Wayward Child

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Noah woke up with a start. His heart pounding. He looked around his room before peeling the sheet off of his sweat soaked body. The same dream. He shook his head. He got up and jumped in the shower, letting the hot water wash over him. He sighed. He heard a knock on the bathroom door. The voice of a kind old lady sang through the door. “Noah, are you alright, dear?” He paused a moment before answering. “I’m fine, mom. I’ll be down in a bit.” His life had been completely normal for so long. He had been adopted as a toddler and raised by a wonderful family. They were poor, but they were loving, caring, and made sure he never did without. As an only child, you could call him spoiled. He had gone through school top of his class, graduated with a Ph.D in physics, quantum mechanics. Then took psychology just for fun. He was recruited by the military straight out of college and put on top secret projects. Things that no normal American would believe. He had been a remote viewer for the longest time. He was one of the best. He knew about the fact that there were more than fifty alien races that visited the earth on a regular basis. That there was technology beyond anything a person could imagine. There were battles going on between malevolent and benevolent races regularly. The knowledge weighed on him. Then out of the blue, the higher ups cut his contract. No explanation. Beyond reminding him that talking about his work carried a death warrant. They had debriefed him. He had expected them to wipe his memory. But apparently, they felt the threats on his life would be enough of a deterrent. It helped that the new government administration had declassified everything and over the past eight years, many of the members of the military industrial complex had been arrested and executed during a public trial. Full disclosure had occurred. And all the fears our ancestors had never came true. Soon the new technologies that had been hidden from the world were going to roll out. The first was the med beds. These marvels of alien technology, cured every illness. It allowed a person with disabilities to be made completely whole. Their body returned to perfect condition. Some older citizens had even decided to age regress to their prime. It was nice to get the use the technology he knew had been around for decades. There was so much more to come. Free energy, flying cars, teleportation, replicators, space exploration. It was a whole new world. Even so, there were still pockets of the elite who had gone into hiding. It was the employees of the elite that those to still threaten many of those who remained in the secret programs. The new President had done an amazing job, but it would be some time before all the players were caught and properly dealt with. Until then, he had to be on his guard.

After dressing, he met his mother downstairs and sat down to eat breakfast. She looked him over for a moment. “Bad dreams again, dear?” She asked. He only nodded. He took a bite of the stack of pancakes on his plate and closed his eyes. He had missed this. He checked his watch and quickly cleaned his plate. His mom only watched with a smile. He gulped down his coffee, grabbed his jacket and started to leave. He stopped himself long enough to kiss his mom on the cheek, then went on his way. His students would be waiting for him at the University. He jumped in his car and hurried through the traffic. He made it just in time. The new classes offered at the university had brought in a whole new breed of nerds. Kids that thought they knew everything. With the introduction of quantum theory and a myriad of other new topics, they would learn that they are no different than kindergartener’s from this point on. The disclosure had brought about a whole new life for the world. And there was still so much more that would be disclosed in the years to come.

Noah checked the time, he would have enough time to grab dinner before heading over to his physichiatry office for his newest patient. His first one since he opened a new office in this town. After picking up his dinner, he headed to his office. Good, he thought, at least they weren’t early. He unlocked the door, took off his jacket, draped it over the back of the chair and set down to eat. He picked up a bite with his fork and was about to enjoy his first bite when there was a knock on the door. With a sigh, he put the fork down. “Come in.” He called out. The door opened and a woman walked in. Middle aged like himself, about 5 foot 8, brunette hair and hazel eyes. He noticed red highlights as well as the light struck her hair. As to her weight, well, any gentleman would never venture to guess that least of all be crazy enough to point it out. He stood up and stuck his hand out, she took it. “I’m Dr. Ross.” He tells her. “Cora.” The woman responded simply. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Cora.” He watched her look around his office with genuine curiosity. Her eyes paused at his book shelf. “Project Blue Book.” She stated and looked at him. He nodded. “Interesting collection choice.” Not the response he was expecting. “So,” he redirected her attention. “How can I help you, Cora?” “That’s an open ended question.” She responded. “Well,” he tried again. “What would you like to talk about then?”

