New Ideas And Solutions From Advanced ET Aliens

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Chapter 18

The Ultra-Violet Catastrophe.

I suppose one trouble with women, is that you can’t stop them... ...when it comes to house-work. They can be good at it, not-so-good at it, really bad at it, but if there is a modern high-tech vacuum cleaner closet in the place, no matter that there are contract cleaners that come around and do stuff, the women of the house will mess with those vacuum cleaners, and most usually when the males are sleeping or listening to sports on live-streams.

Even those super-intelligent, highly professionally-educated Sorbonne or École Polytechnique people, who have risen over many years into high places, and even if they have had the backing of heavy-weight families and industrial conglomerates literally owned by their daddies -, they mess with the vacuum cleaners.

And they do that most often, because they are taking some enormous personal risk in something they are doing in their professional or private lives, and so they go back to the safe zones of life every chance they get...

If you have ventured out – adventured, really – into the whacky realm of the utterly bizarre notions that there are actual ET Aliens, and that they are around and may be contacted and interacted with, and you are doing it because there are ‘touch-points’ inside of actual official military intelligence files that not too many people want to get their own hands dirty with, then you are taking enormous personal risks. With your career, with what other people think of you.

After World War II, when there were many pressing and obvious motives to look at areas of potential vulnerabilities – and which certainly included the more-than-just-rumours that Nazis in Germany had been using occult groups to secretly compartmentalise many different activities, from the practice of eugenics, to the researching of technology and the development of very advanced weapons – allied intelligence groups had very active counterinsurgency programs running parallel to could have been either Soviet or Marxist or Nazi totalitarian ‘cover groups.’

Before the war, big French industrial groups had significant engagement with Tokyo manufacturing and chemical laboratories – this was for example, really where groups like Shiseido had their involvement with the European cosmetics market. There’s so much more that can be known about major modern era French designers, say someone like Serge Lutens, for one good example, than what is likely to be revealed to the public at large. Same goes for the late Karl Lagerfeld too, for that matter. Once you start saying ‘family in French-Russian-German-Old French Catholic Church diplomacy’ then you are swimming in very deep and murky waters. Karl is another strange case, of course.

Charlotte had entered into all of this, because of the French industrial secret files. Vera-Lucien, because of the original Thomas Crombie Schelling ‘Defense Science Board’ files.

Hoovering thick carpets up and down the corridor outside of where Vera was sleeping – had been, sleeping – Charlotte had aroused Vera whose last dream had been about how the French had gotten hold of that damn pirate around the corner; who lived probably somewhere around the corner from here but no one knew where. At least that was what Charlotte had been saying; that she didn’t know his exact location.


The vacuum kept on going, whirring, if not too noisily, then at least with a sound level that caused Vera to raise her voice: “Char-lie!”

The whirring ceased. And the bedroom suite’s main door opened up.

“Yes. Lucy. What?”

“How did you get with John *?”

“If I tell you will you tell me about his background history then?”


“National Security Bureau of Taiwan. Apparently his family has been in China for more than two hundred years, um, doing things – but also trading with people back in Europe. Which includes my father’s company. And I had heard these stories about some of those Chinese people they dealt with, since I was a little girl, how they talked with mysterious dragon or serpent people that lived high up in virtually inaccessible mountains in Taiwan. But then when at our bureau, we were getting plenty of information on what your technologists were up to, from the Taiwanese – when I chased that line up, they were telling me this, this same story, see. About the dragon people. And so I asked, well, can I meet one of these dragon people? And they sent me to see your boy.”

“I know. The Taiwanese. They really believe this nonsense.”

“That’s because it’s true, Lucy. Did you not learn anything from Vietnam? Anyway, I would like to ask you about what you know about him yourselves.”

Vera looked around for some water. There was plenty of bottled water in the bedroom suite fridge.

“Just a minute, Charlotte. I need some water.”

Charlotte came into the bedroom suite from having been standing with one hand on the door-frame, at door-way, and followed Vera-Lucien to where she was, beside the small fridge. Charlotte sat up onto the writing desk and crossed her legs, closing clasped hands around one knee.

“Yes. What we know... Yes. Okay. He was someone trained from early childhood under a program being run by Dr Munro Leaf, which was part of the Defense Science Board’s counterinsurgency activities headed by Thomas C. Schelling.”

