Wayward Child

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The Men In Black

Cora sensed them before she saw them. She was definitely being followed. Two men in suits and ties with fedoras. She quickly scanned her surroundings. She sighed when she came upon a catholic church. She opened the door and slipped inside. There were quite of few people sitting quietly. The priest smiled and waved her forward. Cora managed a weak smile and a seat. Her heart was pounding and she breathed deeply to quiet it. She felt something similar to static electricity on the top of her head for a moment. Then, “Be at ease. They will not find you here, my child.” She jumped when she turned and saw the priest sitting next to her. When she tried to look directly at him, his faced seemed to morph. She had to close her eyes to stave off the motion sickness it caused. “I’m so sorry.” He touched her shoulder and the sickness eased. “You can look now.” Cora opened her eyes and looked at him again. He looked completely normal. He chuckled for some reason. “I see you’re not fond of the church.” Cora simply nodded. “You’re right, you know. When the source had his men introduce religion to the masses, it was originally meant to be a way to guide them. To help them ultimately reach the level of Ascension. “Would you please not read my mind? It’s a bit unnerving.” Cora whispered. “My apologies.” The priest said then. “You are well on your way to ascending, dear. The fact that you could see my true form and except my natural form of communication tells me you are no ordinary Starseed.” Starseed? She had heard that word before. In a dream. “You are welcome to stay here as long as you need to. Your friend will be joining you shortly.” “Friend?” Cora looked at him confused. The priest only smiled. “I must return to my work. Despite the disclosures, and even with all the loss the church has suffered, many people need help acclimating to the new age that we live in.” “Thank you for your help, Father.” He nodded and stood up. Cora pulled out the paper Noah had given her. “Meet me at the St. Peter’s Catholic Church.” Cora’s eyes grew wide. “Cora.” She heard a familiar voice. Noah. She scooted over on the pew and allowed him to sit down next to her. “I’m really sorry about all of this. This is the only place we can talk without being surveilled. At least for now.” Cora could only nod. She felt numb. Her mind felt like it was racing. Noah took her hand his touch sent a cascade of electricity through all the parts of her body. Not uncomfortable by any means. She groaned without realizing it. Noah then took her hand in both of his own. It was now or never. It would be best for her to know now. So much would change for her. “Cora.” She could hear Noah’s voice, but her body felt warm, certain parts were tingling. She surprised Noah when she lay her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. “Don’t stop.” She whispered. Without touching her physically, he had built up the pressure in her sex to the point of exploding. “Look at me, Cora.” She obeyed and lifted her eyes to meet his. He smiled. Cora could feel herself climax and started to close her eyes again. “No.” Noah commanded. Cora stopped. He smiled as she came. “Shhhh.” He whispered in her ear. He watched her eyes glaze over and her cheeks flush red. Her breathing intensified causing her chest the heave. “I promise myself to you.” Cora’s eyes widened. “It was you.” She whispered. The boy from her dreams. They already knew each other. “You are my soul mate. And while this may be sudden by human standards, it is quite normal for my people to declare their love as soon as they find the one they were meant to be with.” “Your people.” Cora repeated. Noah nodded. “I’m Pleiadean. I was sent to earth as a young child in order to be protected.” Her afterglow from his contact made him ache for more, but this was not the time or place. He would hear a word or two from his friend right about now. “Noah.” The priest stood at the end of the pew with his hands behind his back. He tried to look authoritative, but Cora could see his eyes sparkle. “While I congratulate you on finding your mate, I would appreciate it if you kept your intimate workings to yourself while in this setting.” Cora couldn’t help but blush, but she was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “I’m sorry, Father. Time was of the essence. And you know the nature of our race.” “I do.” Noah took Cora’s hand and they stood up. “I believe the threat has passed, Father.” Noah tells him. “We will leave you to your flock.” With that he and Cora left the church. He knew Cora would have questions, and he had so many things that he needed to tell her. Why he chose to use that power, he had no idea. But it had the effect he had hoped. The bond he had created with her as a child burned bright between them. But in order for him to come into his full powers, their bond would need to burn like a supernova. And that would take time. Time they were already short on. They arrived at his car and he opened the passenger door for Cora before taking his place in the driver’s seat. He decided the best thing to do would be to take to his place. The pillar called to him. He was sure it would provide protection for what he needed to do. His mother would be ecstatic when she met his mate.

