New Ideas And Solutions From Advanced ET Aliens

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Chapter 8

One Salutary Classified Secret Revealed.

I realise that some reading will ask the standard question ‘but why can’t we just have a decisive, terminal intervention, and sometime soon?’

You should know, that actual ‘conspiracy theories’ take deep root in many people’s minds and they act unilaterally on those ideas, in the disturbing belief that we humans are being impeded by intrusive and malicious forces and that there is no one or nothing outside of themselves that can do anything about it.

Anthony Quinn Warner, for instance, the bomber who set large explosives off in an RV in a street in Nashville, thereby committing suicide as well, was a fervent believer in shape-shifting Aliens and lizard people, and also believed the Moon landing was faked (it wasn’t), and that 9/11/2001 was when Aliens attacked the planet in what was intended to be the ‘end game’ for the planet, and that the media covered it up. But this is a confused jumble of ideas and beliefs.

Many of those things just don’t ‘go together’ on a logical basis. Which Aliens carried out 9/11? Why would the media cover up a failed Alien attack? And if it was a successful ‘end game’ attack, why would their co-conspirators in the media still bother to cover anything up by now? A lot of the thinking just doesn’t make sense.

‘Reptilian’ mythologies or references to such beings in religious narratives are all over the place – they exist outright in standard Judaic-Christian religious texts, after all.

So is any of it real, are they all bad, or only some bad, and some half-way decent enough for us to ‘get on with them’ somehow if albeit a little uneasily? Do they need to suck human blood (as David Icke from time-to-time advances)?

Listen, friends, readers -, you do not need to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to realise that on this Earth, people are all ‘in’ large large groups of other people we cover generally with the term societies, or nations, or countries, or peoples... ...The ‘Human Family.’ Within these groups are people who don’t like you, and they don’t like you personally, and you can’t get on with them – if you were to know them deeply – and they don’t want to and cannot, get on with you either.

There is no grand ‘Human Family.’

But you cannot go setting off bombs or firing guns or aiming missiles at anyone. Right now they have better guns bombs and missiles than you do. And even if you were to be equipped with super advanced actual ET Alien (other ones, not ‘reptilians’) weaponry that would give you the upper hand, if you just use those what makes you different to the idiots already here that are here using implied force and eventually actual violence against anyone who opposes them?

So what can you do?

If you read the whole thing here, closely and carefully, a satisfying answer may emerge to you; or will emerge to you if you are smart enough to ‘get it.’

What does it even matter if there really are reptilian ET Aliens here – ‘bad’ ones? But just in case you want a decisive statement here, well then, yes, of course there are.

There are also plenty of people who are ‘on the other side,’ and who, if they were confronted too openly with what is known by those of us who are or have been in roles in this ‘strange’ area, and who do possess hard facts -, would go to some great lengths to try and ‘manufacture’ confusion too.

So it’s not advantageous to go into this particular line of discussion openly in a venue like this.

Could we though? Oh yes. And not like David Icke either.

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