able to use his connections to convince the family therapist that the abuse was all caused by Cora and her uncontrollable behavior. Cora was the reason he drank, did drugs, molested her and her sister and even physically assaulted her brother. The courts and child protective services would fall for his lies and Cora found herself back in her father’s home. It was during this time that Cora had her second dream. The only difference was that the man was beating on a young girl she had become best friends with. Along with the dream, Cora and her siblings began to experience poltergeist activity in the home. On this occasion, Cora and her sister were sharing their bed. Both girls were to scared to sleep alone. There was a bag of trash sitting on her sister’s bedroom floor that had been left there after they had cleaned their rooms that day. The girls watched terrified as the bag of trash moved across the floor from her sisters room and stopped in front of the bed they were sleeping on. Their father became angry and threatened to punish them if they slept together again. A few more months would pass before the abuse would reach its peak. Cora’s father picked up a thirty two inch tv and threatened to kill her younger brother with it. This made both Cora’s siblings decide to move in with their mother in another state. At seventeen almost eighteen years of age, Cora was left alone with her father. Her father, a few months before Cora was to graduate high school decided to move out of the home and allowed her to stay. But not before clearing out all the food so that she would have to fend for herself. Cora thankfully had a part time job at school and so this did not deter her in the way he had hoped. Cora had her third dream about the strange man during this time. This time the difference was that he was beating on a woman Cora didn’t know. Even more eerie, was that when Cora went to see who his victim was, all she could see was long blonde hair and no face. The woman’s face was blank. Cora woke up with her heart pounding. She shook it off and spent the last few months focusing on school. She had signed up to go to a technical school that provided room, board and pay all free. A few weeks before graduation, she was introduced to an older women who was the leader of the local 4H club. She had offered Cora a place to stay after since she would not be going to the tech school for a few weeks after she graduated. Cora eagerly accepted. As she and another best friend rode to the 4H leader’s house, they talked excitedly about what plans they were going to make. The 4H leader pulled into her driveway. She had some supplies she needed to grab and she would be right out. Cora and her friend went back to their conversation for a moment until Cora felt this urge to look up. Cora’s friend watched as her face went pale. Cora was staring straight ahead. Standing on the porch was the man she had dreamt about. The dark hair, the mustache. Before Cora’s friend could ask what was wrong, Cora was gone at lightening speed. When Cora made it into the house, she found the man pounding on her 4H leader. Without a second thought, she grabbed him and threw him off of the woman and helped her to her feet. They hurried out of the house and went about their business. Cora didn’t fill her friend in until they were alone. She had told her friend about her life and everything she had experienced. When her friend realized that this was the man from her dream, she was amazed. A few days later, the 4H leader ended up in the hospital with chicken pox. At her age, this was a life threatening situation. She asked Cora and her friend to housesit and look after her horses. Cora eagerly agreed. The 4H leader warned Cora that if her boyfriend called, she was to tell him that she was sick and in her room. Cora understood. And call her boyfriend did. When Cora answered the phone, he was already angry. “Get the bitch on the phone.” He demanded. “No.” Cora told him simply. “She’s sick in bed.” She heard him growl. “I don’t give a fuck. If you don’t get her on the phone right now, I’m coming over and blowing your head off.” Cora laughed. “If you think you’ve got the balls.” He hung up immediately. Cora’s friend looked at her as if she was nuts. “Don’t worry.” Cora told her. “He won’t show.” After the 4H leader had gotten better and returned home, Cora had two days before she had to leave for school. Her best friends sister invited her to stay in their home and she would drive Cora to the school the day she was scheduled to arrive. Cora’s last night there, she and her friend were playing around on the floor. They were talking about what had happened with their 4H leader. Cora whispered to her friend. “I wish Gene would die of a heart attack.” They both laughed. Cora grabbed her chest and pretended to fall over and die. Writhing on the floor before playing dead. Suddenly, the phone rang and her friends sister answered it looking at Cora and shaking her head. After a moment, they heard the sister attempting to calm someone down. Apparently it was their 4H leader. Gene had been brought to the hospital. The doctor’s had just informed her that he had died of a severe heart attack. Cora and her friend waited not hearing what was being said. After hanging up the phone, her friend’s sister let them know what happened. Then turned to Cora and told her point blank, “Once I drop you off tomorrow, I never want to see you again.” Cora nodded feeling a chill and heart sink into her chest. She and her best friend would be separated it seemed. Beyond her going to school. During the trip, her friends sister refused to speak a word. When Cora arrived at the school, her friends sister stayed long enough to help her unload her belongings before nodding and leaving her there.