When Noah pulled into the driveway of his home, Cora found herself somewhat nervous. Noah took her hand again, this time she tensed just for a second. He chuckled. It was like music. “It’s alright, I’ll behave myself. For now.” An instant ache hit her. She had to take a breathe. It wasn’t her need she was feeling, it was his. Pictures popped up in her mind like a movie. She had her hands in his hair as he buried his face between her legs. Cora gasped and felt herself gush. “A taste of things to come.” He winked at her and then got out, shut his door, walked around to her side and opened the door for her. Her mind went to her clothes instinctively. “You’re fine. Your clothes are dry. Shall we go. If I know my mother, she already knows your coming and has dinner waiting for us.” Cora nodded. He took her hand again and they walked into the house. His mother definitely knew something had changed. She hugged Cora and showed her to a seat at their table. The table was covered in food. Pot roast, vegetables, fresh baked bread, beverages. As if reading Cora’s mind, the Noah’s mom stated proudly that dessert would be provided as well. Homemade apple pie with ice cream. Noah leaned in and whispered something to his mother. The woman beamed. “Welcome to the family, Cora. It’s been such a long time.” Cora could only smile. “I’ll be back,” Noah announced before disappearing. Cora watched as Noah’s mom served her a little of each food available. She looked around the room and for a moment she saw herself as a little girl again. The smells of home were still the same. How she had missed it. Noah returned a few moments later with a small box in his hand. He pulled his chair away from the table and immediately went to one knee in front of her. Cora, felt butterflies in her stomach. “Cora,” He begins. “We have known each other for a long time. Even when life pulled us apart, my feelings for you never faltered. I knew the day you walked into my office that you were the same little girl I watched be born. The little girl with red highlights as I watched you age.” Cora was speechless. He misinterpreted her response strangely enough. “I wasn’t spying on you, I promise.” Cora laughed. “I know. You were curious.” She tells him. He smiled and continued. “When we meet our soul mate, no matter what age or under what circumstances, we pledge ourselves in that moment for fear of losing that chance. The moment for me came when I saw the red highlights in your beautiful hair as a child. As strange as that may seem.” He opened the box he held. Inside was a beautiful ring. The stone seemed to change colors constantly. The silver braided band sparked like diamonds. “Cora, will you complete me? Bringing my search to an end for my other half?” Cora felt tears spring to her eyes. “Yes, Noah. I will.” He smiled again as his mom dried tears of her own from her eyes. When Noah slipped the ring on her finger, it fit perfectly. She watched amazed as the colors swirled and then settled on the most beautiful purple she could have imagined. “It’s beautiful.” She whispered. Noah pulled his chair up and sat next to her. His mother served him his dinner and asked excitedly. “So when do we get to plan the wedding?” Noah smiled. “I’m afraid we don’t waste our time and energy on such things.” His mother stopped and looked at her son. She smiled. Something had definitely changed. His bearing, his mannerisms, his way of speaking. He was definitely Adar’s son. “Well then,” she moved on to the next most important topic. “How soon will I have grandchildren?” Cora gasped, and Noah started laughing. “When its time, mother.” Noah could feel his old self slipping away a little at a time. The fear he had felt since he had left the military began to ease replaced by a confidence he didn’t know he had. He now had a purpose, a mission. He seemed to be hyper focused on what needed to be done. He found himself slipping a hand up Cora’s leg absentmindedly. She stopped him by taking his hand in hers. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He nodded in understanding. It would be rude not to finish dinner and help his mother tend to things before they retired for the night. He smirked at her and Cora felt the beginnings of a familiar sensation. It stopped. Noah was letting her know his urges. She knew he could make her cum right in this moment if he chose. This only made her more eager for them to be able to fully get to know each other. They behaved themselves and made it through dinner. When Noah began to clear the table for his mother, she stopped him. “Let me deal with this son. You have more important matters to attend to.” She smiled. Noah kissed his mother’s cheek. “Goodnight, mother. I love you.” His mother simply shooed him away. When Cora went to stand up, Noah suddenly picked her up bridal style and started towards the back door. Cora was confused. She figured they were going to his room upstairs. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “With what I’m going to be doing to you, we need to find a place with much more privacy than my bedroom will offer.” Cora blushed again. When he opened the door to the back yard, she gasped. It was a bright summer day and the back yard was full of flowers. She watched as two very young children raced through the field holding hands. As Noah got closer to his destination, the children sat beneath a pillar and she watched her younger self kiss him on the cheek and mention marriage. She heard the words the boy spoke and smiled.

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