The Scarlet Night

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Chapter Six | Irene

She turned on her heels, and ran. She ran and didn’t look back. Everything was a blur, nothing made sense, and she could hear shoes hitting the cold stone behind her. Following her. Then, out of nowhere, she’s pulled into a room. She tried letting out a scream, but they were quickly muffled by a hand.

“Will you shut up? Jesus Christ.” She recognized this voice. Chocolatey and smooth like honey. Like the accent of actors and actresses in the late 1800′s.

“Irene what are you-”

She was quickly cut off when she felt the cool, smooth, stones of the room pressed against her back causing her to take a sharp inhale, “shut up, before I make you.” Jordeyn was at a loss for words. She always knew that there was this side of Irene, but she never acted upon, or allowed others to notice it.

“But-but why can’t I just-”

“What” Her hand snaked around her neck, “did,” she grabbed Jordeyn’s wrists’ behind her back, “I,” she brought her knee between Jordeyn’s legs, “say?” leaning forward. Her perfume wafting into Jordeyn’s nose. The smell of honey and rain dizzied her.

She snuck her wrists out from Irene’s grasp and brought them to the nape of her neck, laced her fingers in her silky, black tresses, and crushed her lips into hers. Irene was shocked by the action, but quickly returned the action.

“Jump,” she mumbled in Jordeyn’s ear. She obeyed and wrapped her legs around her waist. Irene crushed her hips into Jordeyn’s as her back came in contact with the only desk in the room.

“Irene, what are you-” She couldn’t answer.

“If you even think about making a single sound and moving even an inch, I will make sure you can’t walk for days on end.” Jordeyn’s eyes widened at the thought. She didn’t mind the thought, but she had football practice the next day.

“Make me.” And that’s when she knew, she messed up. Irene crashed her lips into Jordeyn’s and fiddled with the buttons on her trousers. Jordeyn tried unzipping Irene’s skirt, but was quickly interrupted when her arms, all of a sudden, were pinned above her head. “Irene, someone’s going to catch us.”

“Let them.” Jordeyn arched her back at Irene’s touch, and she took the opportunity to fully remove her trousers. The icy air kissed her skin, sending goosebumps down her spine.

Irene stared at her in awe. She ravished in the way she (Jordeyn) whrithed and melted at her touch.

Jordeyn gasped. She felt something cool and sharp being dragged up her leg, “I-Irene... What is that?”

“My scissors. I don’t have a knife on me at the moment, so it’ll have to make do.”

“Fuck-fucking...fucking hell...” she moaned.

“What was that?” and the touch was gone. She cried out at the loss of contact.

“Jordeyn? Where are you?” She recognized this voice. It was dark and demanding. Viktor.

“Shit,” she muttered under breath.

“Is that who I think it is? Is that Viktor Frazier?”

“Uhhh... What if I told you it was?”

“Then he’s a dead man walking.” Jordeyn quickly pulled her trousers back on and pecked Irene on the cheek.

“See you later,” and walked out. She saw Viktor running towards her, and she quickly turned in the opposite direction. He pulled her to face him.

“What the hell happened to your hair?”

“You happened, and Irene helped.”

“Wait. Irene as in Irene Holmes?”

“No, Irene as in your mother. YES I MEAN IRENE HOLMES.”

“Okay, okay I’m sorry-”

“No you’re not.”

“Exuse me?”

“Do I really need to repeat myself? You’re not sorry. You purposefully hurt Az, the only person who helped raise me by the way, and then proceeded to almost break my ribs and back. You really think we’re friends after all of that?” And she glanced behind his shoulder.

“What the hell?” Irene had fury in her eyes and her cheeks were red with rage. She took the scissors, the same scissors she used on Jordeyn, and lunged at Viktor.

“Irene! Irene, stop, please. You’re going to hurt him.” And there was a sickening crack. She wasn’t moving, “Vik-Viktor what did you do?”

“What did I do? Did you just ask what I did? She’s the one who tried stabbing me.”

“And you’re the reason why my parents are dead. Now move over before I rip out your throat with my bare teeth.”

“Do it. I dare you. You may never know, it could be enjoyable.” A sly smirk spreading across his face. His teeth were white and perfectly straight, but Jordeyn could already imagine her fist connecting with his mouth and ruining that smile of his.

“You’re sick, and I hope you realize that sooner, rather than later.” He rolled his eyes and stood up, beginning to walk away, “if you think that you can just walk away from her, think again. I’ll take these and stab you myself.”

“Viktor get the hell away from her.”

“My, my, my, if it isn’t the one and only, Azyraih Smith! Tell me, how was it crying in someone’s arms? Did it remind you of your mommy?” Viktor mocked him. Azyriah’s teeth were bared and Jordeyn could already see what was going to happen.

“Azyraih, look at me. Look. At. Me. Now. I don’t care if you want to rip off his head at this very moment, but that’s my job right now. Please, for the love of God and our safety, take Irene to the hospital wing.” He stared at her. Her hair was frizzy and knotted, tears were streaming down her face, and she was glancing at the two boys in front of her, “If you guys can’t get along, I’ll lock you both in the same room for weeks on end until you can decide to get along again. Do you understand me?

“Yes, ma’am,” they both mumbled. She was glad that they looked and felt guilty. It’d make the job a hell of a lot easier.

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