Wayward Child

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A Mother's Love

Noah sat in his office working on his computer when he heard a crash. He turned away just as brick came through a window and slid across the floor in front of his desk. He heard a vehicle squeal and peel away. He picked up his phone and called the authorities. When the sheriff arrived, he and his officers did a thorough search for any clues. They found none. Somehow despite multiple witnesses, no one saw a damn thing. An officer brought the brick over and watched as his superior removed a paper that was wrapped around it with duck tape. He unfolded it and read it carefully before handing it to Noah. “You’re being watched. Death will follow for those you love.” Noah’s face went pale. “We’ll take this as evidence. If you have anymore incidents, call me immediately.” He handed Noah a business card. “As an added precaution, we will send a patrol car to your home to keep an eye on things.” “Thank you, Sheriff.” Noah tells him with a sigh. He heard a light knock. I was Cora. Noah got up and met her outside. “I can come back next week. It looks like you have enough to worry about.” Noah forced a smile. “No it’s alright. How does a cup of coffee sound?” Cora raised an eyebrow. Noah pointed to a coffee shop across the street. “Sounds good.” Cora tells him. “Sheriff, I appreciate your help.” The Sheriff tipped his hat. “We’ll see ourselves out once we’re finished.” They walked into the coffee shop and found a table away from prying eyes or ears. Cora blushed when he pulled the chair out for her. She tried to hide it as she sat down. Noah sat down in the chair across from her. “So,” He began all professional. “How has everything been going for you since our last appointment?” Cora began to wring her hands. He knew she was nervous again. He felt a bit of sadness seeing this. This was only their second meeting, so her being nervous was not unusual. But it affected him deeply none the less. “Everything is actually going well. I’ve slept better than I have in quite a while.” “That’s great news.” Cora smiled. “Any more visitations that you know of?” Cora nodded. “Not in a while. The dreams have picked up some though.” “Would you like to talk about it?” Cora looked at him and blushed again. This time it was barely noticeable. “Maybe another time. It’s too soon I think.” “Too soon?” That was intriguing. Cora changed the subject on him. “What on earth happened at your office?” “An unstable client acted out as far as I can tell.” Cora looked at him. Her face blank. Then she nodded. “Oh. Okay.” He felt a tingling sensation in the back of his mind. She knew something. “Cora, did you see anything?” He asked. Cora took a breath. “I may have. I have a bad habit of being early for my appointments.” Noah’s breath caught in his throat. He looked around carefully. He pulled out a note pad and scribbled out a few words, folded it and put it into Cora’s hands. Cora looked at him. He expected her to be confused. But instead she nodded ever so slightly. “Dr. we may have to cut this appointment short, i’m afraid. I have an errand I need to run before they close for lunch.” “That’s fine. I’ll see you next week. My office should be in working order by tomorrow. He shook Cora’s hand and she left casually. His eyes once again watching her ass. He rubbed his eyes. And sighed. He had been so distracted, he had forgotten to order coffee. He sat long enough to call a company to repair his broken window. Thankfully, Cora had been his only appointment that day. He walked to his vehicle and looked around as casually as he could before he climbed into the driver’s seat. When he pulled into the driveway, he could smell the dinner his mother had prepared for them. He turned off the car, opened the door, and took a deep breath. His mother had said that they had important things to discuss tonight. He felt nervous. And yet relieved. Maybe getting these dreams off his chest would help him. If anyone could understand, surely his mother would. He got out and locked the door behind him. When he reached the front door and opened it, his mother met him with her usual smile. “Dinner is ready, dear.” She told him. Noah smiled and kissed his mother on her cheek before taking his seat. She had gone all out. Making his favorite meal along with dessert and his favorite beverage. She hadn’t done this for him since the day before he had left for college. His heart ached for a moment. “Noah, everything is going to be alright. We’ll eat dinner. Then we’ll have the talk I promised you.” Noah could only nod as his mother made herself comfortable. They ate in an uncomfortable silence for the first time that Noah could remember. “Mom, I’m not hungry.” Noah’s mom smiled. “It’s alright, son.” She tells him gently. “Let’s get this over with, shall we?” She stood up and held out her hand. Noah followed suit. He felt like a child in this moment as he took her hand and she led him to the back of the house. She unlocked the back door and led him into the backyard. The yard was overgrown in weeds due to years of neglect. His mother walked through them until she came to a stop in front of what Noah thought was a tree. She turned to him and took his other hand in hers. “Son, i’ve been dreading this day. Know that I love you. Raising you has been like a dream come true.” Noah was confused. He had known he was adopted since he was very young, so his mother’s actions made no sense to him. She hugged him and then stepped back and began to rip away the weeds. The tree became a tall stone pillar. He felt an unusual pull and began helping his mother clear away what was left of the weeds. She took his hand again and placed it on the stone. He heard her voice again, this time from a distance. “This is who you are. And when you have finished here, I will be waiting for you inside.” He felt her hug him tightly once more. He could feel heat envelope his hand and yet it didn’t burn. He watched as strange characters appeared under his hand and then moved in all directions across the pillar. He was frozen in place. The air around him felt warm as well. The air began to shift around him, and for a moment he felt nauseous, but it was gone just as quickly as it came. Suddenly he saw images flashing around him. A little boy running down a hallway with a kind nanny right at his heels. A room that he had found his way into. His familiar dream played out in front of him. But he knew in this moment, that is was no dream. He watched as a stranger plummeted a knife into his father’s back. He screamed and then blackness overtook him. He woke in a familiar place. A ship. He watched as the door opened and sunlight blinded him. He stumbled out into the light, shielding his eyes as he stumbled. Something grabbed his feet and pulled him sharply downward. He knew the species. He had learned about them during his tutoring. More images flashed. The laughter of children. Laughing at his strange hair. Pulling it and calling him weird. His mother’s arms as she cradled him. Always offering him a smile and words of love and encouragement. “Noah.” He heard a voice call. Another image. A little girl with red highlights in her hair. She giggled and took his hand.

