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Chapter 10

Hurting Sinister ‘Reptilians.’

How to ‘do things’ to reptilians they don’t like.

In other words, how to really hurt them.

Really. Hurt. Hurt.

Well but it’s quite irresponsible to give out ‘loaded guns’ to anyone and everyone, don’t you think? So we can’t really do that here either. We can do it, but not here.

And as previously said, we don’t want to simply place ourselves into the same category as all those whose modus operandi is already violence and deceptiveness and cheating – because this just justifies their style of competition for supremacy.

But if you read on carefully, and closely, and using your mind as best as you are able, you will find the hints of pathways to proceed down. And believe me, you will be found out if you are like a thief coming in to rob where you are not supposed to be, and if you do that, the most dire consequences will befall you, your family, your friends, and anyone who is associated with you...

Just kidding.

Right? LOL

You try it one time though, if you are ‘the wrong type,’ and see what happens next.

But read on, oh thou brave person. If you are willing.


Vera-Lucien, these days, when she wants to ‘talk,’ sends an email ahead of time to one of the intra-net addresses that the CIA stole off the ‘Temple of Set,’ would you believe. The Temple of Set is really quite a big and powerful thing that the general media dismisses as just a bunch of loonies.

I say ‘stole’ but well, that is really not the case, since the Temple was originally organised, begun, literally by people inside US Military Intel.

Lt. Colonel Michael A. Aquino (retired) gets all the attention when it comes to the Temple of Set but he’s another one of these bizarro ‘fronts’ that are used by the super-bright people behind the scenes.

Possibly, the Temple of Set members all think their ‘top secret intra-net’ communications system is un-hackable...

Anyway, so, uh-oh, Vera wants to talk.

There was nothing on my ‘radar’ about why she would do.

Right on schedule, my phone blipped.

“Hi. I’m taking this on Ronnie the AI drone-phone, if that’s okay, Vera. Say ‘Hi’ to Vera, Ronnie.”

“Hi. Vera. How are things with you? Is there something I can help you with today?”

“That’s enough, Ronnie, thank you.”

Vera’s voice: “What the f-...”

“Yeah, betcha your drone-phones don’t speak an’ all. And I have a slave-link hand-piece. I can send the other thing in to order pizza from somewhere! Cute, eh?”

I changed my voice to an ominous (fake ominous) much deeper voice. “What do you need, Vera?”

“Just catching up with you, John. You don’t mind that, do you? You guys have all gone quiet for months. I just wanted to see if everything is all right. ...What’s happening?”

“Waddya mean?! Iran deployed those long-flight drones like we said, did they not? In fact – are they not, even right now this very second as we speak. And are you going to do anything about it?”

“I’m not in operations any more John.”

“Oh. Let me guess – analysis of critical supply chain choke-point risks and vulnerabilities.” Now why did I have go say ‘choke-point,’ though...

Still – lol – that would teach her (not); she never learns. Right now she was wondering how I had access into the files on her desk.

“Hey by the way. Don’t send your hurt team into anywhere on the strength of the phone signal, okay? Don’t hurt Ronnie. I might have already sent him out to the pizza shop by the time your heavies got to the thing. It’s just Ronnie, Vera. Ronnie. Ronnie is like Baby Yoda. He’s so cute.”

They didn’t have a snowflake’s hope in hell of tracking anything, not Ronnie, not the phone, not anything. Never mind that the traffic was all being routed back through their own silly ‘Temple of Set’ stupidity; there was other stuff, stuff you don’t need to know about here.

Vera: “I don’t have a hurt team.”

“Any more. Didn’t you mean to say ‘any more?’”

I actually like Vera-Lucien. She’s just a bit, um, misguided that’s all.

“I already apologised for that last incident. It was a mistake. And it cost me.”

“Vera, Vera, Vera. Why don’t you, take all of that leave time that you are owed. Store your Corvette or whatever thing it is you are driving there now. And come over and see my friend – and your friend, Charlotte. You know, your counterpart in the French lot. Well, I suppose she’s a grade or two above you though right now, yes? Shame. Not to worry though. Maybe you can get some points back with what you find out with her and what she’s doing.

“And I know you won’t play any tricks with her, because she can take you along semi-official like. What do you say Vera? Come over da-a-a-ahlinck. It’ll be fun.”

“Will you be there?”

“What you mean is will ‘our friends’ be here... I mean you want to take photographs, right? Selfies with the Alien.” Could not help but laugh out loud there.

“Honestly, Vera, how many times do they have to get the message to you – they could not care less about the US government, the military or anything like that. They are not here for that stuff. Hey but I’ll tell you who will be here and that you can justify your jaunt out here for. Because this is one of your ex-military people, with plenty of little compartments, you know, still left open and not tied up with neat bows, from his past.”

I reached out a hand and grabbed a Ladurée pastry, and stuck a bit of it in my mouth.

“Mm. Vera. Someone you know. And you know, certain of your bosses, well, actually, quite a lot of them these days, would like to see him, er, gone. As in, really gone.”


“Now listen to me, Vera. You cannot mess around with any of these people this time – not like you try to with me, dear. They will water-board you the way the thing was really designed to be handled. And which they partly invented too, right?”

“Who? John... Just tell me who?”

“Major Ed Dames.”

Sold. Sold. The cheapest penny dropped, and the vestigial reptilian parts of her human neurology were all duly salivating to the silliest bait of all being offered. She wasn’t a ‘reptilian!’ Far from it. She was just your common-or-garden variety, simple-minded ‘high IQ’ human. But her bosses these days were virtually all entirely ‘animated’ by the thing that David Icke loves to talk about. He – Icke – likes to say they are ‘inter-dimensional beings.’ Reptilian, inter-dimensional beings. LOL

We’re all of us, we humans (well I am, advisedly, or at least allegedly, as far as you know, a human, right?) partly ‘reptilian’ in that according to the Theory of Evolution, it was the reptile part of our neural system that developed first in the overall brain structure. So, hey, we’re not all bad, ‘we humans!’ So, equivalently, even if you just take the ride on the ‘reptilian entity’ train here for a moment, they are not all bad either.

I mean, Xan is yes very very ‘reptilian’ because he/she/it does have those membranes; those ones...

Not to mention that even in the Bible, the actual closest beings to the Throne of God are shining, six-winged kinds of serpents (they’re not serpents really, they have very strong sequentially-activated and highly elastic muscles, and a body that can withstanding enormous G’s, and special electron plasma brains when they are in the material form and likely to move around very fast in space, or atmosphere) called ‘Seraphim.’ And even when they are adopting a ‘normal’ humanoid face, they have these neck muscles (just like the singer, Katy Perry) that can regulate, even temporarily stop the flow of blood out of the brain, or pump it back in there, so that they don’t ‘black out’ at high super-high G’s. Mind you, they can totally disappear out of the physical material matrix too. The Seraph creatures that is; not Katy Perry. As far as I understand.

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