New Ideas And Solutions From Advanced ET Aliens

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Chapter 16

Sholan – Geordie Rush! (Extended Mix) [NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS MUSIC]

The Paul Van Dyk livestream was being played through the big screen and coming through the magnificent sounding speakers, and people from all around the world were being shown behind the East German DJ, via their live ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’ functions and so on. All the figures were moving, some had those cyber glasses on, dancing to the music. Xan had disappeared. The two young Australian girls were gyrating and swirling around and dancing to the music too.

But it was the flashes of geometric shapes, those Platonic Solids, the geometries of Democritus, the inverted triangles, and the pictures of people with PLUR kandi that were being ‘inserted’ subliminally all in there, that was the main thing going on...

Because when the young kids saw all of those again, in another context, they would not be so intimidated like they were right now, like they had been - when they had caught a glimpse of Xan’s eyes looking at them before like they were food, and also looking deeply into them.

JES was singing happily about something, and then after that Cristina Soto sang plaintively about some other thing. And then when Matthias Paul did his ‘namaste’ thing which signalled the very near to the end of the show, Charlotte raised two hands up to the girls, holding two sets of car keys.

“Here. These are for you tonight and for two weeks, and maybe for another week or so later on for the Christmas theatre season time.”

She gave the keys to the two young women. They said clearly on their shell casing: ‘RR.’

And the attendants packed everything up for the girls and then took them home -, and they were completely drunk of course.

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