Hourglass City

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Power. An ability that everybody should have; everyone except for Lysli Ariflryae. Despite bearing the scorn of almost everyone around her, despite being trodden down by even the weakest of the weak, she still managed to have a semblance of a normal life. That is until she discovered a book hidden within the depths of an abandoned library. Now, she gained the means obtain Power of her own. However, Power comes at the cost of pain. Lysli’s quest for a normal life unwittingly exposed something big. Conspiracies intertwined with the mysterious dome that protects the city begin to emerge and with it, unintended consequences. The history taught at school were all lies, and The Dome was only a temporary measure against humanity’s mistakes. So, the question remained. Who wiped the memories of the people, and why was everybody still alive?

Scifi / Fantasy
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Author's Note: i.e. The Boring but Necessary Stuff

The important (ish) stuff:

I’m a big fan of turning tropes on their head. They normally start out generic but then...I tend to spice it up a bit.

But before I talk about that...

Here, I ask a favour from you esteemed readers. Please refrain from hate commenting. I am aware that my skills are not the best, I am aware that the plot will take some time to build up. I am an avid reader myself so I do understand your frustrations. But I ask of you, please don’t take out that anger in an unnecessarily rude way. It solves nothing. Harsh constructive criticisms are accepted, in fact, I prefer them. A person’s unvarnished thoughts and suggestions or improvement are gold.

Now for the fun part. I have mentioned about turning clichés on their head, yes? Well here’s a few.

The ‘having no power but obtains power’ cliché.

The bullied protagonist.

And more.

We’ll see how well I do with trying to make them at least somewhat unique. A little forewarning that this book may not be for everyone. There will not be a ‘happy’ ending in the traditional sense. The ending will conclude the story but it won’t resolve the overarching issue because it is past the point of no return.

When you can’t change anything, at least survive. Human societies are made in their inhabitants image of themselves, whether they know it or not. Thinking you can influence something bigger than yourself when you don’t have the means or opportunities to is foolish as society and its collective mistakes are bigger than the individual.

That is the main theme. So no, there won’t be a neat resolution, but the story will end. Agree or disagree with the theme is up to you. It was made for the purposes for this story and does not necessarily reflect my opinion. However, personally, I do see some truth in it.

On another note, I do tend to be the annoying kind of author that scatters plot points everywhere and leave them unresolved until the end where all the dots connect. This means that every chapter has a role to play. This also means that there will be stray point-of-views that may or may not randomly pop up but that is to add to the overall storyline. Forewarning that it will seem spontaneous.

The boring (necessary) stuff:

If anyone is reading this anywhere other than Wattpad or Inkitt, then this story has been pirated. Most of these mirror sites are quite...dubious at best, especially with the fact that many are loaded with malware. Please go to Wattpad (this may be subject to change and this note will be changed accordingly) and go on my profile keepthywits and read it there. All of my books are completely free and malware free. If you guys have found this book outside of Wattpad, please feel free to comment to give me a heads up.

Thank you for your time and hopefully the story won’t feel as if you’ve wasted it.

-- keepthywits

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