New Ideas And Solutions From Advanced ET Aliens

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Chapter 7

Primordial ‘Titanism’ Blocks The Human Race.

What impedes the performance of the human race?

Moulding natural conditions is one thing, being actively opposed and deliberately impeded gratuitously is quite another. In matters of nature it is possible to apply inquiry and to discover technical ‘ways and means’ via scientific knowledge – and so the seeming barriers in material nature are not always permanent barriers to human endeavour and the force of the human intellect.

But accepting, just as a basic political matter, that so many earthly tyrants aspire to an unrestricted ascendancy over as many people as remain within their reach, and anyone with ambition to have power often attempts to gain it by dealing deviously with others – yet what is the relevant cause for their ever being in the company of those they don’t like, don’t respect, don’t treat as equals or as friends, in the first place?

It is because they want something those people have, and which may not be acquired anywhere else nor from anyone else...

As the most simplistic explanation, one could say just to be able to wield power over others is sufficient cause in itself. And that does not explain the widespread idea that tyrants have ‘unbridled greed.’ They are certainly not able to have Tchaikovsky compose any new symphonies merely on their order, or have Michelangelo devise, for instance, a sculpture of Goliath actually defeating David – although many have tried that kind of ‘forced commissioning!’ ...Without any success.

Tyrants can no more fulfil all of the higher human desires than have cows jump over the moon.

The real psychological drivers of tyrants - are from deformed psychologies; they are malice and grossly self-involved egos.

And so, it is their goal to stop others from fulfilling any of the higher human desires... And they do it with malice.

Take a look around you at the world of today. Where is the centre-of-gravity of energy and endeavour; where is the bulk of effort spent? Is it in exercising the higher human desires – or is it the placing of cut or formed stone blocks one on top of another?

The heart and soul of modern man, in terms of the broad polity obtaining everywhere – is the ‘tyrant’ mentality.

In this respect, the urban mythology popularised as a kind of a rubric, by David Icke, is that there really are reptilian Aliens somewhere hidden around the place manipulating things. This is hardly going to be an expression of mindless ‘vegetative current’ – as some of the ‘second-generation’ (and beyond) Austrian psychologists label it – much more of a limbic-brain reactive creature mindset. All the same, it does seem to have the parallel, as an idea, of mimicking what real snakes in the wild do to their prey: that is, they inject them with toxins that make the prey ‘vegetative.’

In the paradigm of the actual animal kingdom, the point of dumbing and numbing the prey is to eat it eventually.

In a political ‘tyrant’ system paradigm, the real point is to stop humans having and reaching their higher human desires, which is always freedom of thought and self-expression. Of course there are always specious justifications that pretend they are merely ‘circumscribing’ such things, but in fact they are asserting control against intellectual liberty with the result of a vegetative repetitive numbness of behaviours. And if you look at where the energy is spent by people in the world today, the tyrant paradigm is fully in force.

Does that mean there are reptilian Aliens hidden here somewhere or else that the naturally successful evolutionary competing paradigm is the reptilian one out of our own planet’s animal kingdom?

Right now, as of this exact moment, we can be completely sure that the currently successful paradigm – which is not under any circumstances a human being paradigm – is that of the ‘reptilian brain’ competing evolutionary ‘line,’ let’s call it.

And ‘we’ are either going to totally lose who ‘we’ are – as in, who we have been – and have that replaced for a short period with a ‘reptilian brain paradigm’ AI and ourselves as H++ (humans either genetically modified by science, and/or ‘enhanced’ with neural and computer implants), or, survive in small numbers, through the coming all-out warfare cataclysm that is an inevitable end-result of competing systems between ‘tyrant’ mindset representatives with the power to combat for supremacy using very devastating weapons.

Nobody that I have ever come across has floated any ‘fantasy conspiracy theory’ that in the very deep ancient past of the Earth, Tyrannosaurus-Rex possessed technology and weapons and wiped themselves out that way! But there is scientific theory about various species eating themselves to extinction in history. I have to admit there is more than just a little tongue-in-cheek stuff going on in these pages. I can afford a sense of humour about much of what the human race carries on about, or ‘believes.’ It’s your job to use your brain and extract things from in here, from in these pages now, that are true – because we are going to place a certain ‘mist’ around it for reasons that will become clear enough after awhile as your read. These pages are designed for only those with a good enough brain, and are in the practice of using it fairly successfully - to be able to fathom what is being said in here, discern what is going on.

But, to continue.

The main scientific view as to what killed off the actual dinosaurs though, says that evidence suggests an asteroid impact and volcanic eruptions caused quick and large-scale ecological change that terminated either the food sources or the temperature and atmospheric environment or likely, both.

