Wayward Child

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Hive Mind

The man straightened his uniform, and took a breath before opening the door. Inside was a long table with twelve chairs. At the head of the table was a woman with blonde hair, lightened some with age dressed in a pantsuit. For a second he thought he saw her flick her tongue like a reptile would. He blinked and everything was normal again. She had a serious look on her face as he approached the council. “Maam, I am here to give you further details on my report as you requested.” The woman only nodded. The man began. “The ship that landed in the Nevada desert was found to be without a pilot. An expansive search was done and despite our best efforts and the use of all of our available assets, he was never found. The ship was taken and put into storage.” The woman nodded again. Another man at the table spoke. The officer swore he heard a hiss. Surely not. “This news is nearly forty years old, what good is it to us. The General in charge of the recovery was summarily executed for his failure not long after.” The woman smiled, showing what the officer thought were razor point teeth. He really must be working too hard. “Now, now Dean.” The woman chided. The information is still pertinent. The pilot is still alive which means the search can continue. Even a Pleiadean can become careless after enough time passes. When they become comfortable in the life they have created for themselves.” The man named Dean huffed. Another man spoke. “Are we to believe that you have acquired information on his whereabouts from our benefactor at your last meeting?” The woman nodded. “He did give me some information that was useful as well as some insight.” Yet another man pounded his fist on the table. “We have waited too long. Our time is running short. And to make matters worse, the Resistance was able to strip the ship of anything that might have been useful.” The woman glared at the man. “Hold your temper. It will only accelerate the deterioration of your host.” The man took a breath and quieted. “We were barely able to make it to this world after the massacre of our fellows. Luck was on our side when we found this group of people hiding in their bunker when the Resistance had rounded up every one else.” She licked her lips. She could still smell the blood, still warm, as bodies dropped one after the other. The Resistance had been thorough. Their group was the last. The bodies they had inhabited had been those of a group called the Majestic Twelve. Her own body was that of a woman whose evil permeated every cell. She and her fellows had kidnapped, tortured, and eaten children for something so simple as defying the aging process. The fools had gotten too careless. Too full of themselves. While the grotesqueness is what drew attention to their forms as potentially perfect host bodies, they learned not long after inhabitation that the bodies had been poisoned. The humans themselves were on borrowed time the moment they entered the bunker. When she had personally walked through the facility to check for anything harmful to their Reptilian forms, she found that somehow the poison the group had ingested was deadly to their species as well. They only had enough time as it stood to finish the mission they had been ordered to carry out by the leader of their people. This was their last stand. While they had avoided extinction of their species entirely. It would take many millennia to rebuild their numbers before they could even venture another attempt at destroying the Galactic Council in its entirety. Despite all their planning, they had only managed to assassinate five members. Their enemies had been prepared and had somehow known of their plans. Despite that, they had taken out those members that were the biggest threat to their plans for domination. Once the human race evolved and was allowed to join the Galactic Council, the success of their plans would be that much harder. Thankfully, as it stood now, the galactic community at large saw the human race as a backwards, barbaric, and child like race. That was slowly changing however, already more than one hundred races were scheduled to introduce themselves to the human race over the next year. With those introductions, the humans would learn the truth of their heritage. Some would ascend quickly developing abilities seen as super powers by others. Despite being newly evolved, these humans could complicate matters further. The humans would also be introduced to technologies that were elementary by most modern species standards. Their research showed them that despite the humans being considered slow, they caught up way to quickly. “Move up the timetable.” She tells the officer simply. The officer saluted, turned and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. The group began to clamor. She heard the words foolish, reckless. “Gentlemen, you really need to make up your minds. You complained of the slow pace of our plans and now you complain still. This meeting is adjourned.” With that she got to her feet and gathered her things. Their benefactor would want to learn of their progress yet again. She watched the men file out and took a deep breath. The body she inhabited made her tired, the poison doing its work slowly, but effectively. She decided her only option was to retire to her own chambers and rest. But before that, she sent a communique to their employer. She hated that term. Her species answered to no one, and yet her job required her to play her part to perfection in order to complete their goals. At this point, she would welcome death. Not by poison, or other cowardly means, but in the heat of battle. Awash in her blood as well as whoever her enemy was in that moment.

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