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Chapter 28

Saturday, March 17th, 2029


The rooms change. Everything changes. Micah continues dragging my motionless body through the halls. “Things are coming on quite nicely, don’t you think?” Micah asks, looking down to me. “Oh, that’s right. The whole, My girlfriend is dead! Oh no! thing, right,” Micah laughs. I look up to him. “Calm down, little fella. She’s not really dead. She’s not even really your girlfriend. That whole dream was made by me,”

“Wh-What?” I ask, my voice returning slowly.

“The whole thing a farce. An experiment made to break you and it worked exactly as I’d hoped. The Sarah Newman you met with in there wasn’t real at all,” he says.


Hold me, John! Don’t ever die on me!” Micah screams in a high pitched voice and then laughs maniacally. “How pathetic, I mean, you actually thought that she would like you back? When she said ’in your dreams’ she really meant it! That’s my favorite part! It takes a real genius to come up with that one!” he cackles some more.

We enter a new room, it’s larger than the rest, but it is still blinding white and it still hurts to look at. In the center of the room stands an ellipse-shaped machine. It is made with a shiny kind of metal, the kind I can see my own reflection in it from a distance. It looks to be only slightly taller than Micah. He drags me closer to it and using his free hand he presses some buttons on a keypad beside the machine. The machine begins to open up, two doors sliding over one another like an eye opening wide.

“Now, time for the fun part,” Micah says, looking down towards me.

Before I can even react he throws me into darkness. I slam my head on the inside and the doors slide shut, encasing me in darkness. I get to my feet, my head begins pounding.

“Soon, John. We shall be one.”

“No, what’s going on? What’re you doing?”

I put my hand on the wall and feel around. The machine is small on the inside, just enough space for me to stand up in, but no room to move around.

“You are going to be exposed to large amounts of Radical-9, Jonathon. All you need to know about that is that it shall be the final bridge, the pathway from me into you.”

“No, that isn’t going to happen,” I say, looking around, not finding anything.

I begin banging on the walls, screaming.

“Let me out of here!”

“That will do you no good, Jonathon, you shall only succeed in making yourself tired, but don’t let me stop you! It shall only make the job easier in the end.”

I stop and just sit there for a few seconds. What the hell am I supposed to do? I hear a low mechanical hum, the machine is starting up, it seems.

“Enjoy the last few moments you have in control of your body, Jonathon. It’s been a nice game, too bad you’ve failed.”

The hum grows into a static sound, a ringing and I can feel the air begin to taste metallic. My vision begins waning and I feel light headed. I can feel heat coming from the machine, from every single side. This…Radical-9 stuff, it’s entering my body now, right? It becomes harder and harder to breathe, I feel dizzy.

All goes black.

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