The Scarlet Night

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Chapter Twenty-One | Do It

“Keep quiet. I’d love to hear you scream, but right now, isn’t the time.”

Damn Him. He knew what he was doing to her. His breath kissing her neck, his lips embracing the pulse point of her neck causing all her thoughts to drift away like birds on a summer’s morn. Her breathing was ragged and hitched every so often from the subtle movement his thigh was making against her clit. Desperately, in hopes for a distraction, she grabbed his jaw with force, pushed him against his seat, and latched her lips against the corner of his mouth. A smirk spread slowly, avoiding his lips, she travels to his jaw and along his neck, a trail of hickies in their wake. Her hips bucked against his softly, a gasp catching in his throat.


“Desperate fucking slut…” His words came out ragged and short of breath. The tip of the blade delved deeper into my hip, allowing a droplet of scarlet red blood to run its course down the back of my thigh. It continued to run along my skin with his words, “You’re” Glide. “Mine.” Press. The adrenaline coursed through my veins as my thighs tensed and relaxed. His words had an effect on both of us, and we knew it. Chills crawled up my spine, a small tremor taking over my nerves, as his arm pulled me closer, steadying me slightly. “And only, mine.”

“Viktor, I-” He shoved me back into the passenger seat, hastily reaching over and pulling the belt down harshly. I stared at him - shocked and hurt by his course of action.

“If you stay quiet the rest of the ride, I might give you what you want. But remember. Don’t start what you can’t fucking finish.” The belt clicked and my mind drowned in thoughts.

What is he going to do … Dear God don’t let him hurt me … He’s going to break me … He’s going to …

The car stopped.

Immediately, my consciousness snapped into focus once more, and the image of a black flat was in front of me. “Out. Now.” His voice was demanding and filled with desperation. I didn’t fully understand if it was from earlier, or if it was a renowned desperation from the several minutes his hands weren’t caressing me.

Hastily, I unbuckled and got out, stalking towards him, careful not to sprint towards the door and appear any more nervous than I was. His hand found the small of my back and guided me forwards, willing my leaden legs to move.

The stairs were a deep warm mahogany, and even in the dark I could tell the house had a particular character to it: one filled with mystery and burdens. Hate and love. Unsettlement and peace. Desire and reputation. I looked around warily, not sure if there was someone I recognized stalking my every word and action.

His arm laced around my waist, pulling me to him, “tell me, love. What is it that you so desperately want?” he pressed his lips against my pulse point causing my heart to skip a beat.

“I - … can’t this wait until we’re inside?” I tilted my head back against his shoulder, feeling his heartbeat through his chest against my skull.

Caressing the shell on my ear, he spoke, “Now, now, Jordeyn, you know I’m not one for patience.” His voice was sensuous and insistent, demanding an answer. The way my name fell from his tongue caused me to crave every millimeter of him. I wanted … needed … him. Now. His hand drew idle circles just under my ribcage, and the occasional spark in my nerves swept a wave of chills over my skin, causing me to arch against him. “Desperate already? Tsk, tsk … I expected more of a fight especially from someone like you, love.”

“If you’re suggesting that I’m not capable of dominance over you -” My next words were cut off by the sudden feeling of his fingers lacing around the front of my throat, applying the slightest amount of pressure to my windpipe.

“That, Jordeyn, is exactly what I’m suggesting … because we both know you’d try your best to keep a straight face and do everything in your will power to take over me…” his hands gripped my waist and turned me, my chest flush against his, “… but the minute my fingers are running down your body, lighting every nerve in your being on fire, you’d melt like chocolate hitting your tongue on a Summer’s afternoon and squirm under me, desperate for a single fucking touch because you’re a slut, Jordeyn. My slut, to be more precise.”

My neck and face flushed crimson at his words, bowing my head in embarrassment at the true claim. Thought after thought raced through my mind wondering how on earth he could’ve known. He never paid much attention to me or talked to me, but the thought him knowing that he’s the only one I’d allow to completely take over and fuck my name out of my head was overthrown by the feeling of his hands gripping my thighs, wrapping them around his waist. The click of the door was an indicator enough that I was no way prepared for what he was going to do to me.


Not wasting a second more, knowing Jay would be home soon, I lifted her and wrapped her legs around me. I felt her lips capture the sensitive spot on my neck, bringing about my need for her. The arm holding her up shook slightly and the smirk against my neck let me know she felt every tremor in my muscle. “I was planning on going easy, love. But seeing you this way suggests you want otherwise. Now tell me if I am correct.”

