The Scarlet Night

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Chapter Two | Ms. Merrit

It’s been a week since Viktor’s episode. His recovery wasn’t as quick as anyone had anticipated, but they all decided to skip the first week of school to stay with him and make sure it didn’t happen a second time. They did, however, still get homework. Azyriah was the oldest, and smartest of the group so he was the one who ended up self-teaching everyone else.

A month had now passed. Viktor was fully healed and they finally had their first day of in-person school, “what’s all of your guys’ schedules?” Jordeyn said. She wasn’t asking but seemed to be ordering them with a reply.

“Why do you want to know? You’re too young to be in any of the classes with us.” Viktor interfered. Cayeden kicked his shin and that one action seemed to shut him up real quick.

“You know, that might surprise you. I have 3rd period AP History. You? Or are you too dumb to even make history?” Viktor lunged at her, but she quickly stepped to the side allowing him to fall without anyone’s foot underneath him, and flicked his forehead, “love you too, buddy.” Blayne took everyone’s schedules, aligned them up next to each other, and assessed how their year was going to be planned out.

“Hey guys, we all have 3rd period AP History,” everyone stared in shock at Cayeden (not the brightest student) in shock. He snatched his schedule and looked over it for what seemed like hours.

“But-but how? I didn’t even pass history last year.”

“It’s called a miracle,” Jordeyn retorted, “obviously something we all need if we have Ms. Merrit.” Ms. Merrit was the old, cranky, lonely sixty-three-year-old United States history, and AP World history teacher. No one enjoyed her classes since they received three chapters to read a day, but she at least gave a single piece of candy to those who passed their tests with the minimum of an A-. Even the rest of the staff team hated her. She never cleaned her room, never told the students to push their chairs in, gives students a detention for beginning their homework for her class without instructions and it was supposedly study hall time, and the one thing that everyone hated her for was when she yelled at the students not to sneeze, cough, or yawn because it was distracting. Of course, when they went to another room to fill out the detention slip, the other teachers would rip up the slip and write a letter of complaint to the principal. And as if it couldn’t get any more absurd, the principal wouldn’t do anything because they had been childhood friends back in the 2040s, and there wasn’t a district official.

They all came up with a plan to meet up during lunch to make yet another plan on how they’d all pass their classes (Blayne, Azyriah, and Viktor had all AP classes when Jordeyn and Cayeden had only AP History) since teachers hated their friendship. I mean who wouldn’t? They treated each other like siblings (besides Blayne and Cayeden ’cause that’d be pretty strange) and defended each other no matter the consequences. The feeling of safety coming from the group was astounding and everything that people would wish and hope for in their future.

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