The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 10

Sesla’s sun was dropping in the early evening sky as Maxx crawled while exhausted into the Phoenix. “I need my rock music to keep awake,” he said as he turned on the radio. Rock music from Radio Wet Lands began to play.

He drove toward the village road in rural Guytic City while pulling the damaged trailer with his destroyed convertible. He turned and drove in front of Wyden Hutt Sporting Goods. He thought, “It’s closed. The parking lot’s a mess. The fire Mustler and his gang started inside must have gotten out of control. One day I’m going to catch the Gang of Five and put an end to their onslaught of terror. For now, I’m going home and get some sleep.”

Maxx drove along the rural village roads toward downtown Guytic City as he listens to the rock music. Sesla’s sun was sitting in the evening sky as he drove. The sun reminded him of how long he’d been awake. “I’ve been awake for over thirty six hours. I still have at least twelve hours to drive— maybe longer depending on traffic,” he said as he yawned again. “I better turn the music up louder. I’m falling asleep.” He reached down and turned the volume higher.

Motorists were gawking at him as he drove along the streets of the rural village with the loud rock music. He said depressingly as he yawned, “I must be a ridiculous sight. I’m still wearing my super-hero suit. My jeep is full of bullet holes. I’m pulling a damaged trailer with a burned and shot convertible on top. It’s no wonder drivers are staring at me.”

Maxx drove closer to downtown Guytic City. Traffic continued to increase as he drove into the giant megalopolis of the wet lands. “The fastest way to the desert highway from here is to drive through the downtown area. This is embarrassing driving in traffic. All of these nice vehicles and I’m driving a shot jeep and trailer,” he said as he drove while fighting sleep.

He drove closer to the downtown area as he bobbed his head and tapped his hand to the beat as he attempted to stay awake. Big high-rise buildings began to appear. He drove over another giant bridge over another waterway. “The architecture in Guytic City is magnificent!” he said loudly as he drove into the downtown area.

Maxx gazed at the futuristic, glass buildings with their extravagant designs as he drove. “It’s always a pleasure to drive in downtown Guytic City. This city is simply beautiful,” he said as he gazed and drove.

He drove over several different bridges as he continued through the downtown while Jamming. Some were suspension, while others were columned of different types – still others floated.

He drove into the heart of the downtown area. As Radio Wet Lands played on his radio, he gazed upward. “These skyscrapers seem to reach almost to outer-space. Whoever designed them was beyond brilliant,” he said as he drove.

“I feel so tiny,” he said as he gawked. “The glass work on these high-rise buildings is magnificent!” he declared as he drove.

Maxx began to drive toward the other side of the giant city. “The spectacular futuristic buildings seem to stretch to the sky,” he said as he drove and looked. “This entire city is built on wet lands. It’s amazing!” He continued to yawn as he drove and gawked.

“The desert highway is just ahead. I’m anxious to get back to the desert and back home,” he said. Before long as he drove, the desert highway exit came into view. “There it is. That’s what I’ve been looking for.”

He continued toward the on-ramp. He slowed and turned. As he merged, he said, “There’s a lot of traffic. At least it’s moving fast.” He accelerated to sub highway speed and stayed in the slow lane.

“I should be home in ten hours. I can’t wait,” he said as he continued to listen to the rock music. He bobbed his head and tapped his hand as he drove to stay awake.

Sesla’s sun was below the horizon and the night was fast approaching. Maxx drove away from metropolis Guytic City on the desert highway toward Kinkorx. Exhaustion was beginning to overpower him again as the twilight appeared. His eyes were playing tricks.

He gazed into the young, night sky and briefly saw streaks of light. “What! More Joqs!” he said with alarm. He shook his head as the lights disappeared. “It’s only my mind playing tricks on me,” he said as he drove. “That’s understandable. I’ve been awake for over thirty-eight hours. I’m doing really good just to stay awake.”

Maxx continued along the desert highway. He was driving out of rural Guytic City and into the marshlands. He gazed into the forest. “Out there’s where I fought the Joqs on that side road. I’ll never forget that,” he said as he drove. “There are a lot of destroyed Joq space ships in those woods. They’ll never fly again. I made sure of that.”

Maxx continued he said, “I’ll be glad when the air gets warmer. Now that the sun’s gone down it’s cold.”

Maxx drove past the area where he fought the Joqs in the marsh. His mind began playing tricks on him again. He started seeing flashing lights in the night sky as he drove. “What was that?” he asked with alarm. He shook his head. The lights went away again. “Just my mind playing tricks again,” he said loudly.