I hissed at the loss of her touch and her lamp black eyes met mine, “pardon?” Her face was contorted with confusion and her eyes twinkled with wonder. Seeing her so clueless was both appealing and humorous.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” I watched as a sly smile cut her face. Her eyes brightened with a mischievousness that I’ve seen one too many times: in the hallway.

“Do whatever you want. I am yours, afterall.” My eyes searched for hers looking for a sign of relinquishment, but there weren’t any. I pressed her back against the wall slightly grinding my hips on hers. The column of her throat exposed itself for me, her head tilting back against the cool wood. Repainting her skin with more blooms of mauve and blue, quiet sighs of pleasure escaped from her lips, her breathing uneven against my neck.

“Anything? My, my … are you that needy already?”

“Fuck, Viktor …”

“Yes, love? Tell me. What is it that you need?” My fingers found the waistband of her jeans and slowly trailed my hand under, tracing the mark I’d made with the pad of my finger. Goosebumps formed under my touch and her chest heaved with every labored breath.

“You already know … what I want.” Her eyes met mine: heavy lidded and lust filled.

“I want to hear you beg.”

“Viktor, please. Now is not the time to-”

“That’s all I needed to hear.” Walking relatively fast, not missing a step nor tripping on my own feet, I carried her into my room, kicking the door closed behind me. A gasp leaving her throat as I set her in the middle of my bed - her hair fanning around her framing her as an angel. Running a hand up her thigh, cradling me, a serene kiss was placed between us: one of broken promises and desperation. I hesitantly placed a hand in the curve of her waist feeling her arch into me pulling me closer. “Jordeyn, I need a verbal sign. I need you to tell me … speak to me … and say that you’re okay with this. Okay with being marked by me, claiming you as mine. I need to know, Jordeyn, because I don’t want anything between us to die out and I can’t bear the thought of another human let alone man touch you if it isn’t me and me only. Your right as a human is for me to know how far I can go whilst keeping you safe and feeling protected. I need you, Jordeyn. Now. So please, tell me.”

Her hands left the arm bracing me over her, and cupped my face bringing her forehead to meet mine. Her eyelashes fluttered closed, “There’s no one else I’d want to claim me as theirs.” Her eyes met mine, but her smile didn’t meet them. This was a smile of comfort and reassurance, telling me she knew what her limits were and that she’d tell me when they were over crossed.

I snaked a hand to the back of her neck, lifting her into a sitting position, helping her lean against the headboard comfortably. Lacing a hand around her throat, I offered a welcoming squeeze kissing the base of her jaw listening to the unholy sounds coming from her lips. I could only imagine what she’d sound like with my lips between her thighs.

I grasped the hem of her shirt, rolling it between my fingers and slowly lifted it, shifting myself and placed the lightest of kisses upon her supple skin. A second wave of chills met my touch, her grip on my wrist like a vice, attempting to pull me closer.


His lips ignited my skin like the fire devouring wood in a bonfire. I felt the coolness of his rings circle around my back and unclip the hooks of my bra letting it fall off my shoulders. Easing it off with his help, I returned the gesture of his hand around my throat, pulling him impossibly closer traveling down his jaw and neck with the slight scrape of teeth and tongue.

His grip on my neck tightened at the sound of a silent, gravely moan escaping the depths of his chest. I crawled onto his lap straddling his thigh, and ground against him ever so slightly, feeling a shudder course through him under me. Propping his knee up at a small angle, he flipped me on my back, the soft sheets and mattress engulfing me in a hug.

Gripping my thigh, lifting it slightly and running down with a slight pressure, kneading my hip with the edge of his palm, he looked at me with adoration and his opposite arm circling my head, caging me in: as if I were the only person in the world who could allow him to live, not exist. As if I were the only person who understood what was wrong with him and only, I could save him from it all. The chill from the metal circling his fingers sent a tremor through my body as they sailed along my skin slipping my shirt off over my head with ease. His lips assaulted the hollow in my throat and collarbone, leaving me gasping for air, my brain already a muddled mess.

I saw him shift, sitting back on his knees wondering why he’d stopped. I propped myself on my elbowed and looked at him with hurt and confusion masking my nervousness. “Viktor, what’s …”

His hand reached for the button of my jeans, “Yes or no.”