But what we can also reasonably say taking all things into consideration, is that there seems to be a ‘sweet spot’ or at least ‘modal optimum range’ for the sizes and populations of living things on this planet. Yes there are some gigantic living things in the sea but only a few sorts of them and not that many overall, and a very large expanse of water in all of the oceans of the globe for them to live in. There are a few gigantic animals in Africa but these are living also across a relatively large expanse of effective food-viable land mass.

‘Bigger buildings, taller skyscrapers, more and denser populations’ – is a ‘T-Rex’ mindset.

It reads ‘doom.’

‘Asteroid strike’ is just added drama.

Just to deal very briefly with the ‘invisibility’ of any such thing as ‘reptilian Aliens,’ David Icke presents the idea that we only see with our eyes things that vibrate (in terms of quantum energy) or reflect light in the (our) visible spectrum range and these other creatures exist in different frequencies of matter and energy than what we are able to perceive with our senses.

This might suggest that if we had some very sensitive kinds of EMF sensing equipment, say, down at the femtotesla scale, it could enable us to ‘see’ that indeed, there actually were different ‘entities’ around about us.

Here is where, if someone really wanted to do some complicated FOIA requests like the ‘Black Vault’ has recently managed to achieve regarding what the US government knows or has on its confidential files about ET Aliens and UFO’s – they might well uncover some very surprising things...

Or... ...they might get themselves killed as well.

Okay though, let’s indulge the implication of what was just now said here... The government, many governments, at certain high levels, are in league with ‘reptilians.’ Fairly clever people thinking it over carefully have agreed the motivations of the tyrant mindset are malice and self-involved ego. So how does it play out with any kind of ‘agreement’ or ‘arrangement’ with high-level powerfully-placed groups or people, though? What’s in it for both sides?

Earlier on here, I had already proposed very strongly against any possibility that there were any really very advanced ET Alien groups out there that were ‘competing’ against each other in any way, or ‘contesting’ for supremacy of anything. This would seem to argue against the proposition that there are reptilian ET Aliens of the kind talked about by various popular speakers and writers on the subject.

However two things require to be added: in the first place Biblically, in fact the closest beings to the ‘Throne of God’ are beings with immense reptilian-like coiling muscles and physical strength, albeit they are also winged and shining like fire – these are the nachash/Seraphim. Who are hardly intended to be in any way at all, negative beings.

And secondly, it could still be that there are negative ‘reptilian ET Aliens’ but that they are Earth-locked at this point and not ‘flying around’ anywhere in space.

But even so what do they get out of ‘doing business’ surreptitiously with people in high places of government?

Well at the moment, conceivably they could get a small base on the Moon, hundreds of satellites, maybe a space-station or several, and ten plus billion living human souls to barter with.

So is this a direct implication that ‘reptilian ET Aliens’ are real and are here? And if so, where are they? And why are they so ‘invisible’ – even to so-called ‘mystics’ and ‘seers?’

The real answer lies in something a famous popular figure once said: ‘They only tackle the player with the ball.’

The real answer is not that some central objective is to ‘make a come-back’ by establishing a small technological foot-hold in space in our solar system – from where is effectively just a very ‘back-water’ location.

The real answer is to understand what human beings themselves are.

The prize is the human being.

It isn’t ‘Galactic Supremacy.’

We can ‘work with’ superior forms of AI and hardware. We can travel across vast spans of time and space. Of course we can.

‘We’ are not incapable and not stupid. Stupid humans though, are stupid. Dumbed-down human beings are dumbed-down.

Poison-invaded, venom-injected humans are literally dead inside.

The whole (factual) MKUltra saga about secret or covert US government units trying to create brainwashed deep-cover operatives in the Fifties and early Sixties, is mirrored in the fictional narrative contained in the book by Richard Condon - ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ - which has become a symbol of the basic idea about being able to tune right down effectively to non-existence, a subject’s normal frontal lobe processes which allowed him or her to be the primary agent of their own activities, their ‘decisions,’ their will, and then enable the supplanting of those innate processes with new, other, externally-sourced thinking processes and decisions which are quite different to the way that person might normally be expected to think and to behave.

So is ‘that person’ even really ‘there’ at all – or have they been substituted by ‘someone else?’

If we go back to the EMF hypothesis of human consciousness and ego and personality – indeed, this is now, post-brainwashing at such deep levels, a totally different person. The original personal ego and ego self-consciousness is not even there at all. You will not be able to ‘find’ it, even if you had the femtotesla scale instrumentation that you could apply to ‘run over’ that biological subject entity in question.

If you ‘cut’ the chemosensory feedback loops that give you your ‘normal’ gut feel about things you hadn’t sequentially logically thought through yet via your frontal lobe necessarily, how would you even ‘know’ that the reaction/response feelings you were having were yours or not yours?

