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Chapter 5

The Non-Existent Dreams Of Greta Thunberg.

When days just pass and there is really nothing to do, I take long walks by the river, mostly in the evenings.

Along the footpaths and bike paths there are earnest-looking Chinese people in the shadows of evening, pairs of them generally, out ‘fitness walking.’ These days there are a lot of Beijing Chinese government people about really; not local Chinese. The locals are watching television, playing computer games, or running their businesses.

My usual walk takes me by the new Ritz-Carlton. Odd-looking place... New, sure, but odd-looking architecture all the same. Certainly not by M. Combes, l’architect.

Pure sulphur, when it burns, it burns so hot that the flames are blue because of the short-wave frequency end of the spectrum of energy being put out there. Not quite yet the ‘ultra-violet catastrophe,’ but at least, quite blue. Some volcanoes have blue lava and fire.

Hopefully at least they will plan to retain the places of M. Combes, l’architect, you would think, when they contemplate to destroy things, all of these *holes with modern guns and bombs and missiles.

And I could only care less if there are that many of us left behind anyway, afterwards!

Next time there is a major war, it will be a catastrophic disaster. Ultra-violence, not ultra-violet.

There is simply nothing – nothing at all – in any of the words and expressed ideas of any so-called ‘world leaders’ or prominent people in the world right now, pointing in any other direction than supremacy of personal power, and eventual violence to assert their claims to power over everyone else.

Greta Thunberg is a prime example of the deceptiveness of it all. ‘You have destroyed our dreams with your lies...’

What dreams are those?

All those outside of the Garden of Eden have only phantasms, not dreams. And most people are locked out, of the Garden.

In 1945, when Edward Teller was asked to sign a letter to President Truman (the Szilard Petition) about not dropping the nuclear bomb without an adequate warning explosion in the upper atmosphere first, he declined, having been convinced that the decision should be best left to the politicians whose expert role it was to understand the politics of the whole thing.

Regret is one of those funny things – because really, it has no meaning.

It is a feeling, that someone may have after an event, and that one can do nothing about. Every politician practices the speech that begins: It is with regret that...

Too late, of course, to mean anything practical to those who happened to have died or been harmed by acts and the actions of grossly wicked people.

There is a reason though, why wickedness prevails in high political office, and anywhere that power is intended to be wielded for gain, and why it always has down through countless centuries.

If immediate evil were to befall whoever did something grossly wicked, then people generally would refrain from ‘doing evil...’

But it would not at all be clear to everyone that people were not still inwardly evil all the same.

Sly. Sly is what sentient beings all too often are. They can seem like one thing on the surface and they are able to maintain that grand façade for a long time, and then stab you in the back at the worst of all moments – or at least, when there is some perceived vulnerability and when they consider they can achieve their malevolent goals.

The number one reason that so many of the scientists, high-level technicians and engineers on projects like the original nuclear bomb (and other secret weaponry), all turned to self-reflection, Eastern meditation, and religious thoughts after the dropping of the nuclear bomb in particular – which was on largely, civilians - was of course this obvious difficult moral issue about who we are as human beings in the final analysis.

But to just say ‘no’ to warfare and killing solves no problems though. Greta Thunberg doesn’t have an answer.

If some fool on the world stage takes the unilateral decision to massacre a bunch of people in order merely to assert his power convincingly and thus establish his complete authority - or so he thinks - it does no good for anyone else to just stand back and say ‘oh well, can’t fight violence with violence.’

On so many occasions too, the slyness of human beings is actually quite readily on display, when such malevolent identities for instance obscure their deliberate lethal actualities behind clouds of mere ‘accident’ or unintentional outbreaks into violence - over build ups of tension. They could have de-escalated at any point but they never do. Xi’s troops were amassing at the Ladakh border region for absolutely no good reason before they killed dozens of Indian soldiers, ‘regrettably.’

The very most common and evident tool of all tyranny is the ability to avail itself of tools of brute force - and brute force is still the correct description for morally corrupt processes too, aka what you find in the ‘Orwellian’ state.

The hypothesis has been, over recent centuries, that the main line of action in resolving this sort of social/political moral dilemma, is via education, and ‘illumination,’ or social enlightenment, and objective analysis too.

But the dangerous risk intrinsic to ‘education,’ is sophistry. And how do you counter that?

Unless the moral targets were already known and understood and established, all that simple ‘education’ might be doing is simply reinforcing propaganda through organised and systematic sophistry.

‘Objective reasoning’ has served as a specious coverall pretending to be the salvation of Mankind. But what is the priority listing, the hierarchy, of ‘object’ values, in any given ‘objective reasoning’ system anyway?

The human race is a very long way off from comprehending its own quagmire of moral reasoning and subsequent manifested political functioning.

That is to say, the leaders of governing authorities in the world are not capable of comprehension... They are not interested in moral comprehension, they are too busy securing power and control.

Ordinary people are only all too keenly-aware of the problematic nature of leaderships and governments, because they suffer the effects of the malice wrought in people’s live by the personal ambitions of the unscrupulous at high levels of public life.

At the end of the day, there is no government anywhere handed ‘authority’ because of moral reasoning, but in fact, because the citizen stands at the open barrel end of a gun of some sort.

All of the fine speeches, the televised addresses, the ‘high judicial rulings’ are specious window-dressing since no one has ever admitted there is any practical compulsion inherent in moral logic; only in eventual effectively-wielded material power.

