Wayward Child

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Thousand Year Learning Curve

Cora pulled into her driveway. When the government did full disclosure humanity had to catch up quickly. New technologies were introduced which brought new industry. A year after the world had one the last war, each person worldwide was given a lump sum payment so that they could by homes, a vehicle, or other items that were needed. Soon each home was upgraded to accept the new technology that was being introduced incrementally. The Shadow Government that had controlled the world for centuries had withheld nearly a thousand years of technology, cures, and the reality that rather than being simply a planet hanging in the expanse of space, we were part of a much larger community. The news began to introduce humanity as a whole to the different known alien species that had existed since the beginning of existence. Religion lost all meaning once the truth had come out. We as a race had been seeded here by beings who our ancestors would see as god like. The church chose to hide the reality of their existence by demanding obedience from the populace by using threats of eternal damnation to keep the masses in line. Growing richer over the centuries due to the required tithe from each member of the church. Nearly ten million people around the world committed mass suicide upon learning the truth. There were memorials in each country that listed the names of the deceased that had chosen to take their own lives due to the shock. Many more had to be treated for mental breakdowns. The rest of the world saw the disclosure as an adventure and went eagerly into the new future. Cora opened the door and walked into her living room. She had bought a small two bedroom home with a large kitchen. Even with the standard issue replicator, she still chose to bake from scratch. So she had chosen to upgrade all of her appliances. The introduction of Tesla technology eliminated all utilities save water. Though technology was being released that would simply pull water out of nothing when needed. People still worked if they chose. Many returned to school to learn how to use the the new technologies. The world really hadn’t changed. Work was enjoyable. People were able to stay home and take care of their families. Cora still kept up with her friends from the resistance and they would fill her in on any new disclosures that would be happening in the near future. Entertainment had changed. It was all immersive. Cora could go into her center and experience her favorite books first hand. She loved it. Her car was self driving as well. She had always loved sci fi, so she was completely at home where she was. The last of the disclosure would involve contact in person with the different races that had an interest in meeting their enlightened neighbors. Regular space travel was still some years away.

After making herself a cup of hot coffee, she sat down to relax. Her thoughts went to her new therapist. She felt her cheeks warm. “Damn it.” She hissed aloud. While she had been thinking about getting remarried and having more children recently, she wasn’t expecting to experience the familiar feelings so soon. Least of all with a therapist. That was still unethical. Still there was something about him that she could shake. Something familiar. She finished her coffee and decided to shower and change into something more comfortable. She didn’t have anywhere else to be so why not? She found clothes stifling. She grabbed her laptop and decided to do some reading. Just as she got into the book she had chosen, she started to feel groggy. She fell asleep. Slender fingers moved her laptop and a tall, slender form sat next to her sleeping form. “It’s almost time, Starseed. He’s going to need your help soon.” The fingers touched her temples. “Remember.” With those words the being was gone. Cora began to dream. Before long she realized they were memories. A little boy she had met once as a little girl. They had been neighbors for about a year. Her parents were eager to meet their new neighbors so they could pawn Cora off on them on a daily basis. As soon as Cora woke she would go to her friends house. His mom was always baking and would dote on the both of them. There were always cookies and milk and three full meals. After a day of play her friends mom would send her home. Her parents would simply demand she go to bed. On weekends Cora would stay in the guest room of her friends house. The year had gone by so quickly. And the happiness it had brought her disappeared with it. Their last day together. She tried to remember. A field. Picking flowers. Running with glee while holding the hand of her friend. The boy with the unusual white hair. Cora gasped and opened her eyes. That’s not possible. She reached up to find her nose bleeding and grabbed a kleenex from her bedside table. She sat there for a moment and waited for the bleeding to stop. Well, her appointment next week was going to be very entertaining. Though she wasn’t sure if she should just walk in and blurt out that he had promised to marry her. Yeah, right. As if she were that lucky. Surely there were other men out there with white hair. She got online just to prove herself right. And of course the only information that fit those parameters led her to the business page of Dr. Noah Ross. She looked over his credentials. Valedictorian in high school. Highest honors in college. Then he served nearly twenty years in the military. Degrees in Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Theory, Diplomacy, and Psychology. Interesting. Definitely not her type. Cora had a genius IQ herself but it was strictly based in the arts. They weren’t even on the same level intellectually. But what if that didn’t matter? He acted like a completely normal human being, he had a sense of humor. Cora sighed. At least her nose had stopped bleeding. She threw the kleenex in the trash. She looked at the time. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. She still felt tired so it might be best to try and get some sleep. She lay back down and thankfully her sleep was uninterrupted.

The being watched from a safe distance as Cora slept. When the truth came out, there would be heartache for the charge who was put in her care. She hoped that this Starseed would be able and willing to dull the pain. The Elders had no choice but to allow these two to be together. She and her employer had argued long and hard for it. The boy had changed the course of not only his life by watching her be born, but the lives of so many others. It was too big to correct. They could only lessen the overall damage. She looked up in the sky. She was being summoned. She was gone in a flash, leaving behind no sign that she had ever been there.

She bowed her head when she came before her employer. “My Lady, I did as you asked.” “Good.” A soft voice answered. “Arin, how did he look?” The voice asked the sadness evident. “He has grown up handsome, smart, driven. Just like his father. My Lady.” The woman was tall with flowing white hair that nearly touched the floor. She folded her hands in front of her. “Why did this have to happen?” Arin kept silent for a moment. “My Lady, as your late husband would say, “Things happen for a reason.” The girl he chose so long ago is strong, independent, loving. I have looked in on her children. She raised them well. She would make a good wife and mother to your son.” “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Arin. He may have sworn and oath to her, but he was a child. Some allowances must be made for that. He still has the ability to ultimately choose.” “Yes, My lady. I’m sorry for presuming.” She longed to meet her son, to explain all that had happened to him, but it was still much too early and dangerous. The pilot bowed and made his report. “My Lady, we must not remain in orbit too much longer. Even with cloaking, we may still be found out with the Terrans improving their technology.” Lady Wryn nodded and returned to her seat.

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