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Chapter 11

They Hate Major Ed Dames.

So, yeah - Major Ed Dames... Yes, well, he had these teams of selected, trained, recruits in a classified research project that by now everyone has heard of – George Clooney featured in the sarcastic movie about it: ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats.’

You could say it was a ‘psychological research’ project because the underlying truth of it was all about how to determine what people really believed compared with what they merely said, and Major Dames’ projects were the precursors of what eventually turned into ‘enhanced interrogation.’

So the truth is it wasn’t fully or exclusively about ‘remote viewing.’

Behind the scenes there were plenty of pretty smart academic people extracting mucho yieldo from out of the activities.

Even so, though, forgetting all the practical, realistic, actual scientific basis of the ‘research,’ definitely some of the most wild and entertaining, interesting aspects were those ‘8 Martini results’ of the often initially quite unauthorised ‘targeted remote viewing’ exercises.

Major Ed Dames at a certain point, went right outside the standard box, as it were, and started creating new and unusual ‘targeted missions’ – or, let’s say ‘mission targets’ – and which he gave to the actual enlisted trained personnel -, that consisted of looking into various ‘Satanic activities in the United States...’

Now, hang with what you are about to read here for just a little bit, and with an open mind, because at a point towards the end of it, you are going to suddenly be shown something never ever before explained and exposed in any public forum, and that will radically alter your view about any of these things that the American Military and the CIA were up to.

To cut a long story short, here is a summary of one particular sequence of ‘targeted remote viewing’ exercises:

The run-down of it, the ‘take-away’ of what was ‘observed,’ is this – that all serious malevolent occult lodges (because there are more benign ones as well), have a basement area, the foundations of which are not laid fully complete, in that there is one small area which is exposed to the earth and not covered by concrete or any other thing.

Into this bare earth area, is planted an acacia root, which, although it is not required to necessarily actually grow into a living plant there-from, is fashioned so that its upper part, exposed to the air (and some of these are indeed, actually growing plants...) extends as far as needed to be formed into a part of a wooden staircase leading up, from the basement, to the floor, or other floors, above.

On one level of the lodge’s parapsychology beliefs, you could say, or mindset, is the metaphorical concept that there is some ‘underworld force’ or even intelligence, which is accessed from the ‘underworld’ and transported into the lodge and into its initiated members.

What was ‘seen’ by the remote viewers, was that there was literally a dragon-like, a serpentine super-intelligent chthonic being, a real entity, that could use the wooden stairway as a portal into the human world, and from which vantage, it’s ‘all-seeing eye’ was able to see and to know everything, that any of its members were doing and even thinking. ‘Technically’ – that is, in the occultic ‘technical’ sense – this being would not ‘be’ anywhere other than literally in the wooden parts of the lodge’s interior. Even to look out into the world outside, the being was only able to peer through the windows from some preternaturally ‘possessed’ placement inside the lodge.

However, the being was able to destroy the inner spiritual parts of the occult lodge’s initiate members, and to substitute its own animus therein – such that, those people became marionettes, puppets, of the reptilian demonic being.

It was encouraged upon all members, that they purchase life insurance, bequeathing part of it, to the lodge when they deceased. The serpentine being, having a life-span uncountably greater than that of even many humans, and an ancient source and existence, not only remembered the way of life of the serpent civilisation that once was in the Cosmos somewhere (but which no longer exists), but also easily knew the trajectory of many generations previous to the lives of the present living lodge members.

Hence, there was a characteristic style of economic mindset, that this serpentine entity imposed upon its marionettes – notably, that they would automatically engage in investing in ‘economic rent’ propositions, that is, in investing in the receipt of payments in excess of the costs of production for any factor of production. This system creates privilege over natural opportunities.

This is certainly a political idea which gives rise to the valuation growth economics of cities, but in another way, there is another peculiarity reflected too which comes directly from the serpentine/reptilian mindset which comes from its memory of its own antediluvian civilisation, which is namely, that so many cities are quite linear in ‘design’ but rising in ‘economic rent’ values towards the ‘head’ end.

Cities could be circular in their land valuation demographics – how the ‘economic rent’ is allocated – or they could be in squares, or they could be in nodes like Rome (EG the Palatine Hill and all the rest there), but they are mostly not; they are linear, even where they follow a winding river. One would suppose a ‘serpentine’ intelligence follows a winding, or coiled architectural template, but it does not – it is strictly linear, with an ascendant part, and a ‘trailing’ part. (At least, this is the ‘targeted remote viewing’ narrative about it; as I said, just hang with this for a little while longer).

After even just a few generations of lodge members, and the accretion of substantial lump sums from life insurance pay-outs, as well as the capital growth from investing in only a rigorously de-limited section of the real estate market – the lodge becomes extremely wealthy.

And because the reptilian serpentine entity possesses the members of the lodges, it can manipulate them, make them do all manner of mysterious and illegal, immoral, demonic things for its own benefit. It imbues these ‘husks’ with preternatural motivation and determination and forcefulness, wilfulness of nature which these people never had when they first entered and became initiated into the lodge.

There are not ‘several’ or ‘many’ reptilian minds then, operating from out of the occult lodges – but only one reptilian brain which possesses and animates all of the ‘people’ that it uses. Without this preternatural ‘mind’ using them and pulling their strings, the ‘people’ are like zombies, with no knowledge, no objective, no integrated self-consciousness. And if you suddenly cut them off from the demonic reptilian being animating them, they would quickly become confused, and expire.

Now... Now. However let us not completely forget where this all began, and what its seminal inspiration was, and in whose effective supervisory hands the thing was being guided by.

When you ‘train’ someone, some neophyte, into some process of ‘remote viewing’ – a thoroughly woo-woo, out-there, unscientific phenomenon, you’ll grant, if you were being asked to give an opinion on television so that all your friends and relatives and neighbours and co-workers would know your opinion...

...When you train someone, you are really meddling with their mind.

You are at first asking them to be open to, what might be hallucinatory sensations and impressions, but then after awhile you are asking them to entertain these as real and not hallucinatory, and then along the way, you are buttressing the ‘beliefs’ and ‘impressions’ with formal assent processes.

Well, maybe you are doing that very sneakily, see.

Maybe, you are doing that.

Maybe, you are pulling out very susceptible subjects in the program and maybe even - you are making them believe things that you set out to have them believe.

After all, these ‘subjects’ are in floating silk hammocks, listening day and night-long to beat-patterns and soft talking looped tapes, eating special, doing Ganzfeld experiments, having hemi-sync gateway experiences...

And then, when the media tells you that Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner had these weirdo beliefs about demonic reptilians, and would go about looking for them, hunting them down (as his own writings depict), and then one day, one day, he loaded up an RV with explosives and blew up a street right outside of some telecommunications set-up inclusive of a place with the designation of - ‘Room 641A...’

Hey hey hey but don’t go jumping to conclusions now even after you just read all that though, because in the shadow world, things are never quite what they seem even when you think for sure you’ve worked it all out.

“The world ain’t what it seems, is it, Gunny? You keep that in mind. The moment you think you got it figured – you’re wrong!”

‘Mr. Rate;’ Levon Helm, ‘Shooter’ 2007.

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