Noah heard whispers. “Son,” Noah strained to see through the images. Trying to find who was addressing him. The images coalesced into the image of a tall man with white hair similar to his own. He sat down and crossed his legs and bid his son follow suit. Noah waited. “I know you have many questions, but we have little time. You know you are different than everyone else around you.” Noah felt himself nod. His father chuckled. “You were always such a curious child, and always in a hurry. Even rushing your fate. Very few of our kind have ever managed to find their soul mate as children. A rarity. And of course it would be my son that would do so.” He laughed again. Noah felt a tear fall. His father tilted his head, watching his son curiously. “Tears?” Noah started. He watched as his father’s hand reached out and brushed it away. “Gladden your heart, son. Your mother waits for you. And we will meet again. When its time. You have a mission to complete, i’m afraid. We managed to decrease their numbers drastically, but a group of them escaped. I’ll leave them to you. “Who?” Noah asked aloud. “They’ll make themselves known soon enough. Much too soon. You will experience loss one more time, but what you will gain in return will be indescribable. You may need to accelerate things much quicker than your soul mate is comfortable with, if you expect to have the power to beat them. You will have multiple enemies. But also some unlikely allies. Be strong, my son.” Darkness fell like a curtain around him. He woke to the bite of a mosquito and sat up slowly, a familiar pounding in his head along with a nosebleed. He got slowly to his feet and walked back into the house. His mother greeted him with a towel and cleaned up the blood.

She didn’t hesitate as she had him sit down at the kitchen table. “Your father’s name is Adar. We met when I was a little girl. I thought for the longest time that he was an imaginary friend I had made up.” She smiled. “Years later, after I had married your father, he came to me again. He had a favor to ask. It was at that same time, your father and I found out we couldn’t have children of our own. He asked if we would be willing to raise his child. You should have seen the look on my husbands face. Adar seemed to know exactly what he was thinking and began to laugh. “He would look as normal as any other child. Mostly.” My husband replied, “Mostly?” Adar flipped his hair. “Some things can’t be helped. His intellect may be an issue as well. I will bind his true form, of course.” We didn’t quite understand what he meant of course. All I knew is I was being given a child to raise if something happened to Adar. Of course we agreed.” Noah’s mother became sad suddenly as she thought of her late husband. “He would have been so proud of you.” His mom says quietly. His adopted father had died of a heart attack not long after he had left for the military. At least that is what the official cause of death was. “I still find it strange.” His mother almost whispered. “He was perfectly healthy. And then the strange phone call requesting that I visit my sister.” Noah remembered his mother describing her being called away suddenly. When she had returned home days later, she found his father sitting in his recliner. The smell of death had sent her running to a neighbor. Men in suits, police officers and the coroner had descended on her home. His mother was so lost in grief, that she never noticed anything unusual or out of place. She had called Noah and broke the news, but due to the position he was in in the military, he was denied the right to leave and be there for his mother. She had assured him for many years after that his father would have preferred him remain at work at not fuss over him. His mother smiled again. “Look at me. Wallowing away. I’ll get you a piece of pie, it will make us both feel better. Then we can talk some more.” They ate their pie and continued to talk until nightfall. His mother spoke of the little girl with red highlights. “She was so sweet. She was always following after you.” She stopped suddenly. “Son, I have something for you. I almost forgot. And with the way things are going, I had better give it to you now. ” She got up and went into her room. He could hear her rummage around in a drawer. After a moment, she came back with a small box. She handed it to Noah. “This is for the woman you choose to marry. Though from what Adar said, you chose your future wife when you were young. Its so romantic.” His mom gushed. Noah couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He kissed his mom on the cheek. “Mom, I’m going to bed. You are such a romantic.” “Sweet dreams, dear. I love you.” Noah froze for a moment. He felt something grip his chest. Something about those words were so ominous. So final in this moment. He took a breath. Today had been a long day. He had a lot to digest. So much would change. So many things were going to happen and quickly. He could feel it. He would need to get rest if his mind allowed him that luxury.

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