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Enigma of the Exoplanet

By Sravanthi Talluri All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 1

Dr. Manoj Sobti sat down on his arm chair in the balcony, right across from Aryan. For a 73 year old man, he had a fairly steady voice. Much of Aryan’s intellect was a direct influence of his grandfather. And today, even after a quarter of his life, Aryan seeks peace and mindful conversations in their truest form, only from his grandfather.

That morning was just another perfect instance of a scintillating conversation. The grandfather and grandson immersed in a deep discussion on the nuances of the universe -the most literal sense of it. And this meant a kettle of caffeine and many puffs of smoke, powered by a natural breezy Sunday weather.

“Every single thing on this planet today grows from a singular atom into a breathing, living, aging mass. As part of the infinite wisdom we have on us, we can identify the different dug down past origins, you know? If we look back to the origin of the phenomenon, you can see a very very distinct pattern.

Long long ago, almost 13 billion years ago, there was once a happy singular entity called the universe. Believe it or not, this entire vastness of the visible universe, this matter, this radiation, everything, was once just a singular dense mass of a tiny millimeter, just that. But in a fractional second of time,an explosion converted the nothing to an everything. Out of nowhere, “Boom!” a giant explosion distorted the entity into a billion pieces of its own self. Every one knows that story. “The big bang”they call it.”, he said to Aryan with occasional exuberance of dancing hands.

“Yes, grandpa! I know that theory.”

“Good. So today, I am not going to bore you with that. Today, let me tell you another story. A fictional fantasy, that I think must have happened.”

“Ha-ha”, Aryan chuckled at his little disclaimer, “All right, grandpa! I am on board. Go on!”

“Long long ago, on a planet called the Ventu, there lived…”

“Over the past few years, sir, we only tried to make your planet more habitable, more colonized and more beautiful. I wonder why you would try to blame us for it. What do you say we have erred in?”, Mr. Marshall subtly demanded with a sinister smirk on his face.

The translator, Leo Soile, sighed. Azu looked at him with folded hands and crossed eyebrows.

“ken saken Soile? Men lifuken sa ken…”, he demanded loudly at Leo.

Leo slowly translated each word of Mr. Marshall into the exact terms of Ech Dvesh. And much to the expectation of Leo, Azu was further infuriated. He yelled at Leo, occasionally pointing at Mr. Marshall.

“Azu, the Lord, our Highness, commands me to express his enrage over your neglect, sir. He says that continually you have been pumping far more people to Ventu than we have agreed and exploiting our resources. Almost 160% more people than agreed. We are running short of water and minerals. And we also see that there is a consistent lack of diamonds and oil. Almost 10 barrels of each per visit. He demands me, sir, to ask you if you’re ignorant to all this?”

The cacophony of the hall started to fade into a slow gasp. Mr. Marshall nervously chuckled at the accusation. He turned to the dais and faced the members of the jury.

“Honorable jury, I would hereby like to mention that..”

Marshall’s eyes locked with the third person on the jury. Linda. He knew he couldn’t away from this now. He had lost to her eyes, the scrutinizing agony in her looks. He took a quick gulp of water and continued.

“Yes, that.. Um.. the claims of his Highness, Azu are all baseless. All we have ever done is.. is to assure that Ventu never reaches extinction. Further…”

Azu got up from his knee squat and started yelling at his counterpart leader, Mr. Marshall. His cabinet followed his shrieks, banged the desks and jumped in protest.

“All right! All right! Azu Moli. Mo po ti thikenpo! Mo po ti thikenpo!”, one member of the jury controlled him.

Azu raised one hand to silence his cabinet and sat down.

“We have clear evidences of your fraud, Mr. Marshall. We know the malice behind your trade off. We shall not sanction your request. And that’s our final order. Do you have anything else to say?”, Linda commanded Mr. Marshall.

A cacophony from the left wing arose to deafen the house. Mr. Marshall, the leader of the earth, the president of the United Humans Planetary Association, nodded and sat down. The very voice of Linda shook Marshall from his toes. His lips were sealed. He couldn’t use his diplomacy now, not in front of her. He had failed far too many times before, with her. She knew him way too much. Disgust spewed from her beautiful blue eyes and he couldn’t face that.

“Thank you. Azu, your highness, do you propose a counter argument”, the jury demanded.

“Azu Moli, Ken himo stamothi?”

“Zo.. mentimosamo thisamothi tun ua…..”

Azu rambled in a humane gibberish to Leo.

“Sir, Azu would like to propose for a better trade phenomenon between the human habitat, the Earth and the Neanderthal habitat, the Ventu. He proposes to have a singular body of commission to allow or deny the entry of any human into the Ventu. And he would wish for a regularized system for migration. We would be sending just as many Ventunians to the Earth, as the Earth would be sending to us. They’re free to have a commission of their own. Also, we would like to stop the trade of fuel and other natural supplies to earth. As an attempt to make the Ventu better habitable as before, we propose that we cancel the next 2 migrations of Earthians to Ventu.”

“Granted. Any other questions?”

“Ken saken vada?”

“Vadan”, Azu waved at Leo and sat down.

“Thank you. The moon is adjourned.”

The crowd from Mr. Marshall’s cabinet scowled at him for his defenseless silence. After 15 decades of covered malice that prospered them, the Earth was going to turn into an uncivilized land of Neanderthals. They had to journey back from the moon, with unresolved egos and pointed fingers. The Earth was not going to be happy. Not one bit.

On the other hand, the Ventunians rejoiced their success and raised Azu on their backs. They were going to return to Ventu as a success, for the first time. Heaven was going to ensue on the planet, once they get back. Azu was going to be crowned as the best Ularo of the Ventu, the highest reward for the planet.

Mr. Marshall looked the Ventunians’ celebration and his partners deserting him. Soon after everyone left the hall, Mr. Marshall clenched his teeth and screamed out in frustration. The noise of a complication progressed in the air, reached the ceiling and hit him like a boomerang with intensified reverberations.

With moist red eyes, he charged at the empty dais.

“Miss Linda. I will exact my revenge.”

“Baba. Srikanth saahab aapko bula rahe hai. Kuch logon ke saath udhar ishtudy mein baithe hue hai”

(Baba, Srikanth sir’s awaiting your arrival. He’s in the study with a few people.)

The handy man of the house Raju said to Manoj with his head hung low.

“Achha. Chalo chalte hai”, he replied.

Manoj winked at Aryan and said “To be continued, beta. To be continued.”

“But. Wait.. Baba. Who’s Linda? Why did Marshall not say a thing? This is preposterous. And how are the Ventunians going to benefit from this?”

Manoj walked away laughing and by the time Aryan could complete his question, he vanished into the ambiguous darkness on the edge of the staircase.

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