“Viktor, you already know the-”

“Yes, Jordeyn, or no.”

“For fuck’s sake - yes.” I looked up at him, his hands moving at an excruciatingly slow pace. The air chilled every inch of my bone leaving me begging for his warm touch: sending chills through my body, leaving me a trembling mess.

A smirk rose on his face. I wanted nothing more than to just slap it off him, “already a trembling mess and I haven’t even done-” A bloom of vermilion kissed one side of his face, the imprint of my hand most likely leaving a bruise. His eyes blackened, a hand cupping his cheek rubbing the skin trying to soothe the pain. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

I wanted to provoke him: give him a reason to do whatever he wanted to. Questioning him, I raised an eyebrow crossing my arms over my chest, “And why is that, exactly?” His hands darted from his cheek to take both my wrists in one over my head and the base of my neck in the other.

“Because Jordeyn, I didn’t tell you you could fucking touch me yet.” Before I could refrain, my hands were bound above my head, and my pants were pooled on the floor. “Now, if you need me to stop, say ‘red,’ and I will.”

“Viktor … what are you-” my breathing stopped, and my heart raced, his finger putting the slightest amount of pressure on my clit. His grip tightened around my throat cutting my words off as my eyes fluttered closed.

“Don’t make a fucking sound.” I nodded, a whimper leaving me. “Pathetic. You can’t even listen to simple instructions. But do tell me, do you still think, darling, that you can assert any form of dominance over me?” His finger grazed down me, thrusting a finger in. “Tell me. Can you?” My eyes flew open, meeting his as he hovered over me, our lips centimeters apart.

I couldn’t answer. The pleasure shot through my spine giving me the need to arch. My eyes rolled back as his fingers stilled their movement. “Damn. You.” My chest heaved, and my spine collapsed as red kissing the edges of my vision. My hips bucked against his hand pleading for any sort of friction, but his hand moved away, depleting my cries of need. He scoffed seeing me squirm and silently beg with my eyes. I could tell he enjoyed seeing me like this; submitting to him, begging for mercy and needing him to give me anything.

“Tell me. Now.” His rings dug into my skin marking me as his.

Shaking my head, “no,” was my only answer. I knew I couldn’t - ever - because this was Viktor. The only person who knew how to make me fall at my knees and beg for anything. The only one who could say anything he wanted to me yet make me understand it was all ‘spur the moment.’ Nothing serious.

His grip shifted from my throat to the nape of my neck, tugging the roots and pulling my head back, exposing the unmarked side of my neck. His lips latched onto my skin, leaving not a spot untouched, his fingers resuming their treacherous work. I struggled against the restraints on my wrist needing to feel him closer than he already was. His teeth grazed the under part of my jaw, the pain flowing into a soft wave of pleasure. My thoughts disintegrated - the pressure of his body on mine and the feeling of him claiming me as his. The way his hand silhouetted my throat, a puzzle piece to another, fitting together and wanting nothing more than to stay there, but mostly the way his fingers curved into me, hitting that spot until my vision swam in and out of focus, no thoughts left, and only the feeling of him.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” His voice was a low growl in my ear, causing me to tensen, my thighs squeezing around him. Pressure built in the base of my spine, a tingling star-like feeling coursing through my hips down my thighs. My walls fluttered around him, trying to draw in deeper.

“Vik- fuck … Viktor I’m-” My back arched off the mattress, my head thrown into the pillows, and eyes rolling back. The only thing I could feel was his breath on my chest, and his fingers fucking me relentlessly.

“You don’t fucking cum until I tell you to.” His hand left my throat and lifted my leg over his shoulder, the angle sending wave after wave of pleasure and need of release. His hand clamped around the base of my thigh, forcing me to stay steady, his knee holding my opposite thigh down, pressing it into the silken sheets. Tears streamed down my face, my body demanding for some sign he’d give me what I needed.

My self-restraint was wearing off, as the euphoric pressure was seconds away from barreling through my body. His grip on my thighs faltered as they shook violently against his body, “Vik-tor I can’t … I need- fuck.” Mascara stained my face, as his fingers withdrew from me withholding my need for a climax. “What the fuck, Viktor.” I seethed, looking up at him, kneeling between my legs, his smirk only grew wider forcing me to hold his eye contact.