Cora looked him over. White hair, almost turquoise eyes, and to be blunt, the body of a god. She felt a flutter and then a chill. This would be an interesting therapy stint. That’s if he didn’t have her carted away to the looney bin when she finally decided to open up about her reasons for coming here. How do you tell someone you’ve seen aliens. She had used the newly released med beds. And while she was cured of all her ailments and her body was in perfect form, the visitations continued. She knew more of what was really going on in the government than most having been part of the resistance when the Cabal had attempted to overthrow the legitimate government some years ago. Since they were stopped, life had taken on a whole new meaning for everyone on the earth. Peace, abundance, and yet each individual citizen now had the opportunity to do what they loved and not live in squalor. Cora had spent last year traveling the world and was genuinely happy and yet she felt as though there were still loose ends that needed to be dealt with.

He took her silence as nervousness. “I read your initial assessment and psych evaluation. Is there anything more you want to add, or do you want to cut this appt short and meet next week? Cora shook her head. “No, it’s alright. I’m just trying to figure out how to begin. I’m so much better at answering questions than trying to start talking on my own.” She blushed some when she caught whiff of his cologne. Thankfully he misread her response. “To make it easier, why don’t you tell me what your hobbies are?” That was easy enough. “Well, I’m a writer, a musician, a baker. I love music, movies.” Noah nodded. “Okay, that’s a good list. I would assume reading as well considering you admired my library.” “True, though I’ve taken more of an interest of reading online. It’s strange. When I attempt to read an actual book, I get terrible headaches. And I’ve always been a bookworm.” She smiled. She took a breath. She just needed to get it out. The tension was terrible. “Okay, look.” She started. Noah waited patiently. “I’ve been dealing with issues involving the supernatural.” She waited for the inevitable look of shock. “Okay, what types of the supernatural have you had to deal with?” Cora was confused for a moment. No incredulous look? She sighed before continuing. She explained to him all the encounters she had experienced in the past. He listened and jotted down his thoughts. When she was finished, he asked, “Are you still experiencing visitations?” Cora sighed again and wrung her hands. “Yes, that’s what’s so frustrating. I wake up in the middle of night with my heart pounding. I can sense that someone had been in my room, but when I turn on the light, they’re no longer there. Other times I wake up and see a flash of light right beside my bed. Then there are the dreams. Some I wake up scared to death. Others I actually feel comforted, loved. She remembered the dream where she was being held by an ape like creature. He had pulled her into a hug and she could sense he was asking her to go with him somewhere. But she had told him no. She needed to be with her children. He seemed to insist by pulling her into a hug again but eventually let go.

Noah watched her, his breath caught when he realized he could sense her feelings. He closed his eyes for a moment. A headache came on almost immediately. He heard Cora as if she were far away. “Dr. Ross. Are you alright?” He rubbed his temples. “Yes, I’m sorry. I get headaches myself on occasion.” “I’m sorry.” Was Cora’s automatic response. “I think I’ll take you up on the offer of meeting next week then. Unless you think I’m crazy.” That caused a flash of anger in him for some reason. He had to watch his tone. “Cora, the word crazy doesn’t even exist in my vocabulary. People deal with life’s problems and have things happen to them that are completely out of their control. The fact that despite everything you’ve experienced you have no interest in drugs, alcohol, or destructive behavior tells me your perfectly sane. I’m here to help you work through whatever you need so that eventually you will no longer need my services. Even with the world changing every day, people will always need someone to talk to.” Cora only smiled. “Thank you, Dr. Ross.” With that she sauntered out the door. Noah shook his head again. Why had he looked at her ass? He still had a few appointments left and he needed to focus. He got up and threw away his now cold dinner before going into the bathroom to take an aspirin and gather his thoughts. He looked at himself in the mirror. What had happened back there? For a moment he sensed that she felt more than just comfortable when the alien she described held her in a hug. She had felt aroused. An innermost thought had reached him. He turned on the faucet and splashed water on his face and used a towel to dry off. His next appointment would be here soon. The headache finally seemed to fade and he went back to his desk. After writing Cora into his appointment book for next week, he sat back and closed his eyes. “She’s the one.” He heard a voice whisper. His eyes shot open and he looked around. He was alone. “Remember.” The voice said. Great now he was hearing voices. He went through his appointments and called to reschedule the rest of his clients. He felt terrible but for some reason, it seemed they had all decided that was perfectly fine. He grabbed his jacket, turned off the lights and then walked out and locked the door behind him. Not the best way to start a new business. His feeling off all of a sudden didn’t help matters. He drove home and went straight to bed. He knew his mom would worry, but he knew she wouldn’t bother him until morning.

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