New Ideas And Solutions From Advanced ET Aliens

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Chapter 9

Fundamental, Human-Reptilian Brain Parts.

The Wikipedia entry on the human limbic system contradicts itself, halfway down the amazingly extensive passages on the limbic system. Throughout the whole body of great and ponderous scientific words supposedly related to the limbic system – which, if you go by what the Wiki itself says, is basically all and everything whatsoever to do with the human being that there ever was or is. It goes on to make utterly grandiose claims about ‘emotional memory’ and all kinds of things the limbic structure itself has no space to contain and no processes to enable.

But there, right in the middle of the great tract, it says this: The limbic system, is often incorrectly classified as a cerebral structure – but simply interacts heavily with the cerebral structure.

The reptile brain is a remnant part – but a useful part – of a now defunct, very very ancient ‘Galactic’ strand of another, a different, and complete, evolutionary biological structure; it is not from this planet specifically as much as it was ‘grafted’ into here at a certain point. You don’t have to believe this of course.

But what it will pay you to realise, and to certainly accept as a psychological fact if nothing else, is that the limbic structure and neural/chemical reward system in the human being (or at least the ‘human-looking,’ being) is not restricted, as we might think casually, to grasping prey quickly, and devouring, and eating, and digesting, and then hibernating, and then slithering around testing the air for vibrations and electron spin dichroism of air-borne molecules, in order to locate more prey...

...It will pay you to realise that the reptilian personality gets neurological rewards from injecting venom. And when you converse with such an individual, you will perhaps be able to engage them with simple talk of food, and of consuming, and of grasping, and taking, and eating – but you will certainly note the sudden blood-lust with which their eyes fill, if you broach the subject of envenomating, harming, injecting toxins, paralysing foes, and using such ‘tactics’ and metaphorical ‘tools,’ if you will, in their business interactions.

They are in fact, addicted to the pleasure of envenomating many victims. In occultism that has investigated such things, the ‘skin-shedding’ aspect of real snakes and other similar reptiles in the normal animal kingdom, is applied in the ‘reptilian conspiracy’ metaphor, and there it suggests that an external ‘being’ has taken over a certain physical body, and for the duration of that body’s physical life, the foreign malign ‘being’ inhabits that ‘dwelling of flesh’ and then, when that particular body expires, the reptilian being inside it leaves it and enters another body, taking with it much knowledge attained over many many physical lifetimes.

...Which gives it a clear advantage over ordinary human people, of course!

But only until a truly superior advanced intelligence appears on the scene and upgrades and enhances the powers and abilities – as well as the moral decision-making personal agency – of some individual human beings.

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