In your life (as a human being) you become habituated to knowing what you are like by having a sequential memory bank of physical brain cells, an archive, of what you have felt about various things, how you feel about them – but then if your immediate feelings start to change about those same things, you still ‘believe’ it is ‘you’ (do you not?) doing the ‘feeling’ that is, the sensing, and that those feelings are valid; valid enough.

They are still your feelings.

Aren’t they?

This logical problem, this philosophical question of relative intangible measurements versus absolute ones, was considered a very long time ago in the Greek text called ‘the Cratylus,’ which does not assert one position over the other, but sets down both of them.

Yet the consequences of the truth of either one of them is enormous: for one of them is the very basis of the idea that someone is able to completely obliterate a human being’s actual personal ego, because after all, such a thing is only temporary and fluid and ‘relative...’

So now I will tell you what is so important about the human being.

The human being is in every way like a kind of a ripening fruit on a tree. If it gets the chance to ripen properly, it forms internal patterns of EMF signalling. Those patterns do not get stored within static brain cell memories. They form unisons with complex EMF systems running right through the Universal neutrino matrix.

Here is the way it was put thousands of years ago, in the end paragraphs of ‘the Cratylus:’

“Not that we can reasonably say, Cratylus, that there is knowledge at all, if everything is in a state of transition and there is nothing abiding; for knowledge too cannot continue to be knowledge unless continuing to always abide and exist. But if the very nature of knowledge changes, at the time when the change occurs there will be no knowledge; and if the transition is always going on, there will always be no knowledge, and, according to this view there will be no one to know and nothing to be known: but if that which knows and that which is known exist ever, and the beautiful and the good and every other thing also exist, then I do not think we can resemble a process or flux...”

The human being is only seemingly and only temporarily a kind of a process and a flux because that is the permanent method for the creation of something new, anything new which extends from what already exists in the human sentient environment. At the moment when complex EMF patterns are able to be transferred coherently into ‘energy memory banks’ rather than temporal material physical ones which decay and expire after awhile, the individual human person joins what is already in the permanent sentient Universe. And yes I know these are all very complex ideas.

The alternate competing hypothesis which is the one running along the path of plenty of active science being undertaking in this area, is that it is or may be possible, to do that very same thing, which is namely, to extract an individual human consciousness, and install it into a very advanced kind of computer.

Yet in this second paradigm, there is no real permanent unchanging reality, only a relative one.

The human being, nonetheless, is still a kind of a ripening fruit, as it were, in either hypothesis.

The only difference is, that in one, you may be assured that you are the one doing the personal ‘feeling,’ and that what you sense and what you feel are completely authentically yours – whereas in the other, your feelings are being manipulated by some external agency.

In the one, your memory that you felt a certain way about any given thing in the past, remains fully intact, whereas in the other paradigm, it could be taken away (from your memory banks) and you would never know.

People talk today about ‘big data.’ Scientists do, information theorists do, even politicians do.

But none of them is prepared to go through vast data banks and let people actually position themselves into groups in which each member agreed they were individually ‘of a piece’ with all the other members.

I am going to assert here, that not only will you discover you have a doppelgänger, but that in fact there are hundreds of others virtually exactly like you, all living in the world at the same time.

The problem for those who want to have power over you, is that they fear what special powers, all of you do naturally have, especially -, when you are acting as a coherent and totally committed single body.

I am going to further assert that there has long been a consistent scheme to ‘manage’ the maturing of EMF patterns in growing, in developing human beings, to poison those, to kill them off, to create vegetative automata, that by-pass the proper maturation phase, and simply organically wither, and die. Like plants that have been treated with chemical toxin, or herbicide.

You will find, an absolute insistence, on relativism, among all those who practise this strategy against the human being and against human society. Some of them are themselves nothing other than intellectual ‘Manchurian Candidates.’ And some of them are far more sinister than that – these latter know exactly what they are doing and why.

It’s all about malice, jealousy, envy, and a characteristic style of self-involved ego pride and arrogance.

They don’t like you.

And my message to you, is that this is because they are not you.

What they are is an old, decrepit, but still dangerous and parasitic artefact of another earlier time in other distant parts of the Universe. They’re on their last legs as a species and destined to pass away into extinction. Even if you understand it only on the conceptual level as part of ‘all things possible/all things on the Universal sine curve,’ (and not ‘ET’ stuff) they are at the tail end there, which means nothing can abruptly just be ‘destroyed.’ They are an EMF pattern of sentience. Ordinary ‘normal’ human beings have the potential to grow their own brains and their own patterns of thinking along the primal limbic, ‘reptile-brain’ line. It does not need to be the case that we are talking about actual ‘ET Aliens’ that are reptilian, and hiding here, doing all these things covertly behind the scenes.

It’s not that I’m saying that...

...But I am saying that! LOL

Just kidding. Right?

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