The Scarlet Night

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In 2099, 2 years after World War 5, five young adults discover a piece of lost history that resurfaces, and only they can know about it. Every 20 years, a multitude of people must sacrifice their lives in order to keep the population at a decent pace, on the scarlet night. Out of the two options they have, will they make the right one, and will their relationship with one another burn and perish?

Scifi / Adventure
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March 13, 2098

...It’s over. We’ve won. Seventeen years of fighting and destruction in this goddamn war and it’s finally over. One bomb is all it took. I am still astounded by the fact that 18-year-old Viktor Frazier re-created the tsar bomba. With his brains, we can overpower the entirety of Canada and South America. The power I could attain with this child is astounding and I am willing to do whatever I must to acquire it. But no one must know. No one. If they do I’ll be hung or sent to stand in front of the squad...

“Do you have any explanation for what this means?”

“M-ma’am I-I can expl-” Philip Castillo stuttered. The leader of Pento (what remained of what was formerly New York) ended World War 4, which is historically proven to be the worst nuclear war the nation had ever experienced. He’d written everything that happened in the last 17 years. His most recent entry explaining how he had stolen Viktor’s blueprints and built the bomb and destroying the entirety of Russia.

“You’re damn right you will, or I most definitely will send you to stand in front of the squad.”

“That won’t be necessary Jorde,” Someone walks into the room. The temperature dropped drastically even though it was well below freezing already and a figure appears leaning against the doorway. Dark shadows are cast upon him revealing a jawline as sharp as a blade and a sly smirk. His body toned and sweat dripping down his torso. His dark eyes filled with excitement and hatred, piercing every soul in the room.

“And where have you been Viktor?”

“Isn’t it obvious sweetheart? I went out for a run.” He strutted into the room and appeared like he owned the place chuckling with his low, seductive voice.

“If you think for one fraction of a second you can call me sweetheart and I won’t attempt to hurt you up, you might want to rethink what you say,” Jordeyn said with every bit of sarcasm leaking through. “But I would love if everyone could leave us be for a moment,” eyeing Viktor with a smile slowly spreading across her face. The guards gave each other puzzled glances and walked out snickering.

Viktor locked the door with lust in his eyes. Jordeyn snuck up from behind and pinned him against the wall with a hunting knife at his throat. “Damnit Jordeyn. Why do you continue to-”

“Oh, so we’re on a full name basis now. What happened? Got tired of me? And I thought I told you I’d hurt you if you dared to offend me again.” She scoffed, rolling her eyes and chuckling darkly.

“How did I-”

“Oh please. You know what you did. And above all other things, you’re 18 and I’m 16. IT’S ILLEGAL FOR GOD’S SAKE.” There was a slight cough reminding them that they weren’t alone. They both regained their composure and faced the leader.

“And what do you want? I know that you stole my blueprints so I’m already planning on what I’m going to do with you.” And with that, he pins Jordeyn against the wall with one hand, grabs her hunters knife, and throws it at the leader’s chest. “And that sir is why you don’t frame me you little son of a-”

“VIKTOR. Do you realize what you’ve just done?”

“Does it look like I care in the slightest? This man tried framing me for a crime I didn’t commit. I was on death row, Jorde. And above all the people that knew, I thought you were the one who’d understand and care.”

“Viktor... Don’t be like that.” Jordeyn tried turning him by the shoulders so he’d face her.

“BE LIKE WHAT?” He frantically swept his hand through his lamp black hair. His equally black eyes brimming with tears, “do you know what it was like in there? All alone, cold, dark, and musty? I didn’t have anyone to feel comforted by. I only thought you’d understand since you lost both of your parents at a young age. Looks like I was wrong in every possible way.” He walked towards the door but not fast enough. Jordeyn ran towards the knife embedded in Castillo’s chest and ripped it out of him.

“If you take another step towards the door you’ll end with the same fate as Mr. Blueprint-Stealer over here. I’ll make sure of it if it’s the last thing I do.” Viktor pivoted on his heels and glared at her. An intimidating glare strong enough, that she knew if she didn’t shut her mouth at that moment he’d snap her neck right there and then no matter the consequences.

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