Wayward Child

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When they stood before the pillar, a door seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of it. When Noah walked through the door, Cora gasped. It was a though they had walked into a honeymoon suite. A huge bed, a jacuzzi, and bottle of wine in a bucket of ice. When she looked down at the floor, it was covered in furs. On the furs were a trail of red rose petals leading to the bed. Noah smiled at her reaction. When they reached the bed, he finally lay her down gently. Cora blushed as notice she was completely naked. Before she could form a thought as to where they could have gone, Noah was above her and kissed her so long and deep that it took her breath away. “Now, you will see me for who I really am. Cora watched in awe as he seemed to glow. His white hair seemed to wave in an unseen wind. She allowed herself to continue to survey his body. His body was muscular, his chest and abs well defined. Her gaze continued its journey south. Just seeing his manhood made her gasp. He was very well endowed. Ten inches easily. And the girth. She moaned aloud. “I intend to save the best for last.” Noah purred. And just as she had seen in her mind, he gently spread her legs apart. She felt him fill her with his fingers and gasped as he began pounding her sex. All she could do was grab the covers and pull and did his work on her. In no time she felt her juices gush all over his fingers and down his arm. As she rode the orgasm, he smiled and buried his face in her heat. He continued to fuck her with his fingers as he began sucking on her clit and then swirling his tongue. She arched her back as she came again. When she instinctively moved away from the relentless beating of her clit with his tongue, Noah hooked his fingers, hitting her g spot all while pulling her back into his control. She came in wave after wave. Gasping from the endless continuous pleasure. In the back of her mind, she heard a voice beg him to stop. Her body seemed to be trying to decide if it could handle all that was being done to her. Noah stopped for a moment and began kissing her stomach. It distracted her. She watched him smile as he worked his way up her body. He continued kissing up her to her breasts. Then he took his time on one side and the other. Sucking on each nipple, then flicking it with his tongue. Cora moaned. Thankful for the small break. She was able to breathe evenly and found herself being able to relax as did his work gently, carefully, taking his time. It was torture. He knew what her body wanted. Desperately. She opened her eyes and looked at him pleading. He only smiled. “I’m not going to make it that easy, love. Tell me what you want.” Cora pouted. This only made Noah more insistent. “One step at a time. I intend to make this last for as long as I think you can handle it. And believe me. You can’t handle as much as you think you can.” He saw Cora’s eyes flash. Noah smiled. In a move that shocked him for a moment, Cora had his manhood in her hands and began pumping him expertly as she climbed to her knees and crawled closer to him. He closed his eyes enjoying her hands on him. When she took his balls into her other hand and began stroking him vigorously, he wanted to open his mouth and warn her. She didn’t give him a chance. She took his cock into her mouth, playing with his tip. When she deep throated him, he had to grab her hair just keep control. This only made her suck his cock harder and deeper. “Cora, please. You must not.” He could feel his cock begin to throb. Before Cora knew what happened, she found herself facing the other way. Before she could register what happened, Noah shoved his manhood into her pussy. She felt her whole body spasm in a massive orgasm unlike anything she had experienced before. It only intensified when he blew his load into her. His cum released in streams that reminded of her of when she masterbated in the shower. It was relentless. Each stream sent her body into spasms. The orgasms were coming so quickly and endless, Cora couldn’t keep up with it. Or rather her mind couldn’t. Noah grabbed her hips and slammed into one more time, rattling her body with more orgasms. Her mind was spinning. A moment later, she woke to find herself in Noah’s arms. He watched her with a smile. “I tried to warn you. One step at a time. You need to allow your body and mind to adjust to the onslaught of sensations you experience. And that’s only the beginning. I wanted to have sex with you in a way you would understand. What I plan to show you next, you will not be able to even verbalize. “Show me.” Cora whispered. Her body demanded it. Noah simply kissed her. Cora’s body exploded in sensations. She felt the electricity through her body and mind again. In that moment, Noah knew exactly what to do to pleasure her. In her minds eye, Noah was holding her. He simply ran his finger down her arm and Cora’s mind threatened to shut down. Overwhelmed by what was happening to her body. She couldn’t even think about how to form thought let alone verbalize them. Noah smiled and slid his hand down to her ass. When she gasped as he began to fuck her ass with his finger, she realized he had released their mental connection. She looked behind her and watched he slid his rock hard cock into her ass. She grimaced expecting pain. There was none. With a look of genuine shock on Noah’s face for a moment, he raised an eyebrow. “You really are full of surprises.” Cora only smiled, daring him. He pulled out and did it again. He could sense Cora’s satisfaction as the pain mixed with the pleasure. Not too much. But just enough. She was still human after all. He watched her bury her face in her pillow at first and scream in pleasure. After a few minutes, she pushed herself back up on her hands. “Fuck me, harder. Please.” She was begging him. He felt his cock harden even more. Noah groaned in need. He grabbed her and responded. “As you wish, my love.” Then he began pounding her ass. Almost forgetting to control his hunger as she kept screaming, “Yes, fuck me. Fuck me harder. Oh yes. God, fuck me.” He fucked her the way her body demanded it. She knew what she wanted. Her body and mind would protect her as much as he tried to himself. When he finally came, he braced Cora for the orgasmic onslaught. He slipped into her mind to keep her from blacking out this time. Holding her close as he emptied himself into her. Having to resort to physical pleasure was so barbaric. Considering what he was capable of. But he found it enjoyable. Her pleasure fed his own. In an endless loop of wild abandon. For a moment, he could sense the universe around him. He allowed the pleasure they created to build up and then as he finished inside Cora, he pushed the pleasure outward. He could almost hear a collective sigh of satisfaction. He returned to the present moment and found Cora cradled in his arms again. He could feel his manhood finally relax. But there was a thin veil, he could very easily become aroused again. Cora needed time to adjust. They had work to do in that regard. He pulled her close. And for the first time in a long time. He was able to fall into a deep and restful sleep.

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