Wayward Child

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Someone Special

The child ran from his nanny, his white hair flashing under the soft lighting as he evaded capture. The older woman simply nodded with a smile and let him go. She would find him easily enough. He turned a corner and ran down an unfamiliar corridor. As he ran he noticed a door slightly ajar. He darted into the room quickly and returned the door to its original position. When he turned to survey his surroundings and noticed a light shining from a console. As he approached it, he could hear a woman cry out in pain, then panic. The boy watched mesmerized. Men in white coats hurriedly placed a very tiny body in a special kind of bed and turned their attention back to the mother. He listened as the doctors explained to the mother that her child had been born to early and due to complications she would need surgery immediately. All the mother could do was cry. The boy looked at the tiny baby and tilted his head. A picture flashed in his head. A little girl with brown hair and red highlights with hazel eyes ran down a hallway pulling a toy wagon. Laughing despite her obvious pigeon toed feet making it difficult for her to run. “An interesting Starseed.” He heard a voice whisper behind him. The boy jumped but he felt a hand on his shoulder and calm returned to him immediately. He looked up and saw his father smiling at him. His father was the mirror image of himself. He reached over and turned off the screen. He took the child’s hand in his and led him out of the room before getting down on one knee. “I’m curious son, what could have led you to that particular room? You are much too young to be involved with these things.” The child looked at his father, a flash of confusion crossing his face. His father chuckled. “You’ll need to learn to use verbal skills eventually. When the time comes not everyone you meet will be telepathic.” “Yes, father.” The child stammered. Testing his skills. His father smiled. “There now. You have classes to attend, I believe. So you best be on your way. I’ll see you at home.” The little boy nodded and took his nanny’s hand.

Adar sighed. Somehow his son had found his way into the one room he shouldn’t have. They never have need to lock doors, however, that room was restricted. With the Festival of Ascension so close was it possible that someone had gotten distracted and left the room unattended? He doubted so. Beings like himself no longer dealt with such archaic issues. Still. With his son successfully redirected, he hurried on his way. There was still so much to do. He had arranged transport to meet with the council so that they could welcome a handful of new members. This was a rare occasion. The Galactic Federation of Light had strict guidelines for admission, and it had been many millions of years since they had last added members. He hurried on his way. HIs aid fell in step behind him. Before Adar could address him, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and in the next moment heard his son cry out in his mind. He could hear chittering laughter. “There will be no peace, Pleiadean.”

The boy was sedated and shoved into a small ship by gentle hands and the door sealed behind him before the nanny was struck down. “Shoot it down.” A voice growled. But it was too late. The ship was gone in a flash of light. “General,” A voice hissed. “The other council members have escaped. We have captured the Pleiadeans still alive on the ship.” General Molgran stood eight feet tall. Typical for those of his race. The Reptilians. They were a race who reveled in war and all that came with it. He abhorred the covert operations that were a vast part of their domination method. The ability to throw oneself into the wanton destruction of lesser species was much more satisfying. “Take them to the slave transports.” He ordered. Another officer approached him. “Sir, we have word from our reconnaissance team that a new government has been put into place on Terra, the plans will continue unhindered.” “Good. We are finished here. Begin searching for the remaining council members. We still have much work to do.” “Sir.” His officers saluted and did as ordered.

The military had gotten to the crash site in record time, and yet they found the ship unoccupied. While a group of officers worked on clearing away the evidence, another group began to search the perimeter for the missing extra terrestrial. Based on the design of the ship, they knew what species they were looking for. But after more than a week of searching the site, they found no trace and no sign that the alien had walked away from the crash. The commanding officer simply turned in his report and made sure to include a BOLO notation. They would make sure to check all the surrounding towns just to be on the safe side. Even a member of a humanoid species would be out of place in this part of the country. Though he knew many species could assume human form and no one would have a clue.

The boy awoke to find himself in a dimly lit room surrounded by stone walls. He felt a hand touch his shoulder in comfort and for a moment thought it must be his father. But the face in front of him watched with sad eyes and shook its head. Was that a tear? “Elder one.” He heard a soft female voice purr. “I am most sorry for your loss. Even here we felt your father move to another plane. He is not gone forever, child. You must know this.” The boy nodded. “May I sit?” The boy nodded and the being sat down next to him. The Garren was short statured with fearsome looking claws. And yet he could see the kindness in its beady black eyes. Her body was covered with a thick fur. “Arrangements have been made for you to reside above ground. As per your father’s orders, you have been brought to third density. You will live out your life here on Terra as a human. When the time comes, you will begin to ascend to your original being, should you choose to.” She smiled. Not sure why she carried on so. The poor child would have his memory wiped and would be taken to an orphanage. There he would be adopted by a couple who had been chosen specifically for this purpose. “You must eat and rest. You will leave in the morning for your new life.” After the boy was fed, he became tired again and fell into a restful sleep. When he woke again he found himself in a room with other children his age. At the tender age of three earth years, he was completely alone. A month would pass before he was moved to a loving home. There he was raised as a human child. The only hint of his otherworldly beginning was his intellect. He was happy despite the circumstances that brought him here. There were some nights over the next seven years that he dreamed of the girl with the red highlights. He would see her grow up as he did. It gave him comfort as he went on with his life. Soon those dreams that brought comfort turned to darker ones.

Noah woke with a start. These dreams were getting so tiresome. He woke rested, but his mind would remain foggy for a time. He rubbed his eyes and a familiar flash shot through his mind. A little girl with red highlights running through a field laughing with a handful of flowers. And a little boy with white hair holding her hand. Noah fell back on his pillow as the dream continued. The children had snuck to the large stone pillar that lay behind his home. The pillar had strange but familiar markings on it. And an energy that made his hair raise up. It was like static electricity. The children sat at the base of the pillar. The boy leaned over and kissed the girl on the cheek. She only giggled and took his hand. “When we grow up we should get married.” This made the boy blush at first but he kissed her hand and said “I promise myself to you.” The girl giggled again before getting up and running away from him. When he attempted to get up to follow her, he was frozen to the spot. The skies began to darken, then a storm seemed to appear out of nowhere. Then he heard a hiss. Noah’s eyes shot open and he bolted upright making his head spin. He heard something dripping onto the sheet that covered him. When he followed the sound, he saw large drops of blood begin to pool in places. He jumped up and ran to the bathroom so that he could stop the bleeding. As if on cue, he heard a knock on his door. “Dear, are you alright?” “Yes, mother, I’m fine. I’ll be out in a minute.” After he had dressed, he opened the door to find his mother looking at him. She saw a remnant of the blood he had missed. “It’s started, hasn’t it?” She asked. Noah had no idea what she was talking about. “Come down to breakfast. We will need to talk this weekend, dear. Things are going to get interesting soon.” Noah watched his mom leave and followed after her. She was being so cryptic. This was going to be a long work week.

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