The Scarlet Night

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Chapter One | Tempter

It’s 2099, exactly a year after Castillo’s murder. No one knew who had killed him since the knife was extracted (and currently hidden under Jordeyn’s mattress. She did however tell the rest of the group. Blayne, who’s an 18-year-old female with pale skin, electric blue eyes, and flaming red hair, and Cayeden who’s an 18-year-old male with ashy blonde hair, moss green eyes, and sun-kissed skin. And of course, there’s Azyriah. The oldest of the group (Viktor’s birthday is a day before). He’s 19 with chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes, and golden skin.

Although none of them particularly enjoyed the story ﹣especially Azyriah since he was Jordeyn’s male figure ever since her mother and father died. He broke Viktor’s leg, a rib, and his arm. Thankfully, the injury wasn’t bad enough to the point where he needed a boot, but he definitely couldn’t try out for the school’s varsity football team. Cayeden, Blayne’s boyfriends of three years, tried with everything he had to hold him back, but Blayne pried them apart allowing Azyriah to do what he did best. Protect the one person who he’s watched over for as long as he could remember. Jordeyn on the other hand, taunted Viktor the entire time. Asking him if he enjoyed what was happening, telling him she’ll do it again if he even thought about laying a finger on a single hair.

Viktor lay in a cot with Cayeden at his side. He cleaned and wrapped his bloodied and broken leg, cleaned his face, and gave him a pair of crutches, “Hey man, I’m sorry I couldn’t stop Az. I know that he helped raise Jorde, but that-”

“No. What he did was understandable. I shouldn’t have done what I did no matter how much I wanted to. My parents raised me better than this. I’ll change it. I don’t care. No matter what you tell me I’m going to change. I need to learn how to control myself. I-” Viktor began to hyperventilate. His heart monitor raced, and a cold sweat broke out on his upper brow. Then nothing.

“Doctor! Doctor! Somebody, please help! My friend, please! He’s not breathing.” Doctors rushed into the room with defibrillators and an adrenaline injection.

“Three, two, one, CLEAR!” Nothing. Cayeden called the rest of the group and they came rushing in. Azyriah stared in horror, Blayne held onto Cayeden tightly and Jordeyn ran out of the room as soon as she saw what was happening. “Three, two, one, CLEAR!” Still nothing.

“Come on Vik. Don’t fail on us now.”

“Three, two, one, CLEAR!”

Finally. The monitor awoke again. His heart raced at first and slowly went down to a stabilized state. His breathing was labored and he managed to choke out, “Jordeyn.” Azyriah raced out of the room and down the corridor when he saw someone sitting in the corner of the lobby’s waiting room.

“Joredyn?” She looked up and ran into his open arms, tears streaming down her face with every labored sob.

They slowly made their way back to Viktor’s room. IV’s, tubes, and attached to life support. Jordeyn had never seen anyone in this state since the bombing that killed her family happened. She still remembers every detail of that day as if it just happened the day before. Flames eating the buildings and dead bodies, the scent of burnt flesh filling the senses of everyone within five miles of them. Her parents lost both of their legs and were taken into the ICU. Dragged away from them crying and screaming bloody murder. That’s when she met them. Cayeden, Azyriah, and Blayne, who’d both also lost their mother figures. Although she didn’t know it at the time, her parents died in surgery. The amount of blood they lost couldn’t be replaced. She sat with Azyriah’s arms around her and Blayne holding a sobbing Cayeden when the doctors came around the corner. “I’m sorry. We couldn’t save them. But trust me when I say, they loved you more than you could know.” It was as if time has stopped. No matter how many times the statement was rephrased, the outcome was the same every. Single. Time. “Miss? Miss are you alright?”

“Huh? Oh, yes. Thank you, doctor.” She stumbled back to the boys paralyzed with shock and sadness trying to comprehend what had just happened in the past ninety minutes.

“It’s okay. Everything’s okay. Just breathe.” Jordeyn felt a sharp pang in her chest and immediately collapsed howling in pain. She had more compassion for Viktor than anyone could know. The situation he was in at this moment was identical to the one she was in six years ago. Well, almost identical, since she never had any broken bones.

“V-Viktor?” She walked to his side with Azyriah’s hand on her back in case she fell.

“Hey,” he said lamely. He smiled showing a line of perfect teeth. Everything about him was perfect. His eyes, smile, hair, heck. Even his jerk-like attitude was perfect for Jordeyn. He was her only escape to the real world. The only person who truly showed her what the world was capable of when the human species were put into a situation that triggered their fight or flight senses. “What are you doing here? I thought you-”

“Shhh,” she chuckled, “just focus on getting better,” she leaned over him laying her head on his chest, and hugged him close. The sound of his heartbeat and scent of his cologne calms her nerves in a way she never thought they would.

She knew they were going to always be friends. But more? That was a discussion for another day. She never thought that it’d be possible. He’s always treated her like a sibling considering Viktor always came over when they were 14. But after getting a fight with his parents and his anger issues taking over, you can just imagine what happened after (and if you can’t, I won’t get too graphic. Long story short, he blew their faces off).

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