...And which is why, it is a matter of some seriousness, when intellectual people consider the prospect of actual advanced ET Alien beings ever turning up here overtly – since like Jehovah’s two unarmed agents insisting on spending the night out in the town square unprotected, the basic question remains the same: will it all end up with a superior military force simply obliterating the stubborn side which thinks they simply must and will always and forever ‘win’ and dominate the Earth because of the reality of relative moral reasoning and its ultimate imperative to rule derived at the ends of superior guns. ...The blue flames of the burning of purest sulphur was one thing back in the day; Jehovah’s strategy seemed not to have been a lot different to the standard basic ‘might is right,’ paradigm.

Beyond the ‘blue flames’ superior weaponry, the ultra-violet catastrophe in terms of a weapon is not something any Earth scientist has even seen yet. Although they know what the ‘ultra-violet catastrophe’ is because this is after all what they call their own mistaken comprehension of the apparent slope derivative function of EMF spectra near the high frequency end.

High thermal energy released means high heat means high EMF radiation means different ‘colours’ of the flames and the fire as the thermal energy is increased sequentially.

The fact of Western religious, as well as Sanskrit Veda religious narratives, is that ‘God’ is simply the ultimate, the final, the terminal, aggressor. Seemingly, he is also just an aggressor at the end of the day.

And so too the affair must be equivalently faced up to that, some massively superior, advanced ET Alien species is going to effectively be the same kind of thing when it comes to any contention with the human race – the human race being bound to end up the loser when it comes to a matching of the respective levels of technology.

...At this point, at any rate. Maybe in ten thousand years, we too, could have ‘beyond ultra-violet spectrum’ high energy weapons!

I don’t have the same kind of problem as those early ‘rebels’ even, you could call them, from the nuclear weapons program, as to whether it all boils down to whoever has the biggest gun after all and which they will actually use. There is no quandary for me to try and ‘think through,’ when it comes to moral comprehending of the mindset of ultimate advanced sentient beings – and for those of you who are religious, this matter still obtains to you too; you must necessarily say that God and His Dominion (of other sentient beings) are the ‘ultimate civilised’ community.

You know, from your sacred texts, that without question, in certain situations, God does permit and even intend for the virtually complete destruction of whole vast groups of people.

But what are the necessary considerations there, for such things, as matters of ‘Divine Volition?’

Is it not that God is able to, simply by fiat, ‘change people’s moral complexion within,’ or even with so much less of a violent interdiction, teach people to behave better, or to be morally better?

Intrinsic to any complete answer to this sort of question, is an authentic understanding of the word ‘judgement.’

Almost every human mind, that has ever turned to this question about ‘judgement’ that is, vis-a-vis Divine judging of human beings – has always focused on what God will do or what God intends to do about ‘bad’ people, how he will punish them, send them to some place of suffering or have them suffer in some kind of recompense for them bad actions in life, and even to consign them to Eternal Hades.

Yet neither the Judaic religious texts – all of them – nor yet especially the canonical Christian ones, are anywhere like quite so one-dimensional about it as people suppose.

In fact, nothing about either of these religious systems is actually oriented towards seeking out wicked people to punish in ‘judgement.’ Yes sure that is what human people did construe into the narratives and the textual teachings – but in fact the direction of the religious ideas is that certain human beings found favour in the eyes of God...

And here is encapsulated the kernel of the whole issue: there is either an accurate reading of the individual person’s full character and true inner nature, or else there are just superficial metered-out ‘judgemental’ prescriptive labellings responding to what people do on account of the particular relativity of their senses of consequence. Only one of those is able to be honestly term justice; the other is superficial justice - and it is spurious.

The whole point about the Christian edict that ‘the Law has no power to save’ is all about this.

By example – you saw fire fall from the sky as a ‘Divine’ response or retribution against some certain kind of behaviour or other (and maybe the first half a dozen times you were sceptical that this was even really ‘Divine’ retribution), and so then after awhile you decided, not that it was intrinsically bad to do certain things like commit murder and to lie cheat and steal your way to primary political power over people and over cities and city-states, and over whole peoples -, but that you will simply refrain from doing such things because of the consequences only. And so then your mind might turn to other tactics to achieve your same ends but your inner views and motivations are the same.

...Because you fear the evil consequences, but really, have no authentic self-generated interest in the underlying independent truth and practical reality of the intrinsic values entailed.

Parts of Judaic-Christian religious narratives are about the actions and behaviours of examples not to copy, and parts of the religious narratives are about specific individual people whose examples one ought to copy. And yet, let’s be honest, it is not so easy to see what it is precisely, about those ‘worthy’ individuals that one ought to desire to copy... Solomon broke every single one of the Laws of Moses...

The ‘Witch of Endor’ rendered a true vision and prophecy about a coming king and is not treated negatively in the sacred religious text.

So, ‘witches’ and sinful ‘law-breakers...’ Hmn.

The serpent in the Garden of Eden told the truth. It said you shall not surely die... But what that means is not what people suppose: it means that there is a possibility for humans to secure immortality - we are attempting it now in regard to research into consciousness transference into AI, and the potential of switching off aging genes. People have only construed the aspect of negative consequence for some forbidden act, with no other complication; but there are other complications.

The most awesome thing is not seeing the awe of ‘fire from out of the sky.’ Although it is slightly awesome...

It is not being able to know or to see the door-way. Not even understanding that there is a door-way.

Of course there are advanced ET Aliens and they are right here, right now.

‘Finding favour in their sight’ is what it’s all about.

It’s what it has always been about.

People, actual real physical material people from elsewhere other than here on this planet Earth, can only come here by travelling across impossibly large distances of space. Some may be ‘situated’ in locations not too far from here. But in all cases, they, do not make themselves very obvious; this you do know!

And the reason is for the exact reasons outlined just now above.

They cannot trust you.

Or, maybe... ...they can.

Which might be a reason for you to continue reading here then...

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