Cora gathered what she could carry on her own and made her way inside. After signing in and watching as her belonging were searched, another student helped her carry the rest of her things to the room where she would be staying. The room had two sets of bunkbeds and four footlockers. Cora sighed. The thought of having roommates, least of all three of them frustrated her. After she put her things away, she was required to go to orientation. It was during this time that she was taught the rules that were to be followed in the dorm. There were plenty of them. There was a common room where the tv, pay phone, and microwave could be found. There were two hallways on either side of the dorm. Each side had its own bathroom/showers that the girls were required to share. The girls were responsible for cleaning when they woke in the morning and again at before they went to bed. Before Cora could start her actual schooling. She and fifteen fellow students had to go through orientation so that they could choose what trades they would be most interested in. Cora had chosen Security, Building and Apartment Maintenance and Administrative Assistant. While waiting to begin her trades of choice, she was tested in her proficiency. She was at the expected level in all her subjects. Her reading level earned her a trophy. Cora made a single friend but only a few months later, her friend was forced to leave. Cora was saddened of course, but chose to focus on her studies. She was a model student, which tended to anger many of her fellow students. Even a counselor became angry at one point demanding to know why she was wasting her time. With her IQ she should have a full ride scholarship at a prestigious college. Cora simply shook her head and walked away. During her time there, all eight months, she met her future husband and became pregnant. This allowed the school to kick her out under a forced graduation. Cora had no other choice but to move in with her mother. Everything screamed at her that it was the worst thing she could do. But she had no choice. A few months later, she and her now husband moved into their first apartment. By that fall, Cora gave birth to her first child. A son. Within weeks of his birth, her father sent a card. Had it come from anyone else. It would have been adorable.

Cora ran to her room after reading the card her father had sent. Her husband shrugged at her mom and followed her. He found Cora curled up in a ball shaking and tears streamed down her face. Even after he had learned everything there was to know about Cora and her past, he had never seen her like this. As he lay next to her, he checked the time. Nine o’clock. It was early, but he decided it would be best to stay with her. “I wish my dad would experience the pain he causes me.” He heard her say. “I wish he would get into a car accident and suffer. Dying would be to good for him.” David shook his head. He listened as her breathing became regular. He fell asleep next to her. They were wakened by the ringing of the phone in the living room. Cora’s mom answered it. David walked into the living room when he heard her shock and concern. It was Cora’s uncle. Cora’s dad had been in a serious car accident and had extensive damage to his body. Multiple broken bones. He would survive, but he would end up needing serious therapy to get back to normal. David walked back into the room with Cora. His face was pale. “You’re a wish witch.” He whispered. Cora remained silent. David told her what had happened. He was shocked when she simply took a deep breath, smiled and fell asleep. She had proven to him that what she had told him about her past was true. Some years later they had two more children. During their last year of marriage, he would see another ability manifest itself. They had been driving down the main highway on there way to town when they began driving past a semi truck. Suddenly Cora yelled at him. “Get ahead of this truck.” Confused he did as he was told. As soon as they got ahead of the truck, one of the trailers tires blew causing the trailer to swing into their lane. Had they not gotten ahead of him, the trailer would have hit their vehicle. David gulped, took a breath and kept driving. Some time later, they decided to go on a much needed date to get a break from the children. As they drove the thirty miles to the larger town, listening to music, going thirty miles an hour, the car radio started cutting out. He and Cora looked at each other. Being sci fi fans, they knew what that meant. “No way.” They mouthed to each other. Suddenly the car simply stopped. No deceleration, it stopped instantly and died. After a few moments, they turned the car back on, laughed at the situation and kept driving. Sadly, their marriage would end in divorce not long after. Knowing her history, David chose to simply walk away. Leaving behind three boys to be raised by Cora alone. The little family was content and as the years passed, the boys grew into smart, able young men. Her eldest chose to join the military, her youngest decided to leave home and live with his father’s family. That left her middle child Bowen. He refused to leave his mother’s side. They had moved in with his paternal grandmother for a time to help with his ailing grandfather. But soon they moved on. They found a gentleman who needed someone to watch his property when he left during the day. He paid them four hundred dollars a week and provided them with free room and board as well. One night as Cora was trying to sleep, she heard multiple people having a conversation. She couldn’t understand what they were saying. Worried that they may be trespassers, she had her son run and get the owner. As soon as he had left, the whispers stopped. When her son and the owner checked where the voices were heard, they found no one. And no footprints. Cora joined them outside. Bowen pointed up to the sky and all three of them saw a ball of orange light darting back and forth. Suddenly three black ops helicopters began chasing after it. Followed soon by a fourth. Cora, Bowen, and their employer watched in amazement until the group went out of sight. Cora was excited. Bowen seemed somewhat shaken. Their employer simply shook his head and went back into his home to go to bed. Cora and her son talked about their experience for sometime before going to bed.

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