“I better turn the radio up. I still have a long way to go. I need to stay awake,” he said. He reached down and turned the volume loud. The Rock music blared as he drove.

Soon, Maxx was driving out of the wet lands. The vegetation was quickly disappearing with dry terrain taking its place. The moon was rising higher into the night sky.

He bobbed his head and blinked his eyes hard to try to stay awake. He yawned repeatedly as he drove. “I’ve got to stay awake!” he said loudly as he drove. “Don’t think about how tired you are,” he ordered as he drove farther into the desert.

“The border is just ahead. It’ll be nice to be in Xcuymir again. The flowers will smell lovely. I’m Not Tired!” he said loudly.

Before long as he drove, he saw the sign, “You are leaving Inglot Territory.” He smiled as he drove. “That’s awesome!” he said loudly. “I’ll be in Xcuymir soon.”

In only minutes, he saw the next sign. “Welcome to Xcuymir Territory.”

“I need to stay awake while I drove across the desert. I can do this!” he said strongly as he yawned. “I’ll be home before sun rise.”

Radio Wet Lands started to become filled with static. “I’m driving out of their range. It’s time for Kinkorx Rocks,” he said. He switched the radio station. The clear rock music from Kinkorx began to play. “That’s better,” he said. He bobbed his head to the music as he drove.

He drove into the vast open desert while enjoying the aromatic fragrances of the flowering desert blooms. “There’s nothing like the smell of the desert flowers in full bloom,” he said loudly as he yawned.

Maxx gazed into the night desert sky as he drove. He said loudly, “The night sky in the desert is spectacular! I remember looking at the colorful red and yellow gaseous clouds and stars as a child. I wanted to be an astronomer.” He laughed. “Now I’m The Melá-Jutis and an independent detective— who would have thought?”

Maxx continued to drive through the open desert while listening to the loud Rock music and gazing into the beautiful night Sesla sky. He fought the need for sleep as he tried to stay awake.

He drove under the spectacular Sesla night sky and talked loudly to keep awake as he drove, “I remember as a child in our back yard. I used my telescope and star-guide to look at the stars. I spent hours identifying the planets in our solar system as well as in other systems. I loved astronomy so much. I wanted to be an astronomer.”

Maxx continued through the vast open desert as he reminisced while talking as the rock music blared, “My parents purchased a really powerful telescope and nice star-guide to help me with my 6th grade science project in Mrs. HyLubb’s class. It helped me a little too much. Even though Mrs. HyLubb said my report was poor, I fell in love with the stars. After that, I wanted to be an astronomer.

I didn’t understand at that time, my parents wanted me to be a detective—like my father, I didn’t want to be a detective. I wanted to be an astronomer or a painter.

I remember Mrs. Watersmyth, my 10th grade art teacher. She had her annual art fair at Kinkorx High. She asked me to enter one of my landscape paintings into the contest. I should have won a ribbon. My paintings are good. My mom told her not to give me a ribbon. She said a ribbon would simply distract me from their goal. They wanted me to follow my dad’s example and be a detective. They got their wish. I went to college and became a detective. I was even the valedictorian of my class.

I know I didn’t fit in as a detective at Xcuymir Sheriff Department. I still don’t think I should have been forced to resign – But I was!

After that, I mistakenly got involved with the sand trafficking case. I was blamed for Chief Morxoc’s unsuccessful stakeout. The reporters and media put me through the ringer. I couldn’t get a case for a long time after all the bad press.

I still remember when Estra Kin contacted me to find her brother. Everyone told her she was crazy for hiring me. That case was going no-where until Art called me.

When I first met him at the library, I had no idea how talented he was. He’s a Pirtt-Coterie after all – the lowlife clan of Sesla. I had absolutely no confidence when I sent him on that undercover operation at The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. He uncovered information that helped us solve one of the biggest cases in Xcuymir history. His brilliant disguises allowed us to get close enough to video record that sand transfer. That video broke the case wide open.”

Maxx continued to drive under the colorful desert night sky while talking loudly to stay awake, “My career as a detective wasn’t going very well until I met Art. When he joined my detective agency, we broke that crime spree. My reputation quickly improved and business boomed.

After that, I started getting cases again. I still remember going to Qashlet lab and getting proof that Leqtus Kin was there. That lab was the creepiest place I’d ever seen. It was Art’s brilliant plan that got us in and back out of there undetected.

It wasn’t very long after that, Estra’s parents hired us to rescue Dr. Kin and bring him back. We arrived at that spider-infested hotel just in time. We saved Leqtus Kin from Dr. Rewqust and those bloodthirsty spiders. That place was creepy.”

