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Roy and the Others: The Fight for Alicornia

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'All I've ever known was pain', Roy said to himself. 'But you'll be there for me forever, right?' 'we have no choice'

Scifi / Drama
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chapter 1: the haunting past

"I want to protect you.. but I can change myself... I'm so sorry," was what Roy heard as father's body disappeared over the edge of the bridge. Eyes wide and body froze, he watched.

Rick Turner Matthew was gone. Roy, his son, Roy Jonathan Leonardo watched his father take his own life.

As the snowflakes floated down to the Frozen ground. Roy's gut twisted into a knot as he drank it all in. "Dad?" It took a few moments to drink it all in.

"Dad!" the small boy with frostbitten bare feet ran through the snow. Only to see his father's body. All he could see was the gray suit that had already been covered in an inch of icy snow. His body was twisted in the ways that shouldn't never been. There he laid, in a pool of his own crimson with his dead doll eyes looking back into Roy's soul.

Now years pass by...

Now 10 years had passed by. He was sitting in a doctor's office. Bruises. All over his face. All over his body. And you man was in the house. Bradley. Roy had been told several times by his mother to keep his mouth shut. They said if they found out-if the men and scary suits and dark shaded glasses found out that Bradley was the one responsible-then he would be taken away by the men.
And they would do much worse. What could possibly be worse?
What could be worse than your mother telling you to dress in player after layer to keep a grown man's hands off you? What could be worse than being wrapped in a corset nearly double your size until you blue in the face?

The answer I didn't fully know and he didn't want to find out. Besides, all of this was normal, right? Even with a cracked rib, he refused to tell the doctors what was taking place at home. Yet, he refused to tell them a lie.

Another handful of years passed by...

The men in the suits never came back again. Another problem was burning the back of the child's school.

Voices had begun to whisper to him. They were like friends. The voice was also really good at math! And, he seemed friendly too! He said his name was crawler. Awfully weird name, but the voice was so nice.

then another voice in another! Until it was like a whole big family inside of his head. Crawler, Daisy, Jon, and Jonathan.

Now, Roy didn't need any friends. He thought it couldn't have gotten any better when all of a sudden-Bruno was born! Now he hadn't even smaller alter inside of the family.

All the alters roles were both strangely as it sounds for quite complex.

Take daisy as an example. Daisy was like a sister to Roy. Even though she would always talk about boys, he still found her fun to be around. Crawler was the oldest out of all of the altars, being around 36, the age Roy's father took his own life. Jon, Jonathan, and Bruno alters conference personas. Well Daisy was the only female out of the bunch, being like a twin sister to Roy.

Sometimes in Roy's dream, he could see them.

Crawler was so tall! A lanky one that was for sure. Dressing mostly in gray. When he was cooking for all the others, he would wear an apron that's that spelled out in hot pink on a cloth kiss the chef.

Dark eyes and dark hair that often got into his face. Always cooking while Daisy set the table. And this dream world, there was no Bradley and no mother.

The place that Roy had created for himself was like one of those old television shows that he used to see every morning and every night. An old sitcom.

Yellow glowing light bulbs mixed with a natural sunlight from the unknown outside with the plaid pattern curtains that hung from their rails of silver. No bruises. Nothing.

Roy turned his head to hear an old classical play, to see that Crawler was all his lonesome, arms wrapped around himself as he swayed one way and then the other. As if he was replying at old memory. A sweet smile got all the younger altars found joy in, was bright as ever on his face and as his lanky body swayed from one way to the other. Often times Roy was left wondering who he was dancing with. But, that didn't really matter in the end.

Jon and Jonathan just watched with a sweet smile on their faces. As if they knew the woman that he would be holding. This was the world he wished he could visit without having to close his eyes.

Another visit...

To the doctor he went again and again put the reviews on the talk and the refusal to listen to anyone besides his real family was nearly impossible. Of course crawler had to step into the situation. He knew exactly what to say. Controlling his mouth and his body, the switch in power was unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

"I hear them... They won't stop talking... Help me out here, Doc? Please?" The doctor's face looked astonished. the boy hadn't said a word and the entire visit and now he was talking about voices. Was this even a little boy at all?

Who was roy? And where could he be in that crowd of people?

"I recommend seeing someone on that! I'm a medical doctor not a mental one," where the last words that left the doctor's mouth before he left him with the monsters that were raising him. That could have been our chance! Daisy cried out. Sudden chaos rang throughout Roy's head as all the voices began to overlap.

Until, Crawler, being the only voice of reason, spoke louder. Shut your traps! It's not safe yet. The mental health professional is going to be a mandated reporter, which means that they will have no other way to keep their job and to keep quiet. I've already planned this out. As of now, this is our time to shine. When the man or woman asks us to reveal ourselves, we will let our souls be seen, he said.

Everyone just agree with that a second thought further.

Back to the question that was brewing...

Who was roy? He was a boy with crimson dyed hair and eyes made of gold. He dressed and only gray sweaters and by the time he was 15, he had already driven many people to take their own lives.it was clear that no one would be able to help them. With a little luck, the plan crawler had made all of those years worked out just as he planned. Roy was free, but at what cost? Now that he went from home to home, he felt as though he were trapped in a dark cave. Not even daisy, who often knew what to do in order to comfort him, couldn't lift the feeling of being a burden to other people off of his shoulders.

The pain is heart was unbearable as you know that those times were truly his fault. Golden orbs lay emotionless, his brain thoughtless, even voice is going silent. The growing silence was starting to get on his nerves. Any more of this bothersome silence in his head and he felt as if he was going to burst at the same with all the anger that had been boiling up over the years.

Even after all those years, Bruno the youngest out of all of the altars still remained in his child form not even growing a day past 12:00. He was all where I had left of his childhood. All those memories that were too painful for Roy to stomach alone, Bruno remembered all of it. Yet somehow, Bruno still manage to smile. Overjoyed by everything that life had to offer. Just like a child should.

Roy felt the pain was too much to bear... Until he met another boy. One outside of his family. One outside of the system.

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