“So, he’s a counterinsurgency operative.”

“No. They believed they had direct contact with ET Aliens at the time because of the nuclear bomb and that there was some process of engagement going on to exchange technology and information in order to prevent global nuclear disaster, and part of that, was the counterinsurgency stuff.

“John *, is one of about half a dozen kids the ET Aliens wanted to be given, as in literally given, and educated by the ET’s themselves, brought into their culture and ways of living, how they thought, everything – because, apparently, they only wanted to interact and give information to children. So the government, through some academics in the US and with the assistance of some in the UK as well, found and selected some super-scoring IQ very very young kids, and well, handed them over.”

“And then? Then what happened? Did you get anything?”

“Not really. And then by the mid-Sixties, the whole thing died away, people in charge, people who were leading it all, running it all, actually got old and died themselves, and everything was just wound down or merged into different activities and missions.”

“Except that you did keep tabs on these kids, right?”

“Yes we kept tabs.”


“And nothing. Nothing ever developed. None of them turned up anywhere screaming about ET’s or anything like that. They all ended up making a fucking lot of money all by themselves, but that was not unexpected, right? Since they had all been assessed as super duper bright kids to begin with.”

“But I know we are not talking all these big names like Gates and all of those. So what do you mean ‘a lot of money?’ Like what, where?”

“Well, that’s part of the worrying issue. We don’t know, can’t really explain it. It just turns up. Like, from out of nowhere, it just ‘turns up.’ And I mean we are talking serious dollars. Here – do you want some water?” Vera handed forward her bottle, and Charlotte took it and drank from it.

“Maybe I need some Berocca...” Vera opined.

“And that is why you went and revisited the files?”

“Yep. And do you know what these kids told me when I got to them?”

Charlotte shook her head.

“Aliens gave it to them.” She shook her head. “And then, and then -,” she held out a finger to make the point. “They said -, the ET Aliens said, that we were all on the edge of destroying ourselves and that the ET’s were going to help the process along because we were too stupid to be allowed to live and that all the kids agreed with them about that too... That we were too stupid, given what they knew of us, compared to what they had learned with the ET’s.”

“That’s so bad.” Charlotte said; but was there some sarcasm in her voice? Vera decided to ask directly.

“Yes, so so say, but you told me they are going to protect your, your, your vineyards?”

“Are you envious of this?”

“I’ll tell you what they also did – they gave us a list, they gave one of my bosses a list, of scientists and contractors working on some advanced technology. And they said that if we pursue these avenues, they would wreak destructive havoc everywhere that was connected until we ‘got the message.’”

“Yes, we know. Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais. Space-time Modification Weapons. High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generation.”

“You know that...?”

“You know that...?”

“We know that. Yes, we know it.”

“So but you also know that are planning destruction of things too. You must know that, since you already framed it that they were going to protect your vineyards... Like, protect from what? This implies they require to be protected, from something. Some what thing?”


“‘Ah’ what ‘ah?’ Charlotte? What ‘ah?’”

Charlotte thrust her hands between her legs and looked up at the ceiling. And then looked back down at Vera-Lucien.

“Well, Luce-y... We can say, you might say that, oh well, you could say that I am ‘on their side now.’ I function actually for the father’s company really, and not the bureau. I tried of course, for a long time. The closest I got were with these two professors at Grenoble Institute – Yafaev, Dimitry Yafaev and another one, Christophe Royon. In fact I believe Royon is also now working for you. Somewhere in the United States, I forget where but he is established in an American University situation now.

“So what I do is string the bureau along with intel from the Taiwanese and from various good sources about your weapons research programs, and I take their money and their official cover, and, well, I give the real information to the wine companies.”

“About the vineyards...”

“About the vineyards. I mean, for ’xample, where do you imagine zey get zis idea about ‘ze cognac not to be opened for a hundred years?’” Her accent was slipping back now.

“It’s a marketing idea.”

“For who? For people who will buy one hundred years from now? Are you mad? Zut alors...”

Charlotte left where she was sitting on the desktop, and went over to Vera-Lucien, and dragged her down onto the side of the bed, so that they were both sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Vera. Lucy-Vera. I tell you. You must come with us now, Lucy. This is why I am telling you. It’s all over. They are going smash things up. You come with us now.”

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