“If you wanted it, you could’ve just asked,” he stated, leaning over me letting my wrists go and helped me sit up and lean against the headboard. He forced his body against mine, helping me wrap my legs around his waist. He braced his arms on either side of my head leaning close enough to the point where I could smell the huskiness of his cologne. “Now tell me. What exactly do you want?” I could feel his hips dig into mine. I leaned towards him grasping the hem of his shirt and ripped it clean down the middle, sweat beading on his collar bone and abdomen. I placed a reverent kiss along the base of his shoulder, feeling him shake under my lips at the subtle touch, slipping his belt off from where it rested.

“What I want, more than anything, is for you to take me as I am and make me yours.”


“What I want, more than anything, is for you to take me as I am and make me yours.”

Those words alone were enough to make me undone. The way her voice spoke unevenly yet with purpose, the way she was confident but never wanted to assert it on anyone. Seeing her like this, her lips on my skin - burning and aching for her - caused my self-restraint to snap completely. I pushed away from her, forcing her by the jaw to look at me as I removed any clothing I had on, lifted her around my hips, and slammed her against the wall: a hand behind her head protecting her from the impact. My breath was a pant, our foreheads pressing against each other’s, “fuck, I need you.”

“He hands lifted mine, allowing me to look in her eyes once more, “then have me, Viktor, for I am yours and yours only.” That’s all I need. That final piece and without a warning, I pushed into her completely, holding her head to my neck as if I could drown out the sound of her cries.

My vocal cords shook and trembled, a breath between my every word, “are you okay?” I felt her arms wrap around my neck and lace into my hair holding on to me as if it were the only thing keeping her world from shattering behind her eyes. Her nod was my response as I ever so slowly moved within her: feeling her walls hug me begging me to go deeper. I let go of her head and braced my hand behind hers, crushing her body between mine and the wall. Her head fell back with her eyes closed and looking angelic. Perspiration allowed her marks to gleam, the shadows of the room making her all the more tempting. Her moans and pleads for me to go deeper and give her more sang in my ears and laced my brain with an intoxicating sound.

“Viktor I can’t-”

I grasped her hips, digging the pads of my fingers into her. “I know, love, I know.” My body shook against hers, giving every inch of myself I could offer. I could feel her flutter around me, her release deadly close.

“Love, do it. Now.”


“Love, do it. Now.” Viktor’s words rang in her ears as nails carved lines in his back. He groaned in her neck, the pain transferring to pleasure giving him more the reason and motivation to fuck her senseless, as her release barreled through finally. Her body convulsed and shook violently, drawn out by Viktor’s movements never ceasing within her. She could feel his thrusts spasm and become erratic, giving her a sign that he too, was close.

Breathing normally, her high ending, she pulled him closer, wrapping her legs around his waist. She wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, her palm massaging his muscles as he threw his head back with a moan and released within her. She buried her head in his neck holding his to hers. She listened to his pulse against his neck as their breaths synced to a normal rhythm. Their bodies molded together as one, their minds not thinking and their mouths only able to speak each other’s names like a prayer.

Their desperate breaths ceased, as Viktor carried her body into the shower, leaning her against the wall and turning the water on to a scolding temperature, seating himself behind her embracing her in a backwards hug letting her head fall back on his chest letting the water run down both of them. Their eyes closed, savoring the presence of one another in the stolen moment they had.

“Are you alright, my dear?” Viktor asked, his hands massaging her hip and abdomen. Her muscles relaxing under his touch.

“I’m breathing, I’m somewhat moving, and I’m my heart is beating. I’ll be okay. Are you?” She turned her head, voice raspy, as a crooked smile kissed her lips and he nodded in response.

He bowed his head to meet hers, “but the question is, will you be able to walk?” His eyebrow cocked and a haughty laugh left his chest. She turned slowly, giving the saying, “if only looks could kill,” to life. Her hand met his chest in a soft manner, causing him to chuckle softly instead. She maneuvered in his embrace, laying on her side, catching her head so it lay in the crook of his elbow comfortably.

“One word, Viktor. One word about my ability to move or speak and I will end your pathetic life.”

“Oh, but Jordeyn, you won’t be able to. You can’t move, remember?” She rolled her eyes in a joking manner, “yes. I was also able to make you do that.”

She stared at him for a moment, cupping his jaw and looking into his soul. Neither of them took the other seriously as the couple’s laughter filled the silent bathroom.

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