Maxx continued across the open desert while driving the bullet-hole damaged Phoenix as he pulled his destroyed convertible on the damaged trailer. He was still wearing his magical Melá-Jutis suit as he drove and talked loudly. The Rock music was turned up loud to keep him awake as he drove.

“I’ll never forget when Art first told me about his parents in Dunjyn Asylum. The story broke my heart. I can’t imagine what he and his parents went through. They were doxer fever mutants. That asylum sounded horrific. How tragic. When I heard, I had to do something.

That trip to the wet lands to find the magical flower for Dr. Kin’s doxer fever reversing drug was crazy. I met all those enchanted animals. They could talk and read newspapers. I sure outsmarted Russell Talon. I never knew what happened to that enchanted hawk. Now I have the magical swamp stick in my living room as a reminder of that magical area. It’s hard to believe the stick talks to me—but it does! In a girl’s voice.

I was terrified when I drove to Qashlet lab and tested the reversing drug. I almost became a doxer fever mutant or died. When I awoke on that cold lab table, everything was different. I still remember the first time I felt vibrations. It hurt. It has taken some time for me to get used to these magical powers. Sesla enchanted me with many powers when I was lying unconscious on that cold table in Qashlet lab. When I was cataleptic, the old Maxx Zeqster died and a new Maxx Zeqster emerged – a Maxx Zeqster with incredible powers – thanks to Sesla!

I’m so thankful the reversing drug worked. That magical flower was the secret ingredient that made Dr. Kin’s formula work. After receiving the drug, Art’s parents began improving almost immediately. Their doxer fever mutations actually reversed and went away. Now they look normal. I bought Art that nice home in Wyluxx City. They really like it. According to Art his parents argue a lot.”

Maxx’s exhaustion was consuming him as he entered the outer limits of Kinkorx. He was weaving as he drove while fighting the overpowering need to sleep—with loud Rock music and loud talking.

“My magical swamp stick was right. No one else could fight the Joqs. They’re too powerful and there’s too many of them. I can’t believe I killed so many and destroyed so many of their ships with rocks. I never used to be this hulking or athletic. There’s no way before dying on that table and being reborn that I could have fought the Joqs and defeated them. The gifts from Sesla are amazing.

I hope before long I catch up with Mustler and the Gang of Five. That mutant group is so smart they always get away. I’m left to fight the Joqs who remain.”

It was late in the night as Maxx drove the bullet-hole covered Phoenix, while pulling the damaged trailer with his destroyed convertible, into Kinkorx. His loud Rock music continued to blast as he talked to stay awake. “I’m almost home!” he said loudly as he fought the over-powering need to sleep. He was weaving in the lane as he drove.

“There’s The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown,” he said loudly as he passed by on the highway. “I’ll call Art in a few days and see what he discovered from the Horned Hares game films. Hopefully he’ll find a pattern to Zith Fleen’s killings,” Maxx said loudly as he drove past the downtown area and weaved as he fought to stay awake.

He shook his head as he drove to clear his vision and stop weaving. “I can’t wait to tell Art about this mission. I can’t believe I killed Joqs and destroyed saucers with rocks,” he said very loudly as he drove and tried to stay awake.

My exit’s just ahead. Almost there!” he said loudly as he shook his head and listened to the loud Rock music.

As he drove, he slowed and took the exit to Bedsult. Maxx was past exhausted as he drove through the Red light at the intersection and continued toward his neighborhood. “The sun will be rising before long. Sure hope I don’t see it,” he said loudly as he drove while weaving back and forth into his neighborhood.

Sleep was almost overpowering him as he drove through Bedsult toward his home. He was weaving and practically sleeping as he drove down the middle of the road.

Maxx’s head was bobbing as he began to fade. “What!” he said as he regained awareness and turned on Lypont Drive. “Just a little more!” he said loudly as he fought the overwhelming need for sleep.

His eyes were blurred and he was barely awake as he drove in front of his home. He drove into his driveway and parked. He shook his head to refocus. “I made it!” he said groggily.

He crawled out of the Phoenix. “I didn’t think I was going to make it,” he said as he woozily walked up his stairs and onto his porch. Maxx grabbed his hidden key and unlocked the front door. After swinging it open, he stumbled inside.

As he trudged, he said sleepily with slurred words, “I’ve been awake for fifty hours.”

While wearing his magical Melá-Jutis suit, he stumbled into his bedroom and collapsed onto the